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The bald man threatened.

Grandma Lins face was full of anxiety.

She roared with a sobbing tone, “Li Mao, dont touch my grandson! Hes only a few months old! Please let him go.

Im willing to be your slave!”

Hearing that, Li Mao spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm.

“Bah! You old hag, whats the point of having you as a slave If I sell this little thing, I can become a millionaire!”

“Today, Im going to make a fortune.

No one can stop me!”

The corners of Li Maos mouth curled up, and he laughed arrogantly.

“Grandma Lin, dont you know whats good for you!”

“You poor bastard.

You dont even have enough to eat every day.

Can you afford to raise such a beautiful child Why dont you sell him to the rich people in the city and let him live comfortably”

Hearing that, Grandma Lin was exasperated.

Gritting her teeth, she pounced on Li Mao.

“Bastard! Ill fight it out with you!”

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Although she knew that she was already old and charging forward was like hitting an egg against a stone, Grandma Lin still charged forward without any reason.

“Idiot! Get out of my way!”

Li Maos mouth twitched.

He let out a cold smile and threw out a slap.

Grandma Lin was, after all, in her 70s.

How could she be compared to the ruthless people who often fought and killed in the slums

It was just a push, but Grandma Lin staggered backward and knocked into the pile of debris.

Grandma Lin, who felt that she was powerless, burst into tears.

“My grandson! Dont steal my good grandson!”

Grandma Lin cried so hard that her heart was torn apart.

She rolled and crawled toward Li Mao.

Lin Qiye took two steps back, finding the best angle to attack.


Then, his eyes locked on Li Mao.

Facing a little kid, Li Mao was not wary at all.

He slowly approached Lin Qiye.

His huge shadow covered half of the room.

Killing intent flashed in Lin Qiyes eyes.

With his center lowered, he quickly bent his knees and squatted down.

When Li Mao approached, Lin Qiye suddenly jumped up like a cannonball repelled by the gravity of the Earth.

With lightning speed, he crashed into Li Maos chest.

Then, his small fist landed on Li Maos chest.

Although his fist was small, it displayed 3% of the Dragon Elephant Body, and its lethality was terrifying.

Even a steel plate could be penetrated with one punch!

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The instant his punch landed on Li Maos chest, Li Maos breathing suddenly stopped.

A series of bone-shattering sounds that made ones hair stand on end rang out in front of his chest!

In the next second, all his broken ribs were dislocated by the force of the punch and pierced into Li Maos internal organs.


Li Maos heart immediately shattered!

A heart-wrenching pain gushed out from his heart, turning into a blood-red liquid with a strong smell of rust in Li Maos throat.

Li Mao was dumbfounded.

A small child had smashed his chest with a punch

He was terrified.

He stared at Lin Qiye, and his pale face was filled with shock, fear, regret, and other emotions.

“You… Are you really a child”

He was full of doubt.

However, Lin Qiye couldnt be bothered to answer Li Mao.

From the beginning to the end, he didnt make a sound.

He was waiting for a chance to kill Li Mao in one strike and get it done instantly.

After all, he was just a three-month-old baby.

If the battle dragged on for too long, there might be unexpected changes.

Killing Li Mao in one strike was the way to go.

Because of this, Lin Qiye didnt make any movements at the beginning.

And Lin Qiyes choice was right.

He killed the defenseless Li Mao with one punch.

At this moment, Li Mao lay on the ground, dying.

He didnt even have the strength to struggle.


Lin Qiye silently locked the rusty iron door and dragged Li Mao under the bed to hide his body.

“Grandma, are you okay”

Grandma Lin stood up with a dirty face, grabbed a handful of ashes from the bottom of the pot, and sprinkled it on Lin Qiye.

“You demon, quickly leave! Leave my grandsons body! Give my grandson back! Ho!”


Grandma Lin chanted a spell.

Lin Qiye revealed a cute smile.

“Grandma, I am your grandson, not a demon.

I am just born with supernatural strength and early intelligence.”

“Look at me.

Im only three months old, and Im already as tall as a three-year-old.

Isnt that special I must be born to be a legend!”

Lin Qiye put his hands on his waist.

He added a characterization for himself.

Hearing that, Grandma Lin nodded heavily.

“Yes, my good grandson will definitely be a big shot in the future!”


She smiled amiably.

There was relief and expectation in her smile.

However, her expression suddenly changed.

“My good grandson, you must hide your superhuman strength well.

Its not too late to expose it when youre in your teens.

Dont let others have evil intentions.”

Lin Qiye promised, “Okay, Ill be careful!”

“Oh right, Grandma, I found a treasure!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye jumped out of bed and took out a hundred angel coins and a bunch of keys from Li Maos pocket.

“Look, its the key to his house.

With the key, we can live there.

He must have supplies enough for us to live carefree for a long time.”


However, Grandma Lins face was full of worry.

“Will there be any danger What if we are targeted by others”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows indifferently.

“Then I will kill them all!”


Regarding this, Grandma Lin was speechless.

She didnt want Lin Qiye to fight.

What if he was injured

But Lin Qiye was in a period of growth.

His appetite was increasing day by day.


It was becoming more and more difficult for her to rely on the lizards to feed Lin Qiye!

If they could live in Li Maos house, she could be relieved for half a year or even longer!

After weighing the pros and cons, Grandma Lin agreed to Lin Qiyes suggestion.

So that night, Lin Qiye and Grandma Lin moved into Li Maos house.

Compared to Grandma Lins small room, Li Maos house was particularly luxurious.

The outer walls were welded with iron plates.

Although the iron plates were rusted, they were all snatched from the garbage dump.

However, they were tightly welded together, making Lin Maos house look like a small castle.

Inside the house, there were three bedrooms, a living room, a small attic, and a warehouse.

When they opened the warehouse, they were greeted by a shelf of canned beef, instant-hot braised chicken boxes, potatoes, and other food.

There were even frozen ham, pork, and beef in the freezer.

“So many resources! Li Mao is rich.

These resources are enough to enjoy ourselves for half a year.”

Grandma Lin laughed so hard that her wrinkles were stacked together.

“This is great.

My good grandson can finally eat good meat!”

Grandma Lin was happy and gratified.

She felt a little bad for letting Lin Qiye eat lizard meat all the time.

Fortunately, Lin Qiye was born with supernatural power and could snatch resources.

Things are looking good.

Grandma Lin looked at Lin Qiye with a smile.

“I dont know how long I can live either.

You are born with supernatural strength.

Even if I die tomorrow, you can still live on! I can be at ease.”

Grandma Lin started to exclaim, as all other elderly do.

Lin Qiye listened as he roasted the steak.


Not long after, the fragrance of the steak filled the entire room, causing Lin Qiye to drool.

Grandma Lin also gulped.

The two of them wolfed down their food and had a good meal.

Without a doubt, from today onwards, Lin Qiye and Grandma Lins lives had officially gone from the edge to a better life.


And in the following period, Grandma Lin and Lin Qiye both lived in Li Maos house and were so happy that they did not even think of their little room.

They could eat all the meat and potatoes they wanted!

They didnt need to worry about food at all.

During this period, some ignorant fellows came to disturb them, but Lin Qiye, who was as fierce as a bull, shattered their hearts.

They died on the spot.

After a few hooligans died, the security in the slums had been restored, and Lin Qiye had become more prosperous by robbing their houses of storage materials.

He lived a life full of flavor.

Every day, apart from eating and drinking to his hearts content and practicing the Dao Repository Technique, he patiently waited for his body to mature.

Time passed quickly.

Lin Qiye grew to one year old.

Although he was only one year old, his body was almost the same as that of a six-year-old child.

His height also reached 1.3 meters.

The innate Qi in his body reached 3,000 strands! His growth rate soared.

Lin Qiye had a feeling that when his body matured, the innate Qi would give him an extremely heaven-defying boost.

However, if he wanted his body to mature, he would have to wait another five years.

Five years was not a short period!

One had to know that if Lin Qiye could not change his fate in this life, he could only live to 12 years old.

In other words, in another five years, Lin Qiye would have lived half of his life.

“According to the original plot, when I am eleven years old, the spiritual energy will start to restore, and the Celestial Race will descend.”

“The combat strength of the Celestial Race should at least be at the peak of Golden Core Realm, right”

“If I wait until my body matures, I would only have three to five years to plan the spiritual energy restoration in advance.”

“If I want to defy the heavens and change my fate, time is a little tight.

It would be great if I could mature in a year!”

Lin Qiye sighed slightly.


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