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Without a doubt, Li You was furious to the extreme and made up his mind to start a war.

However, Song Shu, Jiang Qingxue, and others were fearless.

“From the moment you attacked the genius of our Academy faction, Lin Qiye, we were already in a fight to the death.

Li You, are you so mad that you have lost your mind, or are you naive to think that only you can attack us, and we cant take revenge

“Are you that stupid”

Song Shus expression was contemptuous as he shook his head.

“However, I have to make something clear first.

The practitioners that died on your floating islands had nothing to do with us.

You might have offended some ruthless person.

Thats why youve suffered retribution!”

Song Shu mocked in a sarcastic tone.

He naturally heard of the terrifying battle record of the mysterious man.

It made Song Shu, a Platinum Practitioner, feel a chill run down his spine.

Of course, it had nothing to do with Song Shu.

Hence, after he cleared his name, he waved his hand and led the group of Gold Practitioners to retreat quickly.

Li You flew into a rage as he gnashed his teeth.

“You want to run Who said you could run Kill them!”

At this moment, Li You had lost his rationality.

He led a group of Gold Practitioners and chased after them madly.

Song Shu was indifferent.

He walked at the back of the group.

As he fought and retreated, he protected the Golden Practitioners of the Academy faction and retreated to their floating islands.

“Li You, stop! You must have made too many enemies with your arrogant temper that youve drawn retribution!

“Moreover, I must remind you that if you leave your nest now, arent you afraid of that mysterious man He might come back and kill a few thousand more of your practitioners!”

“When that time comes, it will be a funny joke.”

As he spoke, Song Shu laughed coldly.

His simple sentence caused Li Yous expression to change drastically.

Li You was flustered and exasperated.

He glared at Song Shu and Jiang Qingxue with resentment for more than ten seconds.

He wished that he could smash Song Shu into meat paste!

Unfortunately, in a short time, he could not do anything to Song Shu, who was also a Platinum Practitioner.

They could fight for three days but still be in a stalemate.


Li You could only hold back the anger that he had nowhere to vent.

He left in exasperation.

Watching Li You leave, the experts of the Academic faction looked at each other in bewilderment.

Even Song Shu, a Platinum Practitioner, was shocked.

“A mysterious man sneaked into the floating islands of the Jianghu faction and slaughtered fifty-three islands and seventeen Gold Practitioners silently while we were fighting”

“We didnt even notice it! What kind of creepy trick is this”

Song Shu let out a deep breath.

His expression was unprecedentedly serious.

The ten Gold Practitioners eyes darkened.

“That mysterious man is most likely a genius forced away by the Jianghu faction, and now hes back for revenge! Those who commit many unrighteous acts will dig their own grave!”

“I have to say, that man was really ruthless! My scalps went numb!”

“From the looks of it, he must be the one who killed the five Gold Practitioners in the galaxy world.”

“However, what treasure does he have that he could ignore the protective barrier”

Upon mentioning this matter, the Gold Practitioners could not help but shudder.

That method was bizarre.

It meant that from now on, their floating islands protective barrier was nothing more than decoration!

The Gold Practitioners could not help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

Song Shu frowned as he looked at the Jianghu factions floating island group.

“We have to be extra vigilant.

“I will make a watch list.

Only one-third of the Gold Practitioners will be allowed to simulate every day.

The other two-thirds will be on guard.

The rotation will be every three days.”

“With dozens of Gold Practitioners patrolling, we can prevent the same tragedy from happening in our faction!”

Song Shu thought seriously.

All the Gold Practitioners nodded in agreement.

However, the moment Song Shu finished speaking,Li City shook.

The loud sound of a landslide came from the north.

Everyone quickly looked into the distance.

Not far away in the wilderness, an evil green pillar of light shot up into the sky.

Within the pillar of light, evil demons were wailing and howling.

The surging fog was spewing out in all directions as if it was a monster that wanted to devour everything in its surroundings.

“Thats… The light beam from a Diamond Level demon lair!”

“Why would a Diamond Level demon lair appear in the suburbs like Li City Dont demon lairs have to be rooted in the Black Fog Swamp The suburbs of Li City are mountainous.

Where did the Black Fog Swamp come from”

Song Shu was puzzled.

The Gold PRactitioners were like ants on a hot pan.

“It cant be! Its a Diamond Level demon nest! Li City cant stop it!”

“Master Song, please ask a Diamond Practitioner to get rid of the nest immediately!”

Upon hearing that, Song Shu frowned deeply.

“Even if we ask for reinforcements, the Diamond Practitioner might not arrive in time…

“After all, a Diamond Level demonic lair is also dangerous to the Diamond Practitioner.

Moreover, it can submerge Li City in two days.

We cant place all our hopes on someone elses rescue…”

Jiang Qingxue nodded slightly.

“We must take the initiative to seek refuge in Star City…”

However, another Gold Practitioner immediately raised his doubts.

“But the risk factor is too high for us Gold Practitioners to head to Star City! We have to pass through two Black Fog Swamps.

Even a Platinum Practitioner might not come out alive after entering the swamps!”


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