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What a squander!

Those who dont know would think that Lin Qiye has no money.

Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

His every move had the demeanor of a wealthy tycoon.

“Sir, your Ocean Flame Jade key.

The refining room is number 520.”

The weird number made Wen Shuhong stunned.

Oh, God.

Are all the front desks in the refining room so smart these days

If he didnt know that it was Lin Qiyes first time coming to this place, Wen Shuhong would definitely think that the front desk was a wingman Lin Qiye had bribed in advance!

It was too much of a wingman!

Even the room number was 520!

Wen Shuhong looked at Lin Qiye with a strange expression.

How could Lin Qiye have the help of God while flirting with a girl It was truly terrifying.

Qi Baishis face flushed red.

She quickly lowered her head, her ears glowing red.

Lin Qiye did not feel anything special.

He was calm as he received the Ocean Flame Jade key from the front desk.

In the refining room, the Ocean Flame Jade had built a furnace.

Blue flames rose from it.

There was even a button to adjust the temperature accurately.

It was a technological product.

The girls eyes immediately lit up when she saw the furnace.

She became focused and infatuated.

Her eyes were filled with love.

“Its a great furnace.

Its enough to refine your weapon.

Please take out your weapon!”

The girl glanced at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiyes handsomeness and the incident in room number 520 made her heart beat wildly.

She lowered her eyes and didnt dare to look into Lin Qiyes eyes.

Lin Qiye took out the Extreme Flame Ring Saber and handed it to Qi Baishi.

“Take it.”

The girl hurriedly held the Extreme Flame Ring Saber with both hands.

The heavy feeling, the killing intent, the negative karma emitted, and the pulse of the sword spirit in the saber made Qi Baishi so excited that her face turned red, and her eyes shone.


She took a deep breath.

“This is the feeling! Its the sword spirit Im looking for! Only it can bear the weight of my forging this time.”

“I finally feel the blade I dreamed of.

Not only does it have the killing intent and negative karma, but it has also absorbed the power of faith!”

Qi Baishi was overly excited.

She hugged the saber and jumped around in circles on the spot.

Her long hair danced in the wind, and her chest heaved up and down.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Can you give me a surprise in the evening”

“I should be able to…”

“Be more confident!”


“Speak louder.”


“You need to say a complete sentence.

SayI will definitely give Brother Lin a surprise in the evening.\'”

“I will definitely give Brother Lin a surprise in the evening.”

Qi Baishi shouted seriously.

Although the electric current in her body spread to her limbs and bones, making her feel strange, she seemed to like this feeling.

The feeling of confidence made the corners of her mouth curl up into a charming smile.

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Alright, if you want to forge, you need a safe environment.

Moreover, I still have to deal with some matters.

Ill look for you in the evening.”

The girl hummed lightly.


“Oh right, do you still need me to provide any materials”


I dont need any materials for this forging.”

The girl patted her chest confidently.

“The most important thing is the sword spirit provided by Brother Lin!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows and praised, “Amazing.”

The girl smiled sweetly.

“When the time comes, you just need to come and get your weapon.”

Lin Qiye nodded.

Then, he turned around and left.

When he left, Lin Qiye even paid the front desk 100,000 movement points in advance in case Qi Baishi needed more time so they would not disturb her.

Movement points were a small matter.

If the weapon forging failed, that would be a huge loss.

When he saw Lin Qiye had a lot of money, the front desks tone became a little more respectful.

“Sir, dont worry.

You spent more than 100,000 points in one go.

We will send her drinks, food, and fruits.

We will give her the best service.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

After arranging everything, Lin Qiye and Wen Shuhong left the Science and Technology Association.

Wen Shuhong looked depressed.

“Little Qiye, I think you might have met a scammer.”

Lin Qiye was stunned.

“What do you mean”

“You know about wine frauds, do you The weapon scammers use the same trick to get people to spend on forging.

“Think about it.

Even Diamond Level weaponsmiths need high-end materials to forge weapons!

“However, this little girl didnt need a single material to upgrade your weapon.

Dont you find it suspicious

“This is a honey trap.

She wants you to go to the refining room to spend money!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“If it were any other time, what you said makes sense, but I believe this girl.”

Wen Shuhong patted his forehead.

“Its over.

Youre already possessed.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He could understand Wen Shuhongs wild imagination.

After all, Wen Shuhong could never have imagined that Qi Baishi would have a unique talent – [Blade Tempering].

It could absorb the Soul Essence of other weapons.

After absorbing a certain amount, it could be transferred to other weapons.

Soul Essence was the essence of a weapon.

Not only did it contain the essence of precious materials, but it also contained the best of a weaponsmiths skill.

In short, Blade Tempering was a talent specially created for forging weapons!

It absorbed the essence of other weapons and then used all its strength to forge a high-quality weapon!

It was extremely terrifying.

A hundred ordinary-quality weapons in exchange for a divine weapon How could it not be tempting

Hence, Lin Qiye was confident in the young girl.

“Alright, since Ive already handed the weapon over to Qi Baishi, theres no need to worry about gains and losses anymore.

Ill come and check on her in the evening.

Whether the weapon will shatter or turn into a divine weapon, well know in six hours.”


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