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“Dont look at those who have turned into sculptures! They have already transformed.

Looking at them is the same as looking at those demon sculptures.

You will also turn!”

Chen Fans heart skipped a beat, and his body trembled slightly.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.

I was too careless…”

Lin Qiye said calmly, “You are welcome.

Lets move forward.”


“Brother Ye, did many practitioners die”

“Yes, according to the cries, about three thousand people died.”

“Three thousand” Chen Fan gasped.

“We just entered the Black Fog Swamp, and three thousand people died That isnt very pleasant! Brother Ye, are we not going to make it to Star City”

Lin Qiyes facial features are cold.


Upon hearing Lin Qiyes positive answer, Chen Fan didnt know why, but he calmed down.

“Im relieved to have Brother Ye! We could get into Star City safely!”

Chen Fan sounded excited.

Lin Qiye smiled.

Lowering his eyes, his mind glanced at the map.

‘Through this Black Fog Swamp, you will find the entrance to the ruined temple 200 miles further!

‘After entering the temple, the danger will reduce by 50-60%.

I need to find an excuse to leave the team and sneak into the temple.

‘In short, I must obtain this wisp of Immortal Qi! I must take this opportunity to obtain it in one swoop!

‘If I miss this opportunity, Ill have to bear the danger again if I come to retrieve it myself!

‘Now that the Diamond Level demon lair has descended, the demons will soon cover the temple.

The next time I come to retrieve it, the danger factor will increase by dozens of times.

‘I would have to wait until I had the strength of a Diamond Practitioner.

Therefore, I cannot waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Lin Qiye pinched his finger bone and thought to himself.

He was only 400 miles away from a wisp of Immortal Qi.

He could reach it after passing through the Black Fog Swamp.

He couldnt give up.

After all, a wisp of Immortal Qi was too tempting for Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye walked quickly with Chen Fan, full of anticipation.

Ten minutes later, Chen Fan smiled brightly.

“Brother Ye, the evil sculptures arent that scary.

As long as I dont look at them, I will be safe!”

Chen Fan sounded confident.

Lin Qiye said, “Be careful.

It is only the beginning.

The danger in the Black Fog Swamp is not limited to the petrification of the evil demon sculptures.”

Sure enough, as soon as his words fell, a young girl began to sing in an ethereal voice not far away.

The voice was so piercing that it traveled directly into everyones head.

The melody was familiar and catchy, making people want to sing along with it.

Lin Qiyes heart skipped a beat.

“Xiao Fan, dont sing along with it.

Once you fall into the melody, you will lose your mind in the Black Fog Swamp!”

Lin Qiye suddenly slapped Chen Fan on the back of his head, interrupting his thoughts.

Chen Fan was scared out of his wits and quickly suppressed the impulse in his heart.

At this moment, the Gold Practitioners warning echoed in the minds of the Silver Practitioners.

“Dont be attracted by the song.

Dont hum along! Dont hum along!”

Unfortunately, the Gold Practitioners reminder still came a few seconds late.

A large group of Silver Practitioners had already fallen into the song.

Their eyes were lifeless, and their movements were stiff.

Following the song, they walked into the group of sculptures and disappeared.

Lin Qiye didnt dare to look around.

But he estimated that more than a thousand Silver Practitioners had died this time.

In other words, out of the 6,000 or so practitioners, only about 1,000 were left.

The number of dead and injured was sky-high!

“As expected of the demons in the main world.

We lost 4,000 or so of our men in one fell swoop.

What a tragedy.”

Lin Qiye was speechless andbecame more cautious.

Chen Fan and Lin Qiye sprinted forward.

After running for more than ten minutes, there was another shout in front of them.

“Oh no! There is a mutated evil demon sculpture in the group that can move at high speed!”

“A Gold Practitioner has fallen.

Good luck to all of you!”

“Remember that when it appears, it will laugh strangely.

When it appears, you must open your eyes and stare at it! Stare at it so it will not move behind you at high speed and break your neck!”

The voice of the Gold Practitioner quivered.

Even he was terrified of this kind of evil.

Fear spreads.

Most of the Silver Practitioners broke down and burst into tears.

“What kind of strange demon is this Can we go back I dont want to go to Star City.

Id rather stay in Li City and wait for death!”

“Lets go back! Lets go back!”

“If we stay in Li City, we might have a chance to survive.

But if we go through the Black Fog Swamp, we will face fear and despair! We, the Silver Practitioners, will not survive this!”

A persons breakdown happens in an instant.

Facing the despair and fear brought by the demons, the Silver Practitioners burst into tears.

Chen Fan gritted his teeth.

“Brother Ye, what should we do Even the Gold Practitioners will die.

Should we go to their camp”

Chen Fan was nervous.

Lin Qiye lowered his head and started to think.

“We cannot look at the group of sculptures.

If we look at them directly, we will turn into sculptures.

However, we need to stare at the mutated high-speed one.

“If we are not careful, we will see the regular sculptures.

It is hellish!

“How do we break this situation

Lin Qiye started to think.

“Sh*t! Keep an eye on it!”


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