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To Lin Qiye, time was indeed tight.

After all, in the original version of his life, he had only lived for a short twelve years.

His lifespan was extremely short.

If he spent five years waiting for his body to mature, half of his life would be spent on growing his body.

If he could mature in a year, Lin Qiye would be able to save five years, and he would be able to plan for the restoration of spiritual energy to deal with the descent of the Celestial Race.

Unfortunately… Lin Qiyes body growth had already reached its limit.

If he continued to pursue speed, it would have an adverse effect.

And Lin Qiye had a premonition.

Spending five years to slowly mature his body was a perfect choice.

Although he couldnt cultivate the Qi Refinement technique, he could use the Dao Repository Technique to nurture innate Qi and condense an Innate Divine Body.

Once he condensed an Innate Divine Body, it would probably allow his future to soar to an immeasurable height.

When he was one year old, a mouse should bite off his ear.

When he was three, a drunkard should have hurt his leg.

When he was four years old, his left hand should have been broken.

When he was six years old, he should have lost his hearing in his left ear.

However, these disasters wouldnt happen again.

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After all, Lin Qiye now had three percent power of the Dragon Elephant Body.

No matter what gangster he faced, he could kill them with a single punch!

With this in mind, Lin Qiye let out a sigh of relief.

He finally felt a little relaxed.

“As long as Im careful and change my fate continuously, it wont be a problem for me to live to six years old safely.”

Lin Qiye smiled slightly.

As expected, he killed some gangsters and lived for five years peacefully.

He was already six years old.

At this time, Lin Qiyes height shot up like a bamboo shoot after a rain, reaching 1.8 meters.


The Dragon Elephant body appeared at 20% power!

The faint silverish Dragon Elephant Phantom condensed into a solid form, but it formed a layer of three-centimeter thick silver armor around Lin Qiye.

Even a sniper rifle couldnt break through Lin Qiyes defense!

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that Lin Qiyes Dragon Elephant Body alone was equivalent to a martial arts grandmaster!

On the other hand, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body had also increased from 3,000 strands when he was one year old to 20,000 strands!

The moment Lin Qiyes body matured, the strands of innate Qi surged into his spine.

Under its transformation, Lin Qiyes spine had become as warm as jade.

It shone with a jade-like luster, overflowing with light and colors, exuding a mystical aura.

Vigorous vitality rolled around Lin Qiyes spine and eventually flowed into his limbs and bones.

Strands of innate Qi were also produced from his spine.

Sensing the sudden increase in innate Qi, Lin Qiye was a little surprised, “I dont even need to absorb the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to produce innate Qi”

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Lin Qiye found it hard to believe.

He quickly focused his mind to check the situation.

With a glance, Lin Qiye was dumbfounded.

Before this, due to the weak spiritual energy, Lin Qiyes speed of nurturing his innate Qi was greatly suppressed.

He could only nurture ten strands of innate Qi every day.

But after his divine spine was formed, it was like a spiritual spring that could automatically nurture innate Qi.

Without Lin Qiye needing to absorb the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, it could automatically nurture innate Qi.

Furthermore, the amount of innate Qi nurtured was three times more than before, and he could produce 10,000 strands in a year!


Is this the benefit of having an Innate Divine Body”

“Its exceptional! However, right now, only my spine has reached the divine level.”

“If every bone in my body reaches the divine level, how heaven-defying would the effects be”

“Perhaps, new functions will be born!”

Lin Qiye laughed heartily.

“I knew it! Condensing an Innate Divine Body will bring endless benefits!”

“More importantly, I can now cultivate the Qi Refinement technique.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

Even though the spiritual energy had yet to restore, the Celestial Race had yet to descend, and the spiritual energy in the world was thin, Lin Qiye didnt care.

He climbed up the attic, sitting cross-legged.

He was facing the sky as he quietly cultivated the flawless Qi Refinement technique.

He had to admit that the spiritual energy between heaven and earth at this stage was still too weak.

However, Lin Qiye was using an SSS-grade permanent talent.

It was the Qi Refinement technique that had been perfected through the Deduction of Genesis, and its conversion efficiency was extremely high.

In just ten days, Lin Qiye had already reached the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

“Im already at the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

It shouldnt be a problem for me to fight against hundreds.”

Lin Qiye suddenly stood up.

His body was as light as a swallow as he flew to the roof behind the house.

He moved without anyone noticing him, like a ghost.

“As expected of the cultivation technique that Ive deduced.

Its too ridiculous!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

The increase in strength brought by the Qi Refinement technique was extremely terrifying.

Unfortunately, the spiritual energy between heavens and earth was too thin, and it was not good for cultivation.

“I have to think of a way to find a place with rich spiritual energy.”

Lin Qiye gazed into the distance.

“Deduction of Genesis, is there a spring with rich spiritual energy nearby or a precious place for cultivation”

“This deduction consumed 500 movement points (remaining 23,000 movement points) .”

[Deduction successful: On the shore of the Divine Martial Lake in the northwest of the city, there is a dry well in the sixth villa.

Below the dry well, a spiritual spring is gradually recovering.]

Looking at the result of the deduction, Lin Qiye slightly raised his eyebrows.

“It seems that I have to explore the city.”

There were only five years left before the spiritual energy restoration and descendance of the Celestial Race.

In five years, he had to arrange everything.

Therefore, Lin Qiye couldnt waste any more time in the slums.

He would leave tonight!

He made up his mind.

However, before he left the slums, Lin Qiye went to the desolate forest.

He used force and ten strands of innate Qi to tame a fierce tiger and brought it back to the slums.

“Your mission is to protect my grandmother.

If anyone tries to hurt my grandmother, you will bite them to death!”

The tiger lay on the ground and nodded its head wildly.

It worshipped Lin Qiye to the extreme and wished it could tell Lin Qiye.

It would do its utmost to protect his grandmother.

However, Lin Qiye could also feel the tigers emotions.

He was relieved.

Stepping into the vast night sky, he quietly crossed the city borders and appeared at a bar.

“May I ask who lives in the sixth villa”

At the noisy bar counter, Lin Qiye asked a woman who was wearing skimpy clothes, exposing her breasts.

“Shh! Dont pry.

Thats one of the biggest bullies in the city…”

The woman took a puff of her cigarette and reached out to grab Lin Qiyes crotch.

Her eyes were blurred.

She wanted to have a taste of Lin Qiye, a handsome man.


But Lin Qiye quickly dodged and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

In Villa Area No.

6, the lights were brightly lit.

Outside the villa, there were bodyguards armed with guns.

And inside the villa, there were layers of guards patrolling the area.

There was no doubt that this was a wealthy family with power and influence.

In the study on the east side of the villa, the head of the family had rough facial features with a black beard.

His eyes were more vicious than peaceful.

One of his hands was lightly dusting the ashes of a cigar.

He flipped through a thick stack of documents on the table with his other hand.

Lin Qiye arrived in front of him like a gust of wind and knocked on the desk.

“Your villa has been requisitioned.

Can you please move out Oh right, leave me one million angel coins as pocket money.”

The man looked confused and raised his head to look at Lin Qiye.

He thought that there was something wrong with Lin Qiye.

Who was this boy

How dare he come to his house and ask him to move out

Does he know the mans identity in Jiang City

The mans eyes were filled with ferocity.

But immediately after, his hair stood on end.

How did this boy enter Why didnt the bodyguards notice

Could it be that he was a first-rate killer

When the man understood this point, the ferocity in his eyes quickly disappeared.

He nodded and bowed respectfully instead.

“Sir, I will do as you say.

The villa is yours now.

Ill leave first.”


The man ran out of the study room.

The moment he turned around, murderous intent and mockery appeared in his eyes.

“Foolish young man.

He dared to let me go, the Blood Tornado!”


“In a while, your time will come!”

Blood Tornado could not help but laugh in his heart.

Little did he know that Lin Qiye had let him leave on purpose to call for help.

After all, if he wanted to establish his authority and have complete control over the villa owner, he would have to show off his terrifying strength.

Therefore, he would let the owner properly set up a stage to show off!

A few minutes later, outside the study, twenty tall and sturdy bodyguards with bulging muscles aimed their automatic rifles at Lin Qiye.

Bang! Bang!

The gunshots rang like firecrackers.

Hundreds and thousands of bullets swept into the study.


That idiot must have been shot into a sieve…”

Blood Tornado sneered.

“Bah! Stupid thing.

Be smarter in your next life!”


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