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“Save me…

“I have yet to display all my talents.

“My Dragon Elephant Body, my Cosmic Clairvoyant, my Dao Repository Technique, and my Qi Refinement technique…

“I have yet to defy the heavens and change my fate.

“Whoever saves me will save a treasure!”

Lin Qiye burst into tears, using his cries to attract the grannys attention.

“Hmm Is it a wild cat No, it seems to be a child…”

The granny was alert.

She held a long wooden stick tightly and pushed the grass aside carefully.

In the grass, a fair and chubby child forced his bright eyes open.

His pitch-black eyes sparkled.

Lin Qiye squeezed out a soft and cute smile at the granny.

It was like a blooming flower, a newborn sunrise.

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The warm and cute smile melted the old ladys heart.

“What a poor baby.

He was thrown away right after he was born What a cruel heart! Sigh, how pitiful!”


She gently carried Lin Qiye and hid him in her arms.

“Be Good.

Do not cry, and come home with Grandma Lin.

If I have a bite of food, Ill give you half.

It may be difficult to feed you, but at least you will not freeze to death outside.”


Grandma Lin covered Lin Qiye tightly and comforted him kindly.

In an instant, Lin Qiyes body warmed up.

The sense of security returned to the bottom of his heart.

Lin Qiye, who was exhausted, closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


In his sleep, the Dao Repository Technique automatically circulated and cleansed Lin Qiyes internal organs until they were spotlessly clean.

Unknowingly, Lin Qiyes nine strands of innate Qi had turned into thirteen strands!

The next day, a strong sense of hunger woke Lin Qiye up.

Lin Qiye lay on a wooden bed and opened his eyes.

What he saw was a small room.

Many sundries were piled up on the walls, and the space was cramped.

Without a doubt, this was a slum, a shantytown.

The conditions were difficult, but Lin Qiye did not care.

“Im good as long as I survive.

As long as I survive until Im two or three years old, Ill be able to soar into the sky, and no one can stop me!”

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Lin Qiye was full of confidence.

He lay in the swaddling clothes, his mouth wide open, trying hard to absorb oxygen.

Grandma Lin squatted in the corner of the room to cook porridge.

From time to time, she would look back at Lin Qiye.

When she saw Lin Qiye blinking, not crying or making a fuss, her wrinkled face looked surprised.

Then, she reached out her hand and slapped Lin Qiyes butt.

Lin Qiye cried out in pain.

“Cry! How can a child not cry”

Grandma Lin scolded with a smile.

She turned around and took out the sticky rice soup on the top of the porridge from the pot.

She blew on it gently and then fed it to Lin Qiye.



It was food!

Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

He had not eaten for more than ten hours.

The aroma of the food made him hungry.

He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the rice soup greedily.

The warm liquid slid into his stomach and nourished his hungry little body.

After eating and drinking his fill, Lin Qiye smiled at Grandma Lin.

His smile was happy and soft.

Grandma Lin also smiled.

Her wrinkles were folded, but her eyes were full of kindness.

At this moment, she felt the joy of having a family.

Her eyes were moist and filled with tears.

“God has treated me well.

He has sent me a good grandson!”

Grandma Lin teased the baby.

“If I only gave you rice soup, will you be full I will catch a few lizards later.

It would be best if I find some lizard eggs and make you egg soup!”


Grandma Lin touched her gray hair and raised her head, revealing a face full of confidence.

She had a unique skill – catching lizards!

Lizards hid in an area where there were few people.

It was difficult for ordinary people to have the patience to catch them.

However, she was different.

She was an expert at catching lizards!

She knew what kinds of lizards there were, their habits, what type of escape routes they had, where they liked to stay, and where they would lay their eggs.

She survived in the slums for so long by picking up trash and catching lizards.


Thinking of this, Grandma Lin was quite pleased with herself.

As she drank the remaining porridge, she wrapped Lin Qiye in a thin blanket.

At the same time, she used a wooden board and a cardboard box to block the side of the bed so that Lin Qiye would not fall.

After the preparation, Grandma Lin went out with a small basket.

“My dear grandson, Grandma is going out to get food for you.

Stay at home and dont be afraid.

The house is safe.”

After she finished speaking, the sound of a padlock could be heard from outside the door.

A large copper lock was stuck into the rusty iron door.

Unless someone forcefully broke the lock, Lin Qiyes life would not be in danger.

Not long after, the sound of Grandmas footsteps gradually faded away.

Inside the room, only Lin Qiye was staring at the ceiling, full of energy.

“Eh After sleeping for a while, I seem to have become a bit stronger.

My current physique is equivalent to a two-month-old baby!”

Lin Qiye was shocked.

“So… The Dao Repository Technique can automatically revolve What a heaven-defying cultivation method! I have to bring it back to the main world! After all, it cost me 40,000 movement points!”

“Also… that unparalleled Dao bone structure in my body.

I have to think of a way to bring it back to the main world!”


A strong desire arose in Lin Qiyes heart.

His intuition told him that bringing the Dao Repository Technique and his Dao bone structure back to the main world would bring endless benefits.

“But to take away two top-tier treasures, I need at least an SS rating.

I have to get an SS rating!”

With that in mind, Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

He immediately calmed down.

He quickly circulated the Dao Repository Technique, and the innate Qi in his body circulated in his internal organs.

Every time he circulated it, the innate Qi in his body would increase slightly.

A few hours passed in the blink of an eye.

The innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body changed from thirteen strands to fifteen strands!

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

One had to know that the innate Qi would usually dissipate after an infant was born.


But Lin Qiyes innate Qi did not dissipate.

Instead, it even increased!

And when ones innate Qi reached a certain level, they would be able to condense an Innate Divine Body!

Although he didnt know what was so special about the Innate Divine Body, Lin Qiyes body had now reached a level where it was spotless.

Lin Qiye did not dare to imagine how heaven-defying it would be if he took another step forward!

“In short, I must form the Innate Divine Body.”

“If I can form it, I will have more confidence in reaching the SS grade!”

Lin Qiye smiled lightly and was about to continue channeling the Dao Repository Technique.


The lock on the door opened.

Grandma Lin quickly entered the house and locked the door.

Then, she carefully took out three fingernail-sized lizard eggs and two lizards from her bosom.

“Grandson, come and eat.

Ill catch more later! Ill try my best not to let you starve.”

Then, Grandma Lin immediately began to slaughter the lizards.

She made egg soup and lizard meat for Lin Qiye.

Not long after, the fragrant egg soup and lizard meat were served to Lin Qiye.


Lin Qiye gulped down a meal and felt warm all over.

However, the food was quite little.

After all, a baby needed more nutrients.

Not only did he have to eat, but he also had to eat a few meals daily.

If there were only two or three lizards tomorrow, it might cause malnutrition and abnormal growth.

It could obstruct his path of rising.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

Got it!

He thought of a solution to break the situation.

From now on, he would not be short of food anymore!


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