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After all, the Deduction of Genesis had never made any mistakes!

As long as he barged into the temple, chose to burn three incense sticks for the Temple Demon, and offered his soul and faith, he would get rid of it.

Wasnt that simple

Although he didnt know how it worked, Lin Qiye was confident.

Therefore, hedidnt hesitate.

Without further ado, he entered the temple.

Chen Fan followed closely behind.

In his mind, Brother Ye was a God.

If Brother Ye thinks it would work, he would not doubt him.

Therefore, Chen Fan also entered the Temple Demon.

Jiang Nian and Jiang Qingxue looked at each other hesitantly.

Jiang Qingxue furrowed her brows and said, “Should we enter The Temple Demon is a strange kind of demon.

Although it has only reached the boundary of the Diamond Level, even a Diamond Practitioner would die after entering its body.”

It was not that Jiang Qingxue didnt trust Lin Qiye.

However, the Temple Demon was one of the strangest and most dangerous demons.

Jiang Qingxue had heard of the Temple Demon from many sources.

Several geniuses who had received SSS grades had all died and became the puppets and followers of the Temple Demon!

It was a one-way trip to the Temple Demon.

Most of them would not return once they entered.

Why did Lin Qiye choose to go in even though he knew the danger

Jiang Qingxue was unwilling to follow him in.

Jiang Nian blinked her bright eyes.

“I think we can trust him.

After all, he is special.”

But Jiang Qingxue grabbed Jiang Nians arm.

“Dont go in.

Lets wait for a while.”

Jiang Nian smiled sweetly.

“Hurry up and go in.

Its fine.

Trust him.

Lets go and see how he defeats the Temple Demon! Didnt he squash the neck-twisting demon just now”

Jiang Qingxue frowned.

However, Jiang Nian had already pulled her into the temple.

The moment they stepped into the temple, they arrived at a cave made of fibers and red meat.

The red meat was like muscles, contracting and squirming as the Temple Demon breathed.

It looked particularly horrifying.

There were stalactites made of meat in the cave.

They hung upside down at the cave top.

When it sensed that Lin Qiye and the others had arrived, the thousands of stalactites suddenly opened their eyes.

Their scarlet eyes bulged out and stared at Lin Qiye.

The madness inside was almost tangible.


“Four delicious human geniuses!”

“The Almighty has ordered you to worship the sculpture! You have two choices: Do or die!”

The stalactites laughed eerily, and their creepy voices echoed in the air.

Lin Qiye glanced at the stalactite monster, his face cold and emotionless.

Behind him, Chen Fan, Jiang Nian, and Jiang Qingxues faces were pale.

“It must be a demon with the power of a Platinum Level!”

Jiang Qingxue channeled her cultivation and prepared herself for battle.

However, Lin Qiye didnt want to get into a fight with them.

He turned to Jiang Qingxue.

“Dont move.

Let me do it.”

Then, Lin Qiye cupped his fists and bowed.

“I am willing to offer my soul and faith to the Almighty! Please take me to worship him.”

Hearing this, tens and thousands of eyeballs landed on Lin Qiye.

The scarlet gaze illuminated Lin Qiyes body.


“You sure know how to adapt to the situation!”

“The Almighty likes people like you who have good sense.”

The stalactites cackled strangely.

The eyeballs spun at high speed, and their scarlet gaze turned into a searchlight that simultaneously shone on a wall behind them.

In an instant, the stone wall split open.

A red flesh tunnel that emitted black and red light extended deep into the body of the Temple Demon.

“Walk forward and pass through the divine path, and you will see the Almighty.

Go! Convert to the Almighty!”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned as he looked at the tunnel.

It told him directly that the Temple Demons core was indeed here.

“It seems that the Temple Demon is confident.

Even if it revealed its true body, it would not be afraid.

It is indeed one of the strongest demons.”

Lin Qiye smiled andstepped into the tunnel.

Behind him, Jiang Qingxue frowned again.

“Sister, we cant follow him anymore.

Once you worship the Temple Demon, you will be controlled by it.

“Even a Diamond Practitioner could not break free from its control! You only have the power of a Platinum Practitioner, while I am only at the peak of Gold.

We cant resist the Temple Demon at all.”

Jiang Nian gave a cheerful smile.

“Sister, we are already here.

Dont think so much.

Do you think you can leave Just follow Lin Qiye.

He is not a reckless person.”

Jiang Nian pulled Jiang Qingxue and quickly followed Lin Qiye.

Ahead, Lin Qiyes steps were steady, and his face was calm as if he was not afraid at all.

Jiang Nian walked to Lin Qiyes side and rubbed against hisshoulder.

“How do you plan to deal with the Temple Demon”

“I plan to sacrifice my soul and body to it.”

Hearing that, Jiang Nian frowned.

“Why Isnt this the most dangerous method Once you worship it, it will control you, and even a Diamond Practitioner wont break free.”

This time, Jiang Nian faintly felt that she had gone too far.

Lin Qiye had chosen a method that would undoubtedly result in death.

She looked at Lin Qiye seriously.


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