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In Country Xia, a third-grade hospital in Jiangnan City.

The crisp and clear cry of a baby sounded from the delivery room.

A baby boy was born.

He cried loudly, and it could even be said that he was full of energy.

Amidst the loud cry, the baby boys lungs breathed in the fresh air happily.

This baby boy was Lin Qiye.

The female doctor carried the wrinkled baby and placed him into the incubator.


Your babys cries are loud and clear, and his body status is normal.

He will definitely grow up healthily in the future.”


The corner of Lin Qiyes mothers mouth curled up with a maternal smile.

Father Lin was also excited.

Apart from taking care of his wife, he would also lie on the side of the incubator and make faces to entertain Lin Qiye.

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Unfortunately, Lin Qiye was in no mood to laugh.


Sorrow lingered on his wrinkled face.


He felt bitter in his heart.

When he was two years old, he would have a serious illness and become a deformed child with low intelligence.

It was commonly known as being a retard.

From then on, his lifes tragedy began.

If he did not reverse this tragic event that affected fate, he wouldnt be able to break the limits of this simulated life.

If he couldnt break the limits, he wouldnt be able to become a Galaxy Practitioner.

His life in the main world would also be filled with darkness.

Lin Qiye thought quickly.

“If I want to solve the illness I would encounter at 2 years old, I need to take it step by step and plan it out bit by bit.”

“There are only two reasons for this major illness.

One is the internal cause, and the other is the external cause.”


Lin Qiye, who had lived two lifetimes, realized that although the knowledge from the main world was blocked, he could still access the basic knowledge from his previous life.

He could skillfully use Ma Zhes methodology.


“There are many external causes, and I cant eliminate them for now.”

“As for internal causes, Ill first deduce my health condition and eliminate some of it.”

As he thought about this, Lin Qiye activated his Deduction of Genesis.

With a thought, the deduction began.

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[This deduction consumed 10 movement points (90 remaining movement points)]

[Deduction successful: Under the current situation, you have a healthy body.

Only your bone marrow has a congenital acute disease gene.

The genes will suddenly erupt when you became an adult.]

Listening to the information deduced, Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

“From the deduction, the serious illness at the age of two was not caused internally.

Then what is the reason”


Lin Qiye was a little confused.

Of course, he was not too conflicted.

He had already decided that he would have a physical examination at the age of one.


Another physical examination when he was one-and-a-half years old.

Two physical examinations should be more than enough!

“My life wont be in danger for the time being.

I need to seize the time to let my growth be ahead of that of other babies.”

“With a strong physique, I can increase my chances of surviving the illness.”

Lin Qiyes thoughts were clear.

His talent was the SSS level Deduction of Genesis.

He could deduce everything.

As long as he was careful, he should be able to survive it safely!

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye felt at ease.

An hour later, he was hungry and started to wail.

The nurse carried him to drink milk.

After eating his fill, Lin Qiye felt full of strength.

He started to punch and kick around in the incubator.


His small limbs became more and more powerful.


A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qiye grew visibly.

His originally wrinkled face became fair and chubby.

His arms were like chubby lotus roots, and his eyes were as black as gems.

They rolled around like the eyes of a bestselling cute doll.


His height was also seven centimeters taller than the other babies born on the same day as him.

He was the strongest baby in the hospital, the one who liked to play the most, the one with the loudest laugh, and the one with the softest smile.


The nurses all doted on him.


They often ran over to play with him and praised his uniqueness and cuteness in front of his parents.

Lin Qiyes parents were immersed in a strong sense of pride every day.

Three months passed in a flash.

In his parents small wedding room, Lin Qiye was crawling all over the floor.

He had a great appetite and could drink milk several times a day.

In addition, he began to exercise and develop his body on the first day of his birth.


Therefore, he was 20 centimeters taller than the other babies born in the same batch.

However, having a great appetite also brought about a problem.

At this moment, his mother was sitting on the sofa and sighed slightly.

“Hubby, theres not enough milk.

Crucian carp soup, taro soup, and milk ginseng stewed pork ribs soup are all useless.

This little thing eats too much.”

Father Lin clicked his tongue in wonder and patted Lin Qiyes butt in amusement.


“Sigh, we cant help it… This is how all the smart kids behave.

I will buy some milk powder tomorrow.

What do you think”


Remember to buy from a big brand.”

Hearing the conversation between his parents, Lin Qiye, who was crawling all over the floor, suddenly trembled.

Milk powder

This is it!


Lin Qiye immediately grasped a keyword that could change his fate.

He understood that the reason for his deformity was probably because of this.

Ever since he was born, he had been growing healthily, and there was no possibility of him getting sick.

In other words, the internal cause was excluded.

His deformity could only be caused by external factors.

And the external factor that could cause him to be deformed and retarded should be the contaminated milk powder.


Lin Qiye didnt know if there had been contaminated milk incidents in this world, but there was a sensational incident in his previous life about this.

The symptoms of those affected babies were a deformed head and low intelligence.

Those symptoms were exactly the same as his!

“Its definitely because of the contaminated milk powder!”

Lin Qiye was determined.

“Ill test it with my Deduction of Genesis later!”

“If its poisonous, I wont drink it.

Ill cry until my parents change the milk powder.

If I dont drink it, Ill be able to live past two years old!”

Lin Qiye was excited.

It wasnt easy.

He had been careful since birth and finally saw a glimmer of hope to change his fate.

And this hope was close at hand.

He could almost grasp it!

That afternoon, Lin Qiyes father returned from the infant store with a can of milk powder.

The can was beautifully packaged and had the words “safe for babies” written on it.


Staring at the milk powder can, Lin Qiye immediately consumed 10 movement points and used his Deduction of Genesis.

[Deduction completed: The milk powder… has been added… if a baby drinks it… it will also cause…]


Shameless profiteer!

Lin Qiye spat in his heart.

If it werent for his experience in two lifetimes of transmigration and the Life Lantern guiding him in advance, in addition to the SSS grade talent Deduction of Genesis, he would have been screwed!

Who would have thought of this

Lin Qiye shook his head sadly.

Luckily, he had a plan.

Under no circumstances can he drink the contaminated milk powder.

Lin Qiyes gaze was firm.

But not far away, his fathers laughter entered his ears.


My dear son, the milk is here.”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

He didnt even want to bother with it.

He crawled around on the ground to let himself develop faster.

“My son, come and drink!”

Father Lin fed the pacifier to Lin Qiyes mouth.

Lin Qiye pretended to take a sip, then spat out the milk on the ground in disgust.

He burst into tears, crying loudly.

It was so loud that Father Lins head was trembling.

“Why arent you drinking”

“What are you doing How are you being a father Dont force the child if he doesnt want to drink.”

Mother Lins face was full of heartache as she hugged Lin Qiye and comforted him.

“Is it because the quality of the milk powder isnt good My son has always been good at eating.

Hes the most obedient.

It must be because the milk powder doesnt suit his taste.”

Father Lin was puzzled.

“That cant be.

This is the most famous brand in the country.”


Mother Lins tone was doting.

“Lets change the milk powder.

Maybe its because our son doesnt like it.”


After that, she started to breastfeed Lin Qiye.

Father Lin awkwardly went out.

Half an hour later, he brought back a new can of milk powder.

Lin Qiye tested it once with The Deduction of Genesis.

There was still a problem!

He took a sip and then vomited and cried.

His parents had to change three cans of milk powder in a row until the quality was considered acceptable.

Lin Qiye felt at ease.

He opened his arms and sucked wildly.

And so, the cautious Lin Qiye grew stronger and stronger.

However, to ensure his safety, Lin Qiye was extremely cautious.

Every month, he would test the quality of the milk powder once to ensure there was no danger!


He lived carefully and naturally passed the first disaster of his life.

After he passed the test, the sound of the Life Lantern rang in Lin Qiyes mind.

[1 year old.

You grew up well.]

[2 years old.

You avoided the milk powder incident and didnt get hurt!]


You defied the heavens and changed your fate successfully! Its really incredible! Your parents couldnt help but show off your glorious deeds when you drank the milk, and your neighbors were amazed at you.]


[The Life Lantern Gem is 1/3 percent formed.]


[You obtained 1,000 movement points.]


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