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Lin Qiye was rendered speechless.

“Your brain is the abnormal one!

“Why do I have to be flirting with her Cant I think highly of this girl

“Ive always been thinking about how to forge my weapon.

Its your thoughts that are filthy!”

Upon hearing this, Wen Shuhong was skeptical.

“Although you speak righteously, your actions are suspicious.

“Who knows if youve taken a fancy to that little girl

“All in all, a weapon that can give birth to a sword spirit at silver-tier is extremely precious! If a master blacksmith can forge it, it will definitely bloom with dazzling brilliance.

“Perhaps the next time, it could give birth to a stronger trait in your hands.

“If you only want to pick up girls, I suggest you choose one or two unimportant weapons for her to practice.

“After all, if that saber broke, you will suffer a heavy loss!”

Wen Shuhong reminded Lin Qiye out of goodwill.

He did not have such heaven-defying intuition as Lin Qiye and didnt know how high the girls talent was.

Therefore, Lin Qiye didnt blame Wen Shuhong for having a strange thought process.

He merely shook his head and sneered.

“Whether you believe it or not, I do.

This girl has the characteristics of a master blacksmith.”

Hearing that, Wen Shuhong glanced at Lin Qiye from the corner of his eyes.

“Ask yourself, are your words convincing This little girl has failed more than ten times, and even a Diamond blacksmith doesnt think highly of her.

“You said she can become a master blacksmith

“To be honest, you should join the Light and Shadow Group! Even the goddess would be fooled into becoming your wife!”

Lin Qiye said, “Facts speak louder than words.

When she finishes forging, you will understand why I chose her.”

Wen Shuhong was speechless.

“After I persuaded you for so long, you still insist on doing it

“If she didnt succeed, the weapon will shatter! Do you really want to take the risk Listen to this brothers advice.

If you cant hire a Diamond blacksmith now, you can do it in the future.

In short, you cant make do with it.

What if the weapon breaks”

Wen Shuhong rubbed the space between his eyebrows, feeling a headache.

He had seen too many rich second-generation do this.

Lin Qiyes behavior was like a rich kid chasing after the woman he likes, showing off by throwing money to win her favor.

It was the lowest level of flirting strategy.

Unfortunately, even if Wen Shuhong wrung his lips, Lin Qiye had already made up his mind.

He did not repent and turned back to the young girl.

His gaze landed on the girl.

“Lets forge Do you have your own forging room, or do you want to rent one”

The young girls face was bashful, and her eyes sparkled like autumn water, gentle and beautiful.

“I… I dont have my forging room.

I need… I need you to rent one.

But dont worry, I only need six hours to forge this time.

You can come and get it at four in the afternoon!”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Then rent one!”

“Can I say goodbye to my Master first I…”


The young girl walked to the front of the Diamond Practitioners villa.

She knelt and kowtowed three times.

“Master, Im sorry for your nurturing.

Its been five years of study, and I should have left the floating island to earn my own living, but Im still here.

“I now have an opportunity.

I want to give it a try.

Please approve, Master.”

In the villa, an impatient voice sounded.

“Youve only studied here for five years and havent officially become my disciple.

You cant call me Master.

Leave quickly.

Whether you live or die in the future is not my responsibility.”

The girls eyes brimmed with tears.

She turned her head, stood up, and came in front of Lin Qiye in a rather sorry state.

Lin Qiye patted the girls head.

“Dont be discouraged.

Youll definitely become a great blacksmith.”

“Thank you for comforting me.”

The girl smiled miserably.

She pursed her red lips and lowered her head as she walked towards the forging room.

Not long after.

The girl led Lin Qiye and Wen Shuhong to the front of a scorching volcano.

The volcano cave was made of red Ocean Flame Jade, which led to the volcano entrance.

Every piece of Ocean Flame Jade absorbed a huge amount of heat energy.

There seemed to be flames flowing in the jade, giving people a feeling of scorching temperature.

However, the Ocean Flame Jade only felt hot, but in fact, it was icy cold when touched.

The Ocean Flame Jade was a common building material in a weaponsmiths refining room!

With the Ocean Flame Jade suppressing the heat, the weaponsmiths could freely use the flame from the earths core to forge weapons in the volcano.

The young girl, Qi Baishi, carefully led Lin Qiye to the leasing hall of the refining rooms.

“Hello, I want to rent a refining room for six hours.”

The front desk raised his eyelids and glanced at the young girl and Lin Qiye.

“Ten thousand movement points per hour.

Pay first before you get the key.”

Lin Qiye walked forward.

“Ill have eight hours.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye paid eighty thousand movement points.

Qi Baishi waved her hands repeatedly.

“Six hours will do…”

“Its fine.

Leave some leeway.

Itll be easier to perform.

Besides, these movement points are nothing to me.”

Lin Qiye still had 2,200,000 points left!

Spending 80,000 movement points to buy a diamond-tier weapon was such a great deal!

One had to know that even an ordinary diamond-tier weapon was worth 50 million or more!

With the help of Qi Baishi, he could save 50 million points.

How could Lin Qiye be stingy with a mere 80,000 movement points


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