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The light pillar was too dazzling.

At the Temple Demon, a golden and purple light could be seen within a 500-mile radius.

It was terrifying and gave off a mysterious power.

In the Black Fog Swamp three hundred miles away, the demon sculptures suddenly turned their heads to look at the pillar of light.

They wanted to know what had happened.

However, the purple-golden light in the pillar was too powerful.

With only a glance, the eyes of the demon sculptures exploded, and two streams of blood tears flowed out from their eye sockets.

Then, their heads shattered, and their bodies were reduced to a fine powder.

Further away, the demons within a Diamond Level nest wailed loudly and trembled.

Even the Diamond Level demon didnt dare to look directly at the pillar of light.

Of course, Lin Qiye didnt know what happened in the outside world.

His attention was focused on the Nascent Soul within his Dantian.

At this moment, the Nascent Soul had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

It had changed to a Golden Body.

“Its a Golden Body”

Lin Qiye was shocked.

His eyes shone with disbelief.

“Possessing a Golden Body is a symbol of stepping into the Embodier Realm.

Five hours ago, I was only at the Fifth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Now, Ive already become an Embodier Realm expert, although I didnt fuse with The Four Symbols.

“Ive already broken through the Nascent Soul Realm! Ive become a true Embodier Realm, a Platinum Practitioner!”

Lin Qiye was stunned!

“Although I can cultivate in the main world, isnt my progress a little too fast

“Under normal circumstances, practitioners would go to the galaxy world to simulate, obtain movement points, and then use them to increase their strength.

However, because of a wisp of Immortal Qi, I leaped from the Fifth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm to the peak and even broke through to the early stage of the Embodier Realm!

“How terrifying!”

Even Lin Qiye felthis heart palpitate.

“As expected of Immortal Qi!”

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“Thats not right.

“Another reason the Immortal Qi can make my cultivation base soar is that I relied on the Dao Repository Technique to condense an Innate Divine Body; relied on the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone to establish a supreme foundation; relied on the Holy Violet Genuine Qi to condense the Holy Violet Root Bone, and my physical body is spotlessly clean and flawless.

“All sorts of reasons allowed me to soar to the sky!”

Lin Qiye laughed heartily.

“Good! Not only did I step into Platinum Level, but I also laid a supreme foundation! I can advance even further!”

Lin Qiyes heart was wild with joy.

He felt that his cultivation had increased dozens or even hundreds of times.

A smile that he failed to suppress surfaced on his face.

“With my current strength, I can kill Li You!

“If theres a chance, I must kill that guy.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

He silently opened the Practitioner Forum and checked the time.

“Its nighttime…

“The black fog has descended.

Ill stay here for now.

“However, the black fog seems to be blocked outside the goddess statue.

Its pretty safe.

Also, I can open the floating island here.”

Lin Qiye took out the floating island andplaced it on the old site of the temple.

A golden light spread.

“I need to use 10,000 movement points If 50,000 people live here, I need to use 100,000 movement points daily…”

Lin Qiye shook his head, feeling a little pained.

However, he would be happy to use 10,000 points to buy a layer of insurance for a night!

Lin Qiye entered the floating island and activated the protective barrier.

With two layers of protection, his safety level increased to 100%!

Therefore, Lin Qiye closed his eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

The night passed without a word.

The next day, the sun shone brightly, and the black fog dispersed.

Lin Qiye, who had reached a higher power level, quickly rushed out of the underground tunnel.

He came to the outskirts of Star City from the exit Chen Fan and the others left.

Just as Lin Qiye left the tunnel, a familiar figure appeared in the corner of Lin Qiyes eyes behind him.

When he saw the familiar figure, a dark and murderous intent radiated from him.


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