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In an instant, the red saber light entered the centipede beast.

It let out a shrill scream as it was sliced in two.

Its body was melted by the red light like butter meeting fire the next second.

Only a shrill scream echoed in spacetime.

“How… How powerful! Is that a God”

Qin You raised her head and looked up.

She walked toward God with mechanical steps.

Around Chen Yihou, the 100,000 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators looked blank.

“Did the king descend”

“How did Commander Chen do It”

Chen Yihou did not speak.

Her face was pale as she fell into Li Kekes soft chest.

The lotus flower between her brows was dim.

She had used up too much mental energy.

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However, her beautiful face brimmed with excitement and joy, and she had butterflies in her stomach.

“The king is too strong! It is only a projection.

How strong will the real king be”

Chen Yihous face was blushing red.

The more she cultivated, the more pious she was towards Lin Qiye.

She wished she could give everything she had to him.

Unfortunately, she did not know where to find King Lin.

She could only cultivate silently, hoping that one day, she could summon the real king to come before her!

With this in mind, Chen Yihou smiled foolishly in her heart.

But very soon, Chen Yihou put on a straight expression and slowly stood up.

“Our people are over there.

Lets go take a look.”

Thus, Chen Yihou followed her senses and came to Qin You.

When they saw that Qin You was alone, everyone fell silent.

Chen Yihou had an apologetic look on her face.

“Sorry, we are late! You are a descendant of Qin Jiuru, arent you”

As she spoke, Chen Yihou took out dozens of heavenly treasures and handed them to Qin You.

“Is Qin Jiuru still alive”

Qin You swallowed the heavenly treasures and looked at the lighthouse behind her.

“My ancestor has already become a lighthouse.

I am the only one left in our bloodline.”

Qin You sniffed, and her eyes were full of sadness.

Li Keke and Zhao Qingyan shed tears.

“Its our fault.

We took the wrong path.

For three million years, countless geniuses and our ancestors used their bones to build the stairway to heaven, but it was all in vain.”

Everyone felt sullen.

Qin You was stunned, then she shook her head.

“Its not anyones fault.

Ascending is difficult.

My ancestors have no regrets.

I only hope I can bring their bones back to their homeland.”

Qin You looked at the lighthouse behind her, her eyes filled with sadness.

Chen Yihou hugged Qin You.

“Sister, this is our homeland.

The ancestral land is merging with XIa Universe.

From now on, this is the tomb of our ancestors.

Their souls have returned, and they can see the prosperity of our country.”

Qin You was shocked, “Is this Xia Universe Did we successfully ascend”


Welcome home!”

Chen Yihou straightened her back with respect and sincerity.

Qin You nodded.


I also want to see what Xia Universe looks like.

“Also, I only know about Elder Lins deeds.

Is there a portrait of him I heard that Country Xia has videos.

Can I admire Elder Lins heroic bearing”

Upon hearing the wordElder Lin, Chen Yihous breathing could not help but quicken.

“The king The phantom of the God I summoned just now is the king.

You should have seen it.

Its super powerful!”

Chen Yihous tone was urgent.

Qin You was confused.

“Not the king.

I want to see Elder Lin, who fought against a terminal illness and used up his last bit of life during the spiritual energy restoration to create the Qi Refinement technique for Country Xia.”

Chen Yihou was speechless.

“Elder Lin is the king, and the King is Elder Lin.

Theyre the same person.

Let me explain…”

Chen Yihou beamed with joy as she explained everything.

Half an hour later, Qin Yous red Lips parted as she fell into an intense shock.

“So Elder Lin reincarnated three times to save the world” Qin Yous face was filled with disbelief.

She couldnt handle such explosive information.

For a long time, she followed behind Chen Yihou blandly.

“This is a teleportation array.

The king left it behind.

It can instantly teleport you to tens of millions of miles away.”

As she spoke, the teleportation array activated in front of Qin Yous shocked gaze.

The next moment, they returned to the capital of the Xia Kingdom.

“Weve arrived at the capital!”

“We have the technology, cultivation, and the cultivation of faith.

However, there are very few people who can cultivate faith.”

“Sister You, you can slowly familiarize yourself with the life here.”

Qin You was rather curious about modern technology.

However, what she was most curious about was the statue of the ancestor she would see in every square.

“That is the statue of Ancestor Qin Jiuru.”

“Ancestor Qin Jiuru is a genius.

In the early stages of the spiritual energy recovery, she comprehended the second and third pages of the Qi Refinement technique.

She is one of the founders of Kingdom Xia.

Its a pity that the heavens envy geniuses.”

Qin You shed tears as she looked at her ancestors statue.

“My ancestor is so valiant and brave.”

It was the first time she saw her ancestors appearance.

Qin You couldnt help but tear up.

Li Keke acted as a tour guide at the side.

“The first one is the king, which is Elder Lin.

The second one is Ancestor Qin Jiuru.

The third one is Commander Ji Qinghuan.

Kingdom Xia has become a super giant universe in her hands.

“The fourth one is Ancestor Qin Xingtong.

He is a research genius.

He established many of our genetic technologies.

For example, the wings behind us!”

Seeing that her ancestor ranked second, Qin Yous pretty face shone with pride.

She stood under Qin Jiurus statue with her head held high and her chest puffed out.

She pursed her lips, and her eyes were misty.

“Ill take a picture of you.”

Chen Yihou took out her phone andtook a picture.

Then, she showed it to Qin You.

Qin You was shocked.

“Is this possible What kind of magical spell is this”

“Its not a spell.

Its a technology.

Youll know after you live here for a while.” Chen Yihou smiled.

Qin You nodded and raised her head.

She looked at the statues seriously.

“I have a question.

Why doesnt Elder Lins sculpture have any facial features

“Moreover, Elder Lins sculpture seems to radiate strange energy unseen in the others.

“Ive seen this energy on the bones of my ancestors, but I dont know why.”


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