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Li Keke nodded and explained, “That power is faith.”

Qin Yous eyes flickered with confusion.

“Can faith also form power”


Commander Chens talent is outstanding.

She comprehended her faith cultivation method! She can condense the power of faith.

“From then on, the kings statue became different.

It even had the effect of dispelling the black fog and suppressing the demon!

“However, Commander Chens attainments in the path of belief were not enough to condense a perfect statue.

Therefore, the kings statue did not have any facial features.”

Hearing that, Qin You frowned and thought: “The power of belief can dispel the black fog Is this why my ancestors bones can dispel the black fog”

Chen Yihou nodded.


Unwavering faith in the king can have the ability to disperse the black fog.”

Qin You was astonished.

She never thought her people could protect her because of their faith in Elder Lin.

For the first time, she realized that the power of faith was so shocking.

Of course, there were still many things Qin You didnt understand.

“Why isnt the power of faith gathered in the other sculptures Is it only Elder Lin”

Chen Yihou smiled sweetly.

“Yes, only the king can give us this ability.

Ive explored thousands of universes and tens of thousands of races.

They all have Gods they believe in, but they cant disperse the black fog.”

Her eyes shone with admiration and pride.

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There was even a hint of nobility in her expression.

“Only those who believe in King Lin can have the ability to disperse the black fog and suppress the demons.

No other Gods can do it.

There are no exceptions!”

Qin You straightened her back with respect.

“I finally understand why our ancestors hold Elder Lin in such high esteem.

Elder Lin is indeed a shining hero.”

Chen Yihou agreed.


“King Lin is a God, a supreme existence.

He once looked at me through spacetime and made me realize the cultivation method of faith.

“It was also the king who corrected the mistakes of the Xia Universe for three million years.

King Lin played a great role in our ascension.

In reality, the king has saved the Xia Universe four times.”

As she spoke, Chen Yihous beautiful face shone with excitement.

“Oh right, that God who used a single gaze to destroy countless demons and killed unknown evil beasts with a single slash was the kings projection!

“His projection already had that much power! I dont dare to imagine how strong the real king would be! Im afraid he would be ten thousand times or even hundreds of thousands of times stronger than the projection.

He would be a true Supreme God.”

Chen Yihous breathing was rapid, and her face was abnormally red.

She was too enthusiastic.

Every word she said was full of admiration and adoration for Lin Qiye.

After listening to Chen Yihous words, Qin You was dumbstruck.

“Youre saying that the radiant and dazzling God is Elder Lin”

“Thats right.”

“Hiss-” Qin You sucked in a breath of cold air.

When she was young, the stories of Elder Lin told by her family made her imagine a perfect and flawless hero.

At this moment, the hero in her imagination was destroyed.

He had become an indomitable God!

It felt wonderful to have the hero in her heart become a God, so much so that Qin You couldnt find words to describe it.

Her awakened heart was beating fiercely.

The admiration in her heart was even more incomparable.

“If Elder Lin is a god, doesnt that mean I was able to survive for 30,000 years under his protection… Because I also believe in Elder Lin.”

Qin You couldnt help but imagine it in her mind.

“It must be.

Ive been on the verge of death thousands of times, but because I have faith in my heart, magical power surged within me.”

She sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

Elder Lin had been protecting her in a place she had not noticed.

“Will I be able to meet King Lin”

Upon hearing that, Chen Yihous expression fell.

“Its unlikely.

King Lin always leaves quickly after saving the world.

“Commander Ji Qinghuan has been looking for the king for three million years, but perhaps she hasnt met him yet.

“I can only work hard to raise my strength.

I hope one day, I can summon the real King Lin and let him descend into the human world!”

Chen Yihous gaze burned, and her will was firm.

Qin You was deep in thought.

“Then Ill wait for you to summon the king.”

The two women looked at each other and smiled.

One out of extreme adoration, and the other due to curiosity and gratitude.

Seven days later, Xia Universe introduced a new era to commemorate Qin Yous return.

Hence, the Xia Universes third new calendar opened a chapter.

In the 3rd new calendar year, Qin You studied the knowledge of the Xia Universe and adapted to her new life.

With Chen Yihous help, she injected Angels Wings and grew a pair of wings.

Her wings were pitch-black as if they were made of black holes.

When her wings spread out, they could swallow the surrounding light.

When she flapped them, all the spiritual energy and air within a thousand meters would be sucked out.

Even Chen Yihou was shocked by Qin Yous dark wings.

“Your wings are the same as mine.

Both belong to a special type.

“However, I dont know whats the deal with my wings.

“We could ask the scientists, but we can only rely on our epiphanies.”


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