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Thats right.

A guess couldnt help but arise in Lin Qiyes heart.

It originated from the appearance of the Painted-skin Demon.

Although no one seemed to know of the existence of the Painted-skin Demon in the main world, Lin Qiye knew.

Even a small city like Li City had a hidden Painted-skin Demon.

Why wouldnt Star City have one

Star City was a bustling city! With the craftiness of the Painted-skin Demons, they would have even more chess pieces lurking in Star City.

Every faction would have one!

Hence, the news of the Hydra Demon making a move just now would reach the Painted-skin Demons ears.

They would definitely find an opportunity to assassinate him.

Lin Qiyes gaze narrowed.

“The Diamond Level Painted-skin Demon in Star City are all hiding in the dark.

They hide too well.

Deducing one requires tens of millions of movement points.

I cant rely on my points.

“If they target me…”

Lin Qiyes scalp went numb.

“Star City is a tigers den.

“However, even if it is a tigers den, I can only venture into it.

After all, I cant risk going to other cities.

Moreover, other cities also have Painted-skin Demons.

“I can hide for a while, but I cant hide forever.”

Lin Qiyes heart was slightly heavy.

“Im still not strong enough!”

He pinched the bone of his finger, his gaze complicated.

“After settling in Star City, I must enter the fourth simulation as soon as possible.

I must quickly acquire the ability to protect myself and even counter-attack.

Otherwise, Ill have to be on tenterhooks every day!”

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

Seeing Lin Qiye wanted to say something but hesitated, Wen Shuhong couldnt help but ask, “You seem to have mixed feelings.”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“If you were me, would you not have complicated feelings after being chased by a Diamond Level Demon at the Fifth Level of the Incarnation Realm”

Lin Qiye licked the bloody liquid on his gums and spat.

“I was attacked by Li You in Li City and brushed past death.

Its fine.

“I was then attacked by a Diamond Level demon when I came to Star City.

Does everyone think that I am easy to kill

“F*ck them!”

Lin Qiyes voice was cold, and there was extreme killing intent in his tone.

“Hydra Demon, is it”

Lin Qiye turned his head and looked in the direction where the Hydra Demon had left.

He hid his raging fire in silence.

Wen Shuhong patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

“With your talent, you can totally get back at them.

This is good too.

You have a goal to push yourself! Let yourself move forward.

“However, its easy to lose your mind if youre brooding over hatred.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“I like to hold grudges.

For the humiliation I suffered today, I have to endure hardships until the moment of revenge.

Otherwise, I could not have my peace of mind.”

Regarding his revenge, Lin Qiye was stubborn.

Four days ago, Li You led his men to attack Lin Qiye, causing him to almost die.

Lin Qiye had engraved it in his heart.

Only four days had passed, but Li You died at the hands of Lin Qiye.

The entire Jianghu faction was wiped out.

He even crushed Li Yous head.

Although the Hydra Demon was a veteran Diamond Level demon and had the strength of a Fifth Level Incarnation Realm, Lin Qiye would remember it in his heart no matter how big the gap between their power.

In time, he must let that son of a b*tch experience what it meant to lose its heads!

He would chop off its nine heads and feed them to the dogs!

At this moment, in Lin Qiyes eyes, a flame full of murderous intent burned.

Wen Shuhong was speechless.

“Well, I see.

You are a vengeful person.

No wonder you were so murderous when I first met you.

“However, you better not attack innocent civilians.

Otherwise, Ideal Island wont let you off.”

Lin Qiye glanced at Wen Shuhong.

“Although Im not a good person, I wont attack unless someone initiates it.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

He wasnt a saint, but he wasnt a piece of trash who enjoyed torturing and killing civilians.

In fact, Lin Qiye had a better impression of the civilians.

After all, the civilians had put in much effort to help him change his fate in his past three simulations.

Lin Qiye thanked the ordinary civilians.

But whether in the main world or the galaxy world, Lin Qiye believed that he could only help others if he were strong enough.

If he was not strong enough, having a compassionate heart was useless.

For example, when the Diamond Level demon nest in the outskirts of Li City descended, hislife was uncertain, so he naturally did not have the mood to take care of the civilians.

Lin Qiye did not know that when he made his breakthrough, he caused many casualties among the demons in the Black Fog Swamp and successfully saved Li Citys civilians.

From his perspective, he still could not protect himself!

Moreover, Lin Qiye was still being attacked by the Hydra Demon at the Fifth Level of the Incarnation Realm.

If Wen Shuhong hadnt acted, Lin Qiye would have died without a doubt!

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiyes gaze turned cold again, and he pinched his finger bone hard.

“I need to increase my strength.

In the main world, I only have one life.

I cant be lucky every time!”

Lin Qiye let out a long sigh.

Seeing this, Wen Shuhong smiled.

“I can see that you have the motivation to become stronger.”

“Yes.” Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

Not only must he cut off the heads of the Hydra Demon that attacked him, but he also had to deal with the Painted-skin Demons that might be lurking in Star City.


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