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Lin Qiye sneered.

Like a ghost, he landed on the bed andraised his longsword.

In an instant, the Gold Practitioner suddenly trembled violently, and his scalp went numb.

An intense sense of danger caused him to jump up.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiyes sword light predicted his dodge.

The thin sword light entered his throat and sliced off his head.

As for the few women, Lin Qiye also killed them.

“Ive killed everyone on this island.

Lets go to the second floating island!”

Lin Qiye killed all the practitioners on the first floating island in a short time.

Then, he turned into an afterimage that even ordinary Gold Practitioners couldnt capture and rushed to the second floating island.

One minute later, Lin Qiye had slaughtered the second floating islands practitioners.

Although some practitioners had entered a simulation and avoided the calamity, Lin Qiyes sword had cut most of the practitioners throats.


At this moment, Li You and the other Gold Practitioners did not realize they were under attack.

They were currently fighting Song Shu and Jiang Qingxue.

As for the Gold Practitioners who stayed behind, they either end up not noticing Lin Qiye or dying under his sword.

Therefore, Lin Qiye had a good time in the Jianghu factions floating island area.

Eighteen minutes later, Lin Qiye, who had slaughtered 53 floating islands, came to the only remaining villa on the 53rd island.

“Jianghu faction is indeed evil.

I have killed many people but havent met a single good person!

“Looks like its become a common practice to commit crimes.

“Moreover, Ive even seen slave cages and young girls who were treated like animals.

“If it werent for my lack of strength, I would definitely have killed them all.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were ice-cold.

He detested the Jianghu factions style.

“Hmm… After killing the last unlucky bastard, Ill retreat in advance to avoid being noticed.

When I come to kill Li You, Ill rescue them.”

Thus, Lin Qiye silentlylanded in the villa of the last unlucky guy.

A peak Silver Practitioner lived in the villa.

However, his senses were sharper than a Gold Practitioner.

He instantly sensed Lin Qiyes existence.

Furthermore, he immediately jumped and dodged Lin Qiye in a short time.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows and slightly narrowed his eyes as he stared at the Silver Practitioner.


Youre not human!”

He sensed the mans strangeness and suddenly erupted with more powerful strength.

His powerful aura caused the other partys scalp to go numb.

In an instant, the Silver Practitioners bloody eyeballs rolled out of his eye sockets, and his nose, mouth, and ears split open.

It opened its mouth, and the corners of its mouth reached its ears.

Then, its face split open like a piece of cloth, making a horrifying sound.

A monster with green eyes and a triangular head crawled out of the torn human skin.

The monsters skin was dark red, bald, and wrinkled.

It was like a mouse that had lost its fur after being infected by a fungus.

It gave off an uncomfortable feeling of disgust.

“Damn it.

How did you see through my disguise” The monster stared at Lin Qiye gloomily andasked in a hoarse voice.

It sounded like nails scratching the blackboard, making people uncomfortable.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Can a demon disguise as a human”

“Of course, a mutated high-level demon like me can do it!”

As it spoke, the demon instantly disappeared and attacked Lin Qiye.

“Hehehe, youre dead!”

A sinister laugh came out of the demons mouth.

Unfortunately, in the next second, its laughter came to an abrupt end.

The Wind and Thunder Sword Qi infused with Holy Violet Genuine Qi pierced through its chest.

The monster screamed in pain.

It fell heavily to the ground.

The heart-wrenching pain made it bend its body and twitch crazily.

“You havent fully matured yet, have you Your ability hasnt reached its peak.

However, it is quite shocking to be able to turn into a human.

“How many demons like you are hiding within us

“Moreover, Li City is a remote and poor place.

Why would a high-level demon like you come”

Lin Qiye had many questions.

However, the demon was unexpectedly stubborn.

It gritted its teeth and glaredat Lin Qiye with a sinister gaze.

Looking at this sinister gaze, Lin Qiye picked up the bronze furnace beside him and smashed it on the demons head.

The triangular head of the demon broke into pieces.

“F*ck you!”

Its body twitched weakly, and its life force was completely drained.

Then, Lin Qiye shot a lightning bolt, burning the monsters corpse into ashes.

Of course, there were no traces of lightning left at the scene.

“Although I encountered some incomprehensible problems, Ill leave first.”

Lin Qiye sighed slightly and immediately retreated.

At this moment, the thick smell of blood finally spread.

An experienced Gold Practitioner noticed that something was wrong.

“Enemy attack!”

“Someone sneaked into the floating island and is committing a murder!”

Six urgent sirens echoed in the sky above the group of floating islands.

The survivors of the Jianghu faction, the slaves on the floating island, the civilians, and the practitioners families all looked up at the sky with fear and awe.

“Its the six-tone alarm Is there a catastrophe”

“Even the terrifying black fog tide three years ago didnt set off the six-tone alarm.

What happened today How could there be a six-tone alarm”

“Quickly hide in the safety room!”

The crowd was shocked.

The unknown disaster made them tremble in fear.

The practitioners families all ran to the safety room.


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