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Lin Qiye patted Qi Baishis shoulder.

His voice contained motivation to boost morale.

The young girls heart was like a string, fiercely tugged by him.

Her temperament was still timid and shy.

Two lines of tears flowed down from her pair of sparkling eyes.

The tears could not be suppressed and flowed down her cheeks andall over her face.

She used her small palms to wipe it, but they flowed to her wrist.

She cried like a mess.

“Thank you, thank you…

“I havent touched a weapon for a year.

I… I have let down my masters expectations.

My parents dont even believe in me anymore.

I lost my confidence a long time ago.

“I dont know where to go.

Im going to leave, and I cant stay by my masters side anymore.

“I dont see any hope…

“Thank you, thank you, Brother.”

Her tears fell like rain as she thanked Lin Qiye in a hoarse voice.

“Thank you for trusting me.

I will do my best to forge a good weapon for you!”

Qi Baishi cried until her eyes turned red.

She released two years of repressed emotions.

Not far away, the boys and girls who bullied Qi Baishi had a look of anticipation to watch a good show.

Wen Shuhong, on the other hand, was moved.

His gaze first fell on Qi Baishi, then moved to Lin Qiyes handsome features.

“It seems Little Qiyes pure heart is relatively pure But whether its truly pure still needs to be tested!”

Wen Shuhong sighed inwardly.

As for Lin Qiye, he didnt know what Wen Shuhong was thinking.

His face was gentle as he smiled lightly at the young girl.

“Believe in yourself.

In the future, you will become a great blacksmith!”

“Then, at this moment, can I, Lin Qiye, officially invite the future great blacksmith to forge a weapon for me”

The young girl broke into a smile and looked shyly at Lin Qiye.

“Its… Its my honor to forge for you.”

Qi Baishi forcefully wiped away the tears on her face.

Her gaze became exceptionally determined.

“Im willing! I will do my best to forge for you! Even if I die, I will forge it.” The young girl swore.

On the side, the bullies couldnt help but whisper and snicker when they saw this scene.

“Her A great blacksmith”

“Im laughing my ass off.

Even my master cant be called a great blacksmith.

Is that girl who kept destroying sword spirits worthy of the title”

“Its merely words to comfort a child.

How could Qi Baishi believe it”

“That handsome guy is so good at brainwashing.

Why doesnt he go to the Light and Shadow Group”

“Look at his face.

He must be a player! He must know how to make girls happy, pfft!”

Of course, it wasnt just the bullies who didnt believe it.

Even Wen Shuhong looked at Lin Qiye with an increasingly strange gaze.

How could he

Lin Qiye even made a move at a young girl.

Arent he afraid of being struck by lightning!

However, Lin Qiye remained unmoved, ignoring Wen Shuhongs strange gaze.

Wen Shuhong had no choice but to pull him to the side with a weird look.

Lin Qiyes scalp went numb from Wen Shuhongs weird gaze.

“Whats up with that look Im not interested in men.

Dont have any improper thoughts towards me!”

Wen Shuhong immediately rolled his eyes.

He glanced at the young girl at such a tender age.

“Im not interested in you.

I want to talk about forging weapons.

“Are you crazy Or are you out of your mind

“Do you know how precious a silver-tier weapon that gave birth to a soul and contains strange karma and killing intent is

“It would be the best diamond-tier weapon if forged by a master! It can absorb killing intent and negative karma to increase its power.

This special attribute is extremely rare.

At least 40% of diamond-tier weapons would pale in comparison to it!

“You have this weapon with such potential, but you used it to flirt with girls!

“Have you been blinded by lust”

Wen Shuhongs tone was serious, almost to the point of berating.


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