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The cultivation technique carved in the bone was related to the dragon race!

It also had a domineering name – the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique.

As for the giant amber, there was a baby dragon wrapped in it!

The baby dragon was only the size of a small snake.

Its red dragon scales were delicately arranged as a sculpture carved out of crystal.

Dragon might flow on the scales, filled with artistic beauty and power, elegant and domineering.

Unfortunately, it was already dead.

Although the dragon was dead, its blood essence gave off vigorous vitality.

According to the description carved on the bone, one could obtain the dragon bloodline if they refined the true dragons blood essence, cultivated the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique, guided the blood essence, and refined the True Dragon Aura!

Once they had the dragon bloodline, the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique would display its true power.

Its concentration would increase along with ones cultivation, improving its quality automatically.

In other words, if one had the dragon bloodline and cultivated the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique, they wouldnt need to buy a higher-quality cultivation method.

The power in the bloodline would allow the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique to upgrade continuously until they became immortal.

When he saw the effects of the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique, Lin Qiye was dumbfounded.

It was ridiculous.

One scroll of the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique could save tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of movement points!

Even an immortal would have evil intentions and try to take it for himself.


Of course, Lin Qiye was tempted.

However, he quickly suppressed the burning desire in his heart and turned it into an unnoticeable flame.

Across from him, Chen Fan held the precious bone and the amber in his arms and smiled.

“Are you impressed Brother Ye, you could reach the Nascent Soul Realm soon.

I will leave the two treasures to you.

When you reach there, refine them immediately and dont let anyone know about it!”

Chen Fan pushed the treasures to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Xiao Fan, do you know how valuable these two treasures are”

Chen Fan nodded.

“Of course! However, no matter how valuable they are, I need to be able to use them.

I dont want to attract any unwanted attention.

Brother Ye, since you are so talented, you should refine them as soon as possible.

“Put them away, Brother Ye! The aura of these two treasures might attract some powerful cultivators.

Dont let them snatch it!”

Chen Fans eyes were filled with fear.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Are you really going to give them to me”

Chen Fan said calmly.

“Of course.

What is our relationship I was deeply impressed when those powerful cultivators of the Jianghu faction attacked you yesterday.

It was so humiliating!

“Brother Ye, take them.

You will be the fastest to discover their maximum potential.”

Lin Qiye looked at Chen Fans sincere expression andshook his head with a smile.

“To refine the blood essence, one needs the power of a Gold Practitioner.

“To break the bones into pieces and refine the True Dragon Body, one must have a strong recovery ability.

Otherwise, they would die of pain.

You are lucky to have met me, Xiao Fan.”

Lin Qiyes eyes shone with confidence.

He patted Chen Fan on the shoulder.

Chen Fan seemed to have realized the hidden meaning behind Lin Qiyes words.

He was shocked and took a deep breath.

“Brother Ye, you mean… You are already a Gold Practitioner”

His eyes widened in shock.

Lin Qiye nodded, and Chen Fan almost fell to the ground.

“Brother Ye, arent you a little too strong You have only simulated three times and are already a Gold Practitioner What a terrifying S-grade talent!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He reached out his hand and grabbed the amber.

A milky white lightning bolt shot out from his palm, and the amber cracked open!

Lin Qiye caught the baby dragon in his hand.

The dragons fragrance wafted into their nostrils, lifting both Chen Fan and Lin Qiyes spirits.

Lin Qiyes eyes burned as he used the power of lightning to turn the baby dragon into a ball of golden blood essence.

The blood essence was only the size of an infants fist, but it was as heavy as a mountain!

Even though Lin Qiye had the strength of a Fourth Level Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, he still felt it was a little heavy.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Its indeed unusual.

An ordinary person who wants to refine this ball of blood essence would probably be crushed into pieces before they can successfully refine it.

As expected, the failure rate is as high as 99%.

“However, in my hands, there is no such thing as a failure rate!”

Lin Qiyes words were filled with confidence.

Chen Fan was flabbergasted.

After a day, Lin Qiyes temperament had undergone a drastic change.

He was even more intimidating than before.

No wonder he was an S-grade genius and had become a Gold Practitioner after only three simulations!

He was invincible!

Chen Fan was in awe.

“Brother Ye, you are my idol forever!”

Chen Fan murmured to himself.

Just as Chen Fan was lost in his thoughts, Lin Qiye opened his mouth.

“Hold your breath and prepare yourself.

Ill begin the refinement!”

After that, Lin Qiye used his powerful cultivation to cut the ball of true dragon blood essence into tens of thousands of tiny needle drops.

Then, he injected a drop of blood essence into Chen Fans spine.


It only lasted a second before Chen Fan let out a painful scream.

As he screamed, his spine broke into pieces.

The excruciating pain made Chen Fan break out in cold sweat, and his hair was drenched.

Within a second, Chen Fans face turned pale, and his body twitched uncontrollably.

He looked like an animal that had been drained of its blood.


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