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Lin Qiye shook his head.

After all, the minor Immortal Technique could not increase ones direct combat power.

Therefore, it would rank slightly later on his priority list.

Of course, its value was beyond doubt!

Lin Qiye nodded slightly and quickly came up with a plan.

As for the method to light up the Gates of Qian and Kun, combined with the manufacturing technology of Angels Wings, it is definitely a trillion-dollar industry chain! However, I need to protect my privacy when selling it.


Lin Qiyes gaze burned.

“All in all, I have earned a bunch from this trip!”

As his thoughts reached this point, Lin Qiye felt relaxed and refreshed.

His face shone with a brilliant smile.

Then, he became serious and took out the gold-tier wisdom card.

“Place the Minor Enlightener card!”

The gold-tier wisdom card turned into a bright light and merged into the Life Lantern Gems slot.

In an instant, Lin Qiyes spiritual altar became clear.

It was as if a clear holy spring had washed Lin Qiyes thoughts.

It made him unprecedentedly calm, and his thinking speed was fast.

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“How comfortable.

My comprehension ability in martial arts has increased by a large margin! My movement point consumption should reduce by 30%!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He took out six crystal-like bones and crushed them one by one.

The cultivation method, principles, and core of the six sets of martial arts were imprinted in Lin Qiyes mind.

“Oh It will take three years to cultivate the six sets of martial arts to Perfection, but using movement points to raise it requires eight million points”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

Under normal circumstances, Gold Practitioners would choose to spend 200,000 movement points to raise it to the beginner level and then slowly cultivate it.

After three to four years of cultivation, they could reach the Novice and Expert levels.

As for Perfection, it would depend on ones comprehension ability.

Normally, one could reach it in the fifth year.

However, Lin Qiye did not want to waste five years!

He had to seize every second.

“If I did not meet five Gold Practitioners from the Jianghu faction, Im afraid I could only be frowning now.

“But I was lucky enough to enter a Battle accidentally and successfully kill five Gold Practitioners.

I merely need to sell a batch of my spoils.

“I definitely dont lack movement points!” Lin Qiye said generously.

As the saying goes, spoils of war are the fastest way to wealth.

Lin Qiye was a wealthy man who slaughtered many people in the Qin Dynasty Universe and robbed all of the five Gold Practitioners.

Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

He immediately started a large-scale auction.

He anonymously put the items up for auction and set a high starting price to have the other players bid.

Gold-tier cultivation method: Five pieces!

9.5 million movement points were auctioned off.

Gold-tier defensive martial art: Five pieces!

7.8 million movement points were auctioned off.

Then, he sold five pieces of silver-tier wisdom cards, four silver-tier weapons, four silver-tier constitution cards, and four silver-tier combative techniques for 5.2 million movement points.

He earned 22.5 million movement points.

It was a large sum of money!

Combined with the 2 million movement points that Lin Qiye already had, his balance reached 24,500,000 movement points at this moment!

He was filthy rich!

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

“Now that I have the movement points, Ill start increasing my strength! Only strength is true confidence!”

Although the 24,500,000 movement points looked exceptionally carefree, increasing ones strength was undoubtedly more attractive!

Lin Qiye immediately started to burn his movement points!

As the quality of Lin Qiyes Life Lantern Gem was relatively high, he only needed to spend half the movement points.

Lighting up the Gates of Shock, View, and Eradication only required 100,000 movement points each.

Lighting up the Gates of Injury, Death, and Life only required 200,000 movement points each.

Lighting up the Gates of Rest and Start only required 400,000 movement points each.

He then spent 500,000 points to cultivate the First Level of the Nascent Soul Realm, 1,000,000 points on the Second Level, and 1,500,000 points on the Third Level.

It would have cost him 9,400,000 movement points, but now, he only spent 4,700,000 points!

It was equivalent to five SSS grade rewards!

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye benefited.

He had saved at least two or even three years!

He smiled indifferently.

“There are still 19.8 million movement points left.

Ill continue to upgrade!”

He still had a 50% discount to cultivate the Fourth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Thus, Lin Qiye had used up two million movement points and raised his cultivation to the Fourth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm!

At this moment, a Nascent Soul rumbling with thunder was sitting cross-legged in Lin Qiyes Dantian.

In the sky above the Nascent Soul, stars linked together and slowly condensed into a Black Tortoise constellation.

When he sensed the Black Tortoise constellation appearing, Lin Qiyes spirit suddenly jolted.


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