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As the saying goes, when enemies come face to face, their eyes will blaze with hate.

The figure in front of Lin Qiye is undoubtedly the leader of Li Citys Jianghu faction, the local emperor who rides on the heads of half of the citizens and acts like a tyrant.

Li You, who planned the assassination, led five Gold Practitioners to attack Lin Qiye and almost killed him.

Lin Qiye narrowed his eyes.


Last night, when he had broken through, he wanted tofind an opportunity to get rid of Li You.

He had not expected to meet this guy the next day.

“As expected, even the heavens dont want me to have an overnight grudge!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He took out the Extreme Flame Ring Saber and stood in the air, waiting for Li Yous group to approach.

At this time, Li You had not noticed Lin Qiye.

To say the least, Lin Qiye had already died in Li Yous heart.

The day before, he had also tried to cross the Black Fog Swamp, but the neck-twisting demon killed 5000 of his Silver Practitioners and more than 40 Gold Practitioners.

In the end, he could only return to Li City dejectedly.

Not long after, Song Shu also returned to Li City.

Although his loss was slightly smaller than Li Yous, Li You was overjoyed.

After all, Lin Qiye was not among the returning crowd.

There was no doubt that Lin Qiye had already died in the Black Fog Swamp.

Li You firmly believed in this.

Otherwise, why didnt Lin Qiye return with Song Shu

Li You laughed.

“That damned guy is finally dead! Hahaha!”

That night, Li You set up a banquet to celebrate this moment.

The next day, when his scouts discovered that the demon sculptures in the Black Fog Swamp had died without a trace, Li You laughed maniacally.


The heavens are helping me!

“They helped me solve a huge problem!

“Whats the use of being a genius If youre unlucky, its useless!”

Li You smiled sinisterly.

He brought his subordinates and fled to Star City.

At this moment, he had been rushing for an hour and a half before he finally arrived at the outskirts.

When he first saw Lin Qiye, Li You did not react in time.

He only thought it was a Star City resident who looked like Lin Qiye.

After all, many people in the world looked alike.

Moreover, the young mans temperament in front of him was completely different from Lin Qiyes.

The youth in front of him stood proudly.

His straight saber pointed diagonally at the ground.

The violent wind gradually blew, causing the young mans clothes to flutter up and down, making a fluttering sound!

His aura was fierce, and his temperament was rampant.

There was a huge difference between him and Lin Qiye.

However, as he gradually approached, Li Yous gaze focused.

Doubt, surprise, and fear surged out.

“Youre Lin Qiye

“How are you still alive Are you possessed by an evil demon!”

Li Yous face was filled with astonishment.

Lin Qiye suddenly sneered.

“Evil demon

“Li You, could it be that your head has been kicked by a donkey You dont even recognize me

“Have you forgotten how those 3,500 Silver Practitioners and 17 Gold Practitioners of yours died”

Upon hearing that, Li You was stunned at first, but then his expression changed drastically.

Soon after, his face quickly turned ferocious.

“So its you!”

Lin Qiye admitted, “Its me!”

Seeing how arrogant Lin Qiye was, Li Yous killing intent soared.

He instantly pulled out his long sword, and his fierce gaze locked on Lin Qiye.

But in an instant, Li You realized that something was wrong.

“This kid was able to kill seventeen of my Gold Practitioners without making a sound.

Im afraid he has already become a Platinum Practitioner!

“He must have hidden his cultivation! If he didnt have the confidence to kill me, how could he appear brazenly!”

As his thoughts came to this point, Li Yous scalp went numb, and he instantly became more alert.

In the next second, Li You turned his head and retreated frantically.

He must have sensed Lin Qiyes source of confidence and was unwilling to fight head-on with him.

Upon seeing the situation, Lin Qiye slightly raised the corner of his eyes and smiled lightly.

“As expected, you chose to run.

It is the moment Ive been waiting for.”

Lin Qiye had a look of anticipation.

To tell the truth, if he wanted to fight Li You head-on, Lin Qiye must spend a great deal of effort and fight Li You for half an hour to kill him.

After all, Li You have already started the second stage of the Embodier Realm.

To kill Li You more safely and smoothly, Lin Qiye thought of a strategy.

He would act arrogantly in front of Li You.

Li You is meticulous in thinking and is a strong man with high vigilance.

The first time he noticed Lin Qiyes outstanding talent, he could immediately set up a plan to kill him.

A man like that has got to be paranoid.

Hence, Lin Qiye used his most arrogant and frivolous attitude to intercept and kill Li You.

Even if Li You were furious at first, he would not fight head-on after he returned to his senses.

Instead, he would choose to run.

At that time, Lin Qiye could take the opportunity to kill Li You instantly.

As expected, Lin Qiyes plan was flawless.

Li Yous decision was what Lin Qiye had expected.

Lin Qiye smiled contemptuously and looked at Li You as if he were looking at a corpse.

When Li You chose to flee, he was as good as dead!

With a sneer, an almost solid Ancient Sage Phantom slowly emerged behind Lin Qiye.

Its cold gaze looked down at Li Yous back.

Then, Lin Qiye instantly disappeared from the spot.

In the next second, hehad already arrived behind Li You.

The Ancient Sage Phantom pounced on Li You like a dark cloud.

In an instant, the frenzied sword slashed out.

The fierce and resplendent saber light grew brighter and brighter with each slash.

Each slash was heavier and more powerful than the last.

The thirty-six slashes stacked together, producing thunderous explosions.


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