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One year.

Two years.

Three years.

Three hundred years.

Three thousand years.

Thirty thousand years.

The lighthouses light grew weaker and weaker.

The evil black fog around grew thicker.

The ancestral land had been swallowed up, and the densely packed evil demons surrounded Qin You.

“Give up! All your people have died, and the people of the lower realm will disappear in the long river of time.

No one could escape fate!

“Many years ago, I also tried to escape fate.

Now, I have become the most devout pathfinder.

It is the stupidest thing to think I can surpass fate.

“According to your fate, you should die here.

Dont struggle foolishly anymore.

“You can struggle for 30,000 years, but can you struggle for 3 million years 300 million years Under the erosion of the river of time, all talent and ideals will be obliterated into nothingness.”

In the distance, a boss-level demon was finally born in the demons nest.

Tentacles 1,000 meters long wriggled out of the nest and spread throughout.

On the surface of each tentacle were densely packed scarlet eyeballs that spun madly.

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After that, a mountain-like giant octopus head emerged from the nest like a newborn chick.

On the top of the octopuss head were three strange red eyes.

The blood vessels on the eyes were densely packed, and an evil light shot out.

There was also a strange spiritual fluctuation that turned into circles of ripples, spreading between heaven and earth.

It sighed dejectedly and tried to shake Qin Yous will through the spiritual attack.

However, Qin Yous will was firm and unmoving.

She didnt say any nonsense.

Her gaze burned, and she swung out a blinding sword light, instantly killing all the evil demons within a hundred-meter radius.

Then, a pitch-black vortex large enough to swallow all light appeared under her feet.

The vortex released a terrifying pulling force, tearing apart the bodies of the evil demons.

Thousands of Devil Resentment Particles were separated from the bodies.

The Devil Resentment Particles were the source of the black fog.

All cultivators avoided them like a plague because the particles would turn into blood pulps and transform them into devils if they got in touch with a drop.

However, Qin You wasnt afraid.

She absorbed all the thousands of Devil Resentment Particles into the center of her brows.


The Devil Resentment Particles let out shrill, crazy, and sharp howls as they rushed into Qin Yous sea of consciousness.

They rampaged inside Qin Yous sea of consciousness most brutally, tearing apart her spirit and will.

They wanted to make her spirit and will collapse!

Any other cultivator would instantly turn into a devil under the attack.

However, Qin You was an exception.

She didnt turn into a bloody pulp or a devil.

She merely gritted her teeth.

She endured the heart-wrenching pain that came from the depths of her soul.

It was like being thrown into the depths of hell.

Countless tortures repeatedly tormented her soul, making her feel so much pain that she wished she was dead.

Such torture would collapse even an immortal in an instant.

However, Qin You was used to it.

The Devil Resentment Particles failed to defeat her.

Instead, it set her dying soul ablaze once more.

Her almost exhausted body had new wisps of strength gushing out.

The new strength flows to her limbs and bones, moistening the dry body.


Qin You gave a cold smile and swung her sword madly, beheading all the devils within a thousand meters.

The devils shivered and didnt dare to move forward.

In the faraway nest, the boss-level devils thousands of eyes brimming with fear, respect, and trembling.

“This woman… I probably could not kill her even if I tried my best.”

The devils tentacles coiled together, and the blood-red pupils above his head suddenly constricted.

“Why is she still alive after being contaminated by our Devil Resentment Particles How strong is her willpower”

The devil was shocked.

The Devil Resentment Particles could swallow the life span of cultivators, their fortune, and the universes origin.

Even the powerhouses in higher dimensions didnt dare to touch the Devil Resentment Particles.

Once they touched them, they would die instantly.

Their bodies would turn into pus and blood, and their souls would be destroyed.

But why could the woman in front of him swallow the Devil Resentment Particles repeatedly

The boss-level devil was terrified.

“She was always reborn before she died.

Shes like a phoenix!

“I have to leave! I have to leave!”

The devil had an urge to retreat.

He did not want to face the weird woman.

“Im only a fourth-tier devil.

She isnt a variable that I can eliminate!”

The boss-level devil muttered to himself as he tried to retreat.

He had to retreat tactically and change tactics.

When the thought of changing tactics arose in his heart, the black fog quickly retreated from Qin You and the lighthouse.

The ancestral lands evil black fog was swallowed up by the nest of the devil.

The ancestral land, which had been covered by the black fog, regained sunlight.

In the distance, the devils nest beat like a heart.

With each beat, evil black fog gushed like a mushroom spitting out tiny spores.

In a few breaths, the devils nest was once again covered by the evil black fog.

However, the black fog did not spread out.


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