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He opened his platinum authority, and two notifications popped up before his eyes.

[Latest research has found that even supreme-tier demons cannot stay in the black fog for too long.

Otherwise, they will be killed!]

[Latest report: an evil killing statue has appeared in many clans.

The statue brought back from the galaxy world has slaughtered several famous clans and even hidden experts.]

“Two notification boxes.

Both are important news.

If I only had the gold or silver authority, I would need to spend many points to buy them.

“However, they immediately popped up in the Platinum Practitioners forum, giving them free access!

“I reckon that the main world has judged the Platinum Practitioners to be a mainstay, so it is willing to share some important information with them.”

Lin Qiye was slightly speechless.

“As expected, I didnt misuse my two million points.

“However, the black fog could kill a supreme-tier demon

“A supreme-tier demon is equivalent to an ascending expert.

Even experts in the ascension level could be killed.

The black fog of the main world is truly terrifying.”

Lin Qiye straightened with respect.

Although he had known since young that the main worlds black fog was terrifying, and everyones faces changed when they heard about it, he had never imagined that even a supreme-tier demon could not resist the black fog!

Lin Qi ye was stunned, and his eyes flickered with contemplation.

“Since the black fog can kill demons, what is the situation in the Xia Universe

“From my observations, the power of the black fog in the Golden Spacetime is far lower than it is in the main world.

I could even say that the black fog isnt real.


“It is because the demons of the main world cant control the black fog, but the demons in the galaxy world can.

They can even swallow the black fog.

Without a doubt, the black fog of the galaxy world is only an inferior product.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

It wasnt that he looked down on the black fog of the galaxy world.

Its just that the black fog of the main world was so savage that it made ones scalp go numb!

The experts of the main world had to rely on floating islands and other treasures to isolate themselves from the black fog to survive.

Otherwise, regardless of whether it was a Platinum Practitioner, a Diamond Practitioner, or a Supreme Practitioner, the slightest bit of black fog would cause them to turn into pus and blood, and their bodies and Dao would vanish!

Understanding how terrifying the black fog of the main world was, Lin Qiye let out a deep breath of turbid air, his heart somewhat flustered.

“I have to find more treasures and put a few layers of insurance on myself to prevent myself from being killed by the black fog of the main world.”

Lin Qiye was afraid of death.

Thus, athought was immediately branded in his heart.

He didnt dare to joke about his life!

He would be happy with a few more insurances.

It was a wonderful thing!

“However, what are those evil killing statues in the second news To slaughter several famous clans… Are there true immortals in those clans Are they killed as well”

Lin Qiyes eyes were filled with curiosity.

Radiating from the desire to gossip, he quickly opened the forum and searched for news related to statues.

“There are no pictures of the statues”

Lin Qiye searched for a long time.

In the end, no one took pictures of the statues in every news report.

Only some eyewitness accounts were available for people to imagine.

“We found that we could not take pictures of the statues.

Those statues were too evil.

When they descended, an endless amount of black fog broke through the floating islands defense line and enveloped them…”

Looking at the description, Lin Qiye frowned.

His mind was a mess.

Even if he wanted to find out the truth, he had no way of doing so.

“Forget it.

These are all information I cant get my hands on.

Theres no need to spend millions of movement points to deduce it.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

He turned off the news flash screen and immediately started searching for information on the trading forum.

Unfortunately, after searching for a while, he still couldnt find a high-level gold-tier cultivation method.

Lin Qiye thought for a moment andanonymously sent out a trading post.

[Im willing to buy a gold-tier cultivation method at a high price.

Please send me a private message if you are interested.]

After sending out the post, Lin Qiye entered the knowledge trading area under Platinum Practitioners authority.

He would buy anything he was interested in!

After all, he was filthy rich with a net value of 17.8 million movement points.

Even if he bought 10,000 knowledge points, he would only spend 300,000 movement points!

It was merely a drizzle.

He didnt care at all.

After all, he had money.

He could do whatever he wanted.

After buying 10,000 pieces of information, Lin Qiyes knowledge level skyrocketed.

In the future, he could probably reduce the movement points needed by 80% of his deduction by 10%.

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye made a profit.

If he could save 10% of movement points in each deduction, the accumulation of small amounts would add up to a large sum.

It would save at least a billion.

“Phew! Ive made the right choice in buying the platinum authority and knowledge points!”

Lin Qiye could not help but laugh.

He was very satisfied with his investment in life.

He was the best investor!

Lin Qiye laughed.

At the same time, outside the villa, Chen Fan pressed the doorbell frantically.

“Brother Ye! Open the door! I need to talk to you!”

Chen Fans voice was trembling with excitement.

Chen Fan was in a state of excitement.

It was as if he had found something precious in the galaxy world.

“Xiao Fan, you have to calm down.

I have told you many times that you have to maintain your composure.

As long as you calm down, you will make the right decision.”

Lin Qiye let Chen Fan into the villa andtaught him patiently.

Chen Fan panted as he carefully locked the door.

He even checked it a few times to make sure.

“Brother Ye, I cant calm down! Lets go to the cultivation room!”

Chen Fan was extremely cautious.

He rushed into the cultivation room and locked the door as well.

Then, he said in a trembling voice, “Brother Ye, guess what I did in my second life”

Lin Qiye looked at Chen Fan expressionlessly.

“Tell me slowly.

I will listen.”

Chen Fan gulped and organized his words.

He raised his voice and said, “Brother Ye, I am a pit bull in my second life!”

Lin Qiye laughed.


What the hell

Does he have something to do with dogs

Lin Qiyes sudden laughter interrupted Chen Fans train of thoughts.

He smiled bitterly, “Brother Ye, dont laugh.

Listen to me! It is important!”

Lin Qiye chuckled.

“Fine, I wont laugh.

I am trained professionally.

I will stop laughing after this.”

Chen Fan nodded.

“I may be a pit bull, but with the help of the ordinary physique card, I have changed my fate and became the king of pit bulls!

“In three months, I have won every battle I fought and obtained a silver physique card!

“With the silver physique card in hand, I am even more powerful than a tiger!”

Chen Fans face lit up as he talked about his glorious victory.

It was as if he had merged with his identity as a dog.

Lin Qiye burst out laughing again.

Chen Fan: “…”

“Brother Ye, you have been laughing all the while!”

Lin Qiye apologized.

“Sorry, I couldnt help myself.

Alright, I will stop laughing.”

“I lived five years while winning every fight.

In the fifth year, the spiritual energy recovered, and I took off! Relying on my innate advantage, I killed and swallowed one heavenly treasure after another, becoming the king of the demonic beasts.

“After about a month, I met a little boy struggling to survive.

“I dont know why, but from his eyes, I saw an emperors trait that scared me, so I saved and raised him.

“In the end, this boy grew up to be the Lord of the world! I fought alongside him as his teacher and his friend.

In the end, he led me into an ancient inheritance! Do you believe that I obtained a precious inheritance”

While talking, Chen Fan excitedly took out a precious bone and golden amber.

The white jade-like bone shone brightly, and golden runes containing a strange power were engraved on it.

A young red dragon was wrapped in golden amber.

Lin Qiye looked at the runes on the bone.

His expression gradually became shocked.


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