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[You have directly or indirectly created three great empresses.]

[You have corrected Xia Universes mistake for three million years.]

[Your life has been dazzling, and your deeds spread throughout the ages.]

[Your influence in this world has reached its peak, and you obtained the SSS grade.

(Note: It is the maximum score you can get in this spacetime.)]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: 1,000,000 movement points.

You now have 2,000,000 movement points.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: The fourth page of the Qi Refinement technique can light up the eight Gates of Heaven.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: Heaven Shifting Stars, a high-grade gold-tier combative technique.]

[After cultivating to the expert stage, one could move like the shifting stars in the sky.

One could even condense 36 stars behind their back.

Each star would turn into an afterimage, counteracting a fatal attack.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward:Wind and Thunder Sword Qi. It is high-grade gold-tier swordsmanship.

When cultivated to the expert stage, the sword would move like wind and thunder, tricking the enemy.]

[When perfected, one could form a ball of destructive and terrifying Sword Qi, which could kill an enemy two levels higher than you.]

[However, it is challenging to cultivate the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

One had to visualize and comprehend thunder.]

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[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: Golden Rainbow Bell.

It is a gold-tier defensive martial art.

The golden bell was formed from ones blood and spiritual energy, forming a protective barrier.

The higher ones cultivation was, the higher ones defense would be.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward:Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage. It is a high-grade gold-tier saber art.

It was ferocious, slashing and chopping like a dragon falling to the ground, like a tiger pouncing on prey, like the rolling of heavenly lightning, like a destructive flood.

The thirty-six strikes would be unstoppable when cultivated to the expert stage.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward:Five Wraths Burning Blood. It is a gold-tier secret art.

It burns the life and blood essence in ones body to increase combat strength in a short period by 20%.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward:Phaseless Art. It quietly concealed ones cultivation, making it difficult for others to discover.

A Gold Practitioner cannot see your cultivation if they do not explore your meridians.

A Platinum Practitioner has to observe your details to figure out your cultivation.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: your Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body has awakened 10%.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward:Illusory Mask.]

[It is a special item.

After wearing it, you can change your appearance and temperament.

Even a Platinum Practitioner wouldnt be able to detect your changes.]

[However, you can only use it three times for free.

After that, each subsequent use will cost 1,000,000 movement points.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: The qualification to comprehend the Doom Arrow, a minor Immortal Technique.

(Each comprehension will cost 5,000,000 movement points.

Whether you succeed will be closely related to your comprehension ability.)]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: The method to light up the Gates of Qian and Kun on your wings.

(You can spend 1,000,000 movement points to gift this to Galaxy Practitioners in the main world.

Those chosen can only cultivate.

They cannot teach other Practitioners.)]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: A gold-tier wisdom card –Minor Enlightener. Your comprehension ability is high.

Every five years, you will have a chance to have an epiphany.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: Zhu Yuhengs undergarments, ice silk soft armor.]

[You have obtained an SSS-grade reward: Chen Yihous meticulously carved deity sculpture.

It has no facial features and wings but has a powerful charm.

When there is a fragment of a divine personality from the main world within a radius of 10,000 kilometers, the sculpture will light up.]

[The rewards you have received and the spoils of war from killing the Gold Practitioners were stored in the Life Lantern Gem.

You can take them out at any time.]


A series of crisp and melodious notification sounds and more than a dozen top-tier rewards flashed before his eyes.

Its a Golden Legend!

Its an Ultimate Golden Legend!

The beautiful notification sound made Lin Qiyes spirit excited.

He could not control his heart, and it was beating rapidly.

Even his blood was boiling.

It felt so good!

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

“The SSS-grade reward is heaven-defying!

“The quality of my simulation this time is outstanding.

Its probably equivalent to the other Gold Practitioners simulating ten times or even more.

“And the spoils of war from killing five Gold Practitioners is equivalent to simulating a hundred times!”

Lin Qiye smiled.

The smugness in his eyes was undisguised.

No one could remain calm in front of such a rich reward.

Even someone as calm as Lin Qiye couldnt control the smile on his face.

After all, he earned a bloody profit this round!

Lin Qiye took a few deep breaths and slowly calmed the ecstasy in his heart.

His eyes scanned the reward.

“Six gold-tier martial arts worth over ten million! And ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi, which was priceless!

“Theres even a gold-tier Reincarnation Wisdom Card, which would enlighten me every five years! Isnt this the perfect card to comprehend the minor Immortal Technique”

Lin Qiye laughed out loud.

Although it would cost five million movement points to comprehend one minor Immortal Technique, with the blessing of this card, he could use the Immortal Technique!

A minor Immortal Technique!

Even a Diamond Practitioner would drool over it.

Of course, Lin Qiye was also envious!

“However, theres no rush to comprehend it.

Five million movement points is an expensive expenditure.

I need to increase my strength first.”


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