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Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

Back when she was young and immature, she mocked Ji Qinghuan.

But now, it seemed that everyone was Ji Qinghuan!

“I wish you good luck.” Zhu Yuheng gave her blessings.

Chen Yihous gaze landed on Zhu Yuheng.

“I wish you good luck too.”

Zhu Yuheng curled her lips and turned her head away.

“I only focus on cultivating to become stronger.

I wont look for that bastard!”

Chen Yihou was speechless.

The three girls looked at each other in dismay.

So Zhu Yuheng was a tsundere!

She said she didnt want it, but her expression was honest.

Her words were the opposite of her heart.

Did she think that others could not tell

Chen Yihou revealed a look of understanding but did not say it.

“Oh right, Sister, I still dont know your name!”

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Zhu Yuheng hesitated for a moment.

“Zhu Yuheng.”

“What a good name!”

Chen Yihou praised.

She stared at Zhu Yuheng with a conflicted look in her eyes.

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyes slightly.

“You want to ask how to form a Nascent Soul, right”

Chen Yihou smiled.

“Sister Zhu, you are indeed smart! Please enlighten me! All the geniuses in our universe have reached a bottleneck.

We have no idea where to break through.

Even I fail every time I try to form a true Nascent Soul!”

Hearing that, Zhu Yuheng spread out her snow-white wings.

The two Gates of Heaven shone with a bright golden light.

“The problem lies in the wings.

There are two Gates of Heaven on the wings.

They are called the Gate of Qian and Kun.

You can only form a true Nascent Soul after you light them up.”

The three women were stunned and looked surprised.

“For real Thank you, Sister Zhu!”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“Theres no need to thank me.

It is the path that your king opened up.

At that time, he had a flash of inspiration and discovered the gates on the wings.

Then, he crushed his wings inch by inch and successfully lit up the gates.

“You must crush the wings inch by inch before absorbing them into your body and resonating with the Gates of Heaven.

The process is painful, but the improvement is terrifying.”

“As expected of my esteemed king!” Chen Yihous face was flushed red, and her eyes gleamed with admiration.

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

She said, “If theres nothing else, Ill continue my seclusion.

If you want to roam the Qin Dynasty, remember not to attack the commoners, or Ill kill you.”

Hearing this, Chen Yihou straightened up.

“Dont worry, this is included in the law King Lin left us too.

However, thank you for teaching us the method to break through.

In exchange, Ill give you the jade pendant I carved.”

As she spoke, Chen Yihou handed the jade pendant to Zhu Yuheng.

On the jade pendant, there was a full-body portrait of Lin Qiye.

He was tall, and the lightning wings on his back were half-closed.

She did not carve a face, but it was lifelike.

A strange wave of faith flowed through the portrait as if the person inside it was a God.

Although there was no face, Zhu Yuheng could tell at a glance that it was Lin Qiye.

“This is a portrait that I used all my strength to carve, but Im not skilled enough.

There are many details I cant copy, and I dont dare to carve the face.

“However, this is already the work I put the most effort into.

It can help you disperse the black fog.

It can also help when you ascend! In addition, the jade pendant will be burning hot if the king is within ten universes.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yuheng subconsciously took the jade pendant.

She didnt take a fancy to the jade pendants notification ability.

She only liked its ability to dispel the black fog!

“Thank you.”

Chen Yihou replied, “No need to thank me.

We got even more benefits.

If possible, can we stay at your land to break through”

Zhu Yuheng nodded.

And so, the three beauties found a valley on the snowy highlands to break through.

One year later, the three girls lit up the Gate of Qian and Kun.

Another year passed.

The ten Gates of Heaven in the three girls bodies turned golden and formed a true Nascent Soul!

“We did it! We did it!”

“Weve finally reached the Nascent Soul Realm! We can fight the demons better now!”

Li Keke and Zhao Qingyan were brimming with fighting spirit.

Chen Yihou also let out a deep breath.

“As expected of the supreme and honorable king.

Hes too powerful! Not only did he create the Qi Refinement technique, but he also found the Gate of Qian and Kun and guided me to enlightenment.

I cant wait to offer my body and soul immediately!”

Chen Yihous cheeks were so red that it was as if she had drunk fake wine.

Her true nature as a fangirl was revealed without a doubt.

In the next few hundred years, the Xia Universe and the Qin Dynasty Universe established a long-lasting connection, and the structure of the Qin Dynasty Universe changed.

In the 500th year of the New Qin Calendar, Zhu Yuhengs destiny had arrived, and she had broken through the void and ascended into the Platinum Spacetime.

In the 600th year of the New Qin Calendar, the Xia Universe and the Qin Dynasty Universe had fused.

When the two universes fused, a fragment of an ancient world in the ancestral land of the Qin Dynasty Universe had mixed in.

The ancestral land was plagued with boundless evil black fog.

In the pitch-black darkness that made people despair, there was only a lone figure fighting against the evil demons.

The young girl held a sword as if she was a statue, standing in front of the lighthouse made of bones.

That lighthouse was the accumulation of thousands of generations of geniuses from Qin Jiuru onwards.

It gave off a strange light.

The light pierced through the barriers of time and space, piercing through the layers of black fog.

It was like a weak star as it appeared above the Silver Spacetime.

The girl in front of the lighthouse had stubborn eyes.

“My ancestors once said that we must protect the lighthouses light.

Countless compatriots in the lower realm are waiting to receive guidance.

Without guidance, they will get lost in the black fog.”

“I absolutely cannot fall!

“I must think about how my ancestors protected the lighthouse!

“I must think about how Elder Lin fought against cancer!

“I am the light of countless compatriots.

I carry the hopes of my relatives.

I cannot let them down! I will always protect the lighthouse.

“My families are also protecting me.

My compatriots will come! I will see them pass through the layers of black fog.”

Qin You muttered softly.

She had been doted on by her relatives since she was young.

All of them loved her dearly.

But the demons invaded her land, and her family died.

She was left alone in the dark fog of evil.


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