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Lin Qiye smiled.

“Say your request confidently again!”

The girl was stunned.

“Why… Why do I have to”

“If I tell you to say it, say it!”

The girls face turned red as if it was about to drip blood, but she still did it.

“Do… Do you… have a sword spirit on you Do you want to forge it Let me try, okay I think… Im fated with it.”

Lin Qiye frowned slightly.

“Speak louder and be more confident.

Why arent you energetic”

“Do… Do you have a sword spirit on you Do you want to forge it Let… Let me try, okay I think Im fated with it.”

“Be louder and more confident.”

“Do you have a sword spirit on you! Do you want to forge it Let me try! Im fated with it!”

Qi Baishi took a deep breath and yelled.

After her words fell, her body went numb and weak.

It was as if electric currents were flowing through her body, making her feel strange.

However, a shackle in her heart seemed to have been unlocked.

Her gaze became firm, and she looked at Lin Qiye with determination.

At the side, Wen Shuhong patted his forehead.

What sort of taming process was this

He had decided that he would test Lin Qiye again when they left.

His heart of a child was definitely not pure!

As the instigator of the whole thing, Lin Qiye was finally a little satisfied.

No, he was very satisfied.

Lin Qiye stared at the girls heart.

Other than the full bosom covered by her clothes, a hard-to-detect light also shone dimly.

Her talent was awakening.


Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

The Deduction of Genesis was an SSS-grade talent!

It was a super cheat skill that made Lin Qiye almost invincible!

Only Lin Qiye awakened a talent in Li City.

He did not know about Star City, but his intuition told him that this teenage girl might be one of the few people in Star City with a gift!

Lin Qiye silently opened the Deduction of Genesis.

[10,000 movement points are required for this deduction.

2.28 million points remain after consumption.]

[Deduction successful: The girl has a Grade-A talent calledBlade Tempering. It hasnt awakened yet.

Youve stimulated it a little earlier.

As long as she forged the first diamond-tier weapon, it will be successfully awakened.]

“A-grade talent

“This is the first time Ive met someone with talent.

How rare!

“However, compared to my SSS-grade talent, theres still a gap.”

[Deduction of Genesis hint: Your talent was named SSS-grade to hide how heaven-defying it is.

In fact, it should be called a certain ability (words that cannot be mentioned)]

Lin Qiye was shocked.

A storm raged in his heart.

One had to know that the Deduction of Genesisrarely took the initiative to give a hint.

This time, it gave him an unprecedented hint.

His SSS-grade talent, the Deduction of Genesis, had surpassed the limits of talent.

It was only disguised as a talent because of an unknown reason.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“What are the hidden words”

He was curious.

[Deduction of Genesis hint: Dont be curious for the time being.

When your strength reaches a certain level, you will naturally come into contact with it.


Lin Qiyu nodded andrecovered from his shock.

He looked at the young girl with an exceptionally bright smile.

“Thats right.

You have to say it with confidence.

“I promise you.

Ill leave this blade of mine to you to forge!”

Upon hearing that, the young girl, Qi Baishi, was stunned on the spot.

Her face was so red that it looked like it was about to drip blood.

She stared at Lin Qiye in disbelief.

It was unbelievable that she was at a loss, and her voice trembled.

“Really Brother, do you believe me”

Lin Qiye smiled casually.

The smile fell into the young girls eyes and was exceptionally charming.

“You shouldnt ask me if I believe you.

Instead, you should press on your chest and ask yourself if you have confidence in yourself!”

The young girl subconsciously covered her plump chest.

Her face was red.

“I… I dont know…”

Lin Qiyes expression was stern.


The young girl was like a frightened deer.

She hurriedly clenched her fists.

Her chest started to shake because her movements were too hurried.

“I… I have confidence in myself!”

“Speak louder!”

“I have confidence in myself!”

After saying this, electric currents flowed through the young girls body again.

Wen Shuhong covered his forehead.

Oh God, somethings wrong!

Little Qiye must be playing a game of shame and taming!

But in an instant, Lin Qiyes face became stern.

“I once had a friend.

He had a unique idea and thought, but nobody recognized it.

“He summoned up his courage and found me!

“He wanted me to support his research.

That was the most courageous moment in his twenty years of life.

“So, I agreed and supported him unconditionally.

In the end, he soared to the sky!

“You have to remember that when others do not favor you, it is often the time when you have grasped the truth.

“You may have failed ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, but every time you fail, you are one step closer to success.

With 1,000 steps, you can touch it.”


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