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The skeptical Gold Practitioners face turned pale, and terror appeared in his eyes.

However, another Gold Practitioner gritted his teeth.

“Theres no other way.

Staying in Li City is waiting for death.

Its better to head to Star City!”

Song Shu expressed his agreement.

“We have to go even if we dont want to! Theres nothing we can do.

In recent years, there have been more and more demonic lairs.

“Hiding in Li City was not a long-term solution.

Perhaps the sacrifice this time is greater, but we must do it!

Otherwise, even if we are lucky enough to survive this calamity, there will be the next time.”

Song Shu shook his head.

If they could stay in Li City, who would be willing to leave their headquarters and migrate to other places

However, if they did not head to Star City, the Diamond Level demonic lairs would give birth to more demonic beasts that would only become stronger.

Li City would not stop them!

At that time, only death would await them!

They might as well go all out and head to Star City!

With this thought in mind, Song Shu immediately returned to the Academy factions floating Islands and began to notify the others.

“Attention to all practitioners: a Diamond Level nest has appeared near Li City.

Make sure to pack up your items within ten minutes, travel light, and follow the group to Star City to seek refuge.

“The journey will be fraught with danger, and even Gold Practitioners might die.

Therefore, be prepared for a narrow escape.

“The civilians do not need to come.

You couldnt survive the journey, so it would be safer for you to stay in Li City.

“After all, no one would save you if you encountered any danger on the way.

“Stay in Li City.

It will be an unstoppable disaster.

We, practitioners, are also struggling to save ourselves.”

Song Shus calm voice echoed throughout the island.

Lin Qiye, Chen Fan, and the other practitioners stood outside the villa and furrowed their brows.

“Brother Ye, its a Diamond Level demon lair! Isnt that something even Star City has to take seriously How did it end up in Li City”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Who knows

“Lets get ready to escape to Star City.

Star City is 2,000 miles away from here.

It would take only two days to get there.

“However, the problem is that we have to cross two black fog swamps.

The danger within the swamps has even caused the Platinum Practitioners to fall!”

Lin Qiye raised his brows.

The accident had come too suddenly.

It also meant that the human races situation was becoming more miserable.

Not only were there Painted-skin demons, but they were also lurking at all levels of the human race.

Countless small cities were also swallowed by the nest of evil demons.

“However, is this an opportunity”

A thought suddenly arose in Lin Qiyes mind.

“If a Platinum Practitioner leads the team to Star City, can I take the opportunity to enter the temple outside and obtain a wisp of Immortal Qi

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The desire Lin Qiye had suppressed burned fiercely again.

After all, from the map, a wisp of Immortal Qi was hidden in the temple from Li City to Star City.

As long as they passed by it, Lin Qiye could find an opportunity to enter the temple and get that wisp of precious Immortal Qi!

With the Immortal Qi in his hand, Lin Qiye would have a real Immortal Technique!

It would benefit his greatest Dao Repository Technique!

Lin Qiye himself could not believe how strong the enhancement of the Dao Repository Technique could make him.

He must slip into the team and get his hands on the Immortal Qi.

After all, there arent many chances for a Platinum Practitioner to lead a team through the Black Fog Swamp!

As he thought of this, Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

“Pack your stuff, and lets go to the square!”

“Brother Ye, I dont have anything special.

We can go and meet up now.”

“I dont have anything to bring with me too.”

And so, the two of them quickly arrived at the gathering square.

On the square, there were about 6,000 practitioners gathered.

Among them, there were more than 60 Gold Practitioners.

About 20 Gold Practitioners and 1,000 Silver Practitioners chose to stay in Li City.

It was because Li City was safer compared to facing the black fog.

It was a personal choice.

There was no right or wrong.

No one forced them.

Of course, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan decided to leave.

They stood in the middle of the square and wereready to leave at any moment.

Not long after, Jiang Nian arrived.

She spotted Lin Qiye among the crowd immediately.

Therefore, she landed in front of Lin Qiye and whispered into his ear.

She gave him a deep, meaningful smile and teased him in a voice that only Lin Qiye could hear.

“Kid, youve done something that shook the Li City.”

Lin Qiye looked at Jiang Nian blankly.

“Sister, what are you talking about”

Jiang Nian snickered.

“Tsk, you know it in your heart.”

“I dont understand.”

Lin Qiye was telling the truth.

He had done much shocking stuff.

Was Jiang Nian talking about him accidentally killing the Painted-skin demon or killing over three thousand practitioners

Who could understand it

Thus, Jiang Nian gave Lin Qiye a strange look.


You didnt lie.

Was it really not you”

Lin Qiye asked seriously, “What do you think I did”

Jiang Nian shook her head.

“I made a mistake.


“Be careful.

Neither my sister nor I dare to say we can face the Diamond Level nest.

Whether we can live or not depends on luck.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Qiye smiled confidently.

“I wont die so easily.”

“Thats good.” Jiang Nian patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

They entered the Gold Practitioners formation and stood beside Jiang Qingxue.

After a short ten minutes, Song Shu glanced at them.

“Are there still 23 Gold Practitioners who arent willing to take the risk Perhaps their choice is the right one.”


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