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“With your personality, you shouldnt have simply thought of a strategy.

“But why did you choose the most dangerous method”

Jiang Nian was a little confused.

“The most dangerous method might be the safest one.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

With a vigilant expression, he walked along the tunnel made of piles of meat.

After walking for a while, he smelled wisps of fragrance in the tunnel, as if sandalwood incense was burning.

It made the group feel refreshed.

At the same time, they had a desire to convert.


This fragrance doesnt seem to be dangerous…” Jiang Nian mumbled.

Her shoulder bumped into Lin Qiyes arm again.

“Whats wrong”


Its my first time entering the Temple Demon.

Im a little scared, so Im messing with you.

Itll make me feel better.”

Jiang Nian giggled.

Her eyes sparkled with a lively and cunning smile.

Lin Qiye glanced at Jiang Nian.

“Youre testing my emotions, arent you Youre relieved to find that Im calm.”

Jiang Nian smiled faintly and nodded.

“You are too clever and meticulous.

No wonder you can deal with the neck-twisting demon.


“However, I still dont understand why you wanted to sacrifice yourself.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“I am trying out something.”

While they were talking, the group left the passage, and the space suddenly opened up.

A temple palace made of red and white meat rose from the ground.

The building was covered with blood vessels and tentacles.

There was also a huge red eye.

It closed its eyes to rest and floated in the sky above the temple.

When it sensed the arrival of Lin Qiye and the others, the red eye suddenly opened.

Its dark and evil pupils spun as if it was about to burst out of the eye socket.

A mad emotion gushed out.

At this moment, the temples consciousnesswas trembling in joy.

Such delicious four top-notch geniuses!

It was too perfect!

If they all became the Temple Demons believers, it would become an insanely powerful Diamond Level demon.

It was wonderful!

The Temple Demon burst out an irrepressible red light of joy.

Its flesh trembled incessantly, and the blood vessels began to squirm.

Its tentacles spread out and waved like a sea anemone.

The distorted tentacles moved without wind as if they were performing a mysterious ritual.

After a long time, the Temple Demongradually calmed down.

A red eyeball stared straight at Lin Qiye.

The sound of swallowing could be heard clearly.

“Come, offer your soul and faith to this God! This God will grant you eternal life and supreme strength! Come! Return to the arms of the Almighty!”

Layers upon layers of echo-like sounds came from the walls in all directions.

The sounds contained a strange rhythm.

It was as if a choir was singing.

It was as if the believers were praying.

Threads of ripples drowned out Lin Qiye and the others.

Lin Qiye frowned.

To prevent unforeseen circumstances, he shook his spiritual energy and the Holy Violet Genuine Qi in his body, disturbing the ripples.

“Almighty, I am willing to offer my soul and faith.

Please bestow me with a candle and let me complete the ceremony.”

Lin Qiyes acting skills were top-tier.

He looked like a devout believer.

The Temple Demon was stunned.

It hasnt even used the brainwashing method yet.

How did Lin Qiye convert

However, this was what it wanted.

The Temple Demon chuckled.


I like believers like you! You will be the first general by my side!”

The Temple Demon was satisfied with Lin Qiye.

Its black and red tentacles, covered with suckers, extended endlessly.

Three sticks of incense landed in front of Lin Qiye.

Then, it stared at Lin Qiye and waited for himto pay his respects.

It did not think that Lin Qiye could resist.

As a God who had just entered the Diamond Level, it could even control a Diamond Practitioner if they came by.

Hence, it was certain of victory and greedily waiting to devour Lin Qiyes faith.

The faith of a peerless genius was much more delicious, pure, and intoxicating!

One peerless genius was worth more than ten thousand ordinary believers!

It was too wonderful.

The Temple Demons consciousness began to tremble.

Lin Qiye did not have the heart to resist.

He devoutly lighted up three sandalwood incense sticks.

Then, he looked at the Temple Demon with a burning gaze.

‘Can I destroy the Temple Demon just by worshipping it Whats the principle behind it

A thought flashed through Lin Qiyes mind.

He bowed slightly in the direction of the Temple Demons eyeball.

“Yes, you know how to adapt to the situation.

Great! I like believers like you!”

The Temple Demon was overjoyed and let out a hearty laugh.

However, in the next second, its laughtersuddenly stopped!


In a moment, heart-wrenching screams sounded from all directions.

Then, the red meat, white meat, blood vessels, and tentacles in the distance all twitched crazily.

In the pile of meat, a strange flame burned fiercely!

The flame was not ordinary.

The pure white flames were attached to the depths of the cells, burning every strand of faith power of the Temple Demon.

The Temple Demon was in excruciating pain.

Its eyeballs cracked, and the blood vessels were expanding.

Then, an eyeball exploded and was burned into nothingness.

“You… You are actually! I dont want your faith anymore! Spare me! Im willing to become your believer!


“Quickly stop! Dont worship me anymore!”


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