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The girl was timid.

Lin Qiye could hear that her voice was a little hoarse as if it was full of apology.

He could also feel strength, restraint, forbearance, and fear in her tone.

She was afraid of losing the opportunity.

However, after mustering up her courage to ask Lin Qiye but being mocked by girls and boys around her age, she became unconfident.

Lin Qiyes intuition told him that if the girl raised her head, her eyes would shine with boiling tears.

Lin Qiye examined the girl.

The girl lowered her head and nervously pinched the hem of her skirt.

Although her bangs covered half of her face and she was unconfident, her figure was outstanding.

It was ridiculously curvy.

However, the girl didnt know this.

She was flustered.

Because of that, even her shoulders were trembling.

She could imagine how cold Lin Qiyes attitude was.

After all, she was a useless blacksmith who had destroyed more than ten weapon spirits.

Even her master was unwilling to let her continue.

How could Lin Qiye let her

Lin Qiye loved that weapon so much that he personally came to invite a Diamond Level blacksmith to forge it.

If not for his love, why would he try to hire a Diamond blacksmith

One had to know that the price of a Diamond Level blacksmith was so expensive that even a Diamond Practitioner would feel pain!

But even so, he still wanted to invite her master to forge it.

One could see how precious that weapon was.

No one would hand over a beloved weapon to an unreliable blacksmith, especially a stranger!

At the thought of this, the girl could no longer suppress the sadness in her heart.

Two drops of tears slowly flowed down from her bangs that covered her eyes.

She quickly wiped away her tears and turned around to run.

What she didnt expect was that under Wen Shuhongs surprised expression, Lin Qiye suddenly grabbed her arm.

At the same time, a gentle, magnetic male voice as warm as the spring breeze resounded in the girls ears.

“You should raise your head and look at me.”


The girl trembled.

She looked at Lin Qiye through her bangs with a lack of confidence.

Two drops of crystal clear tears gleamed on her fair and delicate face, which was like a work of art.

Her tearful appearance was particularly pitiful, making people dote on her.

Lin Qiye was not a lustful person, but even so, he subconsciously felt a tug at his heart.

He looked seriously at the young girl and suddenly said, “You should lift your bangs.”

The young girl was speechless.

Wen Shuhong was speechless too.

His lips quivered, and he wanted to say something but stopped.

The way he looked at Lin Qiye was strange.

If he did not know beforehand that Lin Qiye had a pure heart, Wen Shuhong would have suspected that he was choosing a lover.

It was one thing to ask the girl to raise her head, but to lift her bangs

Is he looking for a blacksmith or a lover

The young girl also felt as if she had met a perverted man.

She trembled in fear.

Several times, she wanted to pull her arm away to escape this sad scene.

However, Lin Qiye had caught her, so he couldnt let her leave so quickly.

“Come, raise your head and chest, lift your bangs, and look at me confidently!”

Lin Qiyes calm words made the girls heart waver for no reason.

Her intuition told her that she should do it and that it was best for her.

Moreover, Lin Qiyes words could not be rejected.

The girl took a deep breath, her chest heaving up and down, and her delicate hands trembling as she slowly lifted her thick bangs.

Her posture was shy.

Her cheeks were tomato red.

It felt as if she was coming out of her cocoon!

Wen Shuhong was dumbstruck as he watched.

He secretly broke out in cold sweat.

“Little Qiye, youre not grooming someone, are you”

“How did you make it seem like she was coming out of her cocoon by lifting her bangs”

Wen Shuhong couldnt watch any longer and hurriedly turned his head as he thought.

However, Lin Qiye stared straight at the young girl.

At this moment, the young girl was shy and timid.

Her eyes, as bright as the stars, rippled like the surface of the water.

Her face was already beautiful.

With this pair of eyes, she was as pretty as a picture.

It made the men feel a strong desire to protect her.

On the side, the boys and girls who bullied her were stunned.

“Why is Qi Baishi so beautiful”

“Why didnt I see it before”

“Its over.

I think Im in love.

I shouldnt have bullied Qi Baishi in the past!”

“From now on, Qi Baishi is my goddess!”

The noise was endless.

Lin Qiye was also a little surprised.

A thought appeared in his mind.

“Isnt this the blacksmith version of Qin Xingtong!

“It definitely is!”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

Qin Xingtong was a super technological genius!

If he could meet a blacksmith version of Qin Xingtong, even if she only had one-tenth of Qin Xingtongs talent, Lin Qiye would have significantly profited.

It was because of his intuition that Lin Qiye asked the young girl to hold her head high and look up at him.

It wasnt because he was lecherous!

Lin Qiye secretly rejoiced in his heart.

“My scientific genius luck seems to have always been pretty good.”

He smiled and stared unblinkingly at Qi Baishi.

The corners of his mouth curled up.

The young girl said nothing.

She timidly looked at Lin Qiye.

Her mind was overwhelmed by shyness.

Of course, another distracting thought flashed through her mind: the youth in front of her was too good-looking.

Lin Qiye was handsome and had a unique temperament.

He was determined, and he was imposing without anger.

He had a convincing sense of dominance.


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