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The demon-hunting squad consists of three beautiful girls.

Their eyes were as clear as water, and they had snow-white skin.

Their bodies exuded the cold aura of those who had fought on the battlefield.

They had a different temperament compared to those raised in a sheltered garden.

One casual look from them was enough to make people feel awe and respect.

Without a doubt, they were all extraordinary geniuses.

However, the three girls had different characteristics.

One of them was a woman with a plump body.

She had a peach blossom and a jade-like face.

Her beauty was superior to a delicate flower, and her red lips were like flames.

She was charming and moving.

In stark contrast, the other girl had a flat chest.

Although her appearance was stunning, her figure was regrettable.

As for the young lady in the lead, she stood out attractively.

She had short hair and straight eyebrows.

Her eyes were like the stars in the sky.

Her nose bridge was sturdy, and her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

One could see that she had a strong personality from between her brows.

Every action of hers was somewhat powerful.

In the middle of her brows, a pure white snow lotus symbol emitted a strange energy fluctuation.

The symbol was quite unique.

It was a spiritual aspect, or rather, energy from the heart, soul, and faith.

It could make the people around her subconsciously worship her and even want to give her their life, soul, and everything.

If she used her powers, people would be willing to shed blood for her and even shatter their bones.

She once bloomed a lotus flower and made a million demons kill each other.

She once bloomed a lotus flower and doubled the combat ability of her allies.

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She was pure and holy, a queen who had been in a high position for a long time.

But at the same time, she was full of demonic nature like a witch.

From the minor expressions of the other members of the demon-hunting squad, she was their core.

At this moment, the plump girl and the flat-chested girl looked at the leader seriously.

“Commander Chen, is this the place youre looking for”

Chen Yihou sensed for a while, and her heart started to pound.

“Yes! Yes! I sensed it! Its this universe!

“At that time, the king stood tall in this universe and looked at me through the endless spacetime.

Then, he guided me to create my cultivation method!”

At the mention of the king, Chen Yihous pretty face was abnormally hot, and even her ears were glowing red.

“King Lin! I can finally see the king! Tell me, what should I do when I meet him Should I give up my body”

Chen Yihou cupped her face with her hands, looking very shy.

Li Keke, the plump girl, was speechless.

Zhao Qingyan, the flat-chested girl, said: “Commander Chen, please be normal.”

Chen Yihous face was flushed red.

“Im very normal.”

The other members said nothing.

Yep, Commander Chen could have no flaws.

She had descended upon the Xia Universe like the sun and moon, illuminating the mountains and rivers.

She was so talented that she had created her cultivation method with her strength!

Her cultivation method could make the sculptures of the king, Ancestor Qin, Commander Ji, and her own holy, possessing the effect of burning evil demons.

Hence, the Xia Universe fought its way into the black fog and forcefully carved out a bloody path.

The evil demons of the Silver Spacetime could not withstand a single blow from Commander Chen.

The evil demons of the Golden Spacetime also became more afraid of her existence.

Wherever Commander Chens gaze landed, the evil black fog would retreat.

People compared her to the king who had created the Xia Universe twice three million years ago.

She was a flawless queen, high and mighty, with many fans.

For three million years, the geniuses in the Xia Universe were as numerous as the sand in the Ganges.

However, she was the only person whose reputation could rival King Lin, the Genius Qin Jiuru, the first Commander Ji Qinghuan, and the existence of Qin Xingtong.

If the Xia Universe had a ranking, Commander Chen would be ranked fifth.

She was usually strong-willed and domineering.

But when it came to King Lin, it was as if she had become a different person.

Her face was flushed, and she was so excited that she lost her composure like a crazy woman.

She ordered, “Quick, 30 seconds! I want to know the exact location of King Lin.”

“Commander Chen, you are making things difficult for us!”

Chen Yihous tone was dominant.

“Three minutes.

No more!”

The other members sighed helplessly.

“Commander, this is a vast expanse of whiteness, and snow fields are everywhere.

Where can we find someone to ask about the situation”

Chen Yihou looked around.

They were indeed in a snowfield plateau in the middle of nowhere.

“Alright, lets go find a city.

We must invite the king back! Follow me!”

Chen Yihous face was red.

She took the lead and rushed to the north of the plateau.

The two beautiful girls behind her spread their wings and followed her.

The wings of the plump girl were covered in greens; the wings of the flat girl were like metal; Chen Yihous wings were half white and half black.

They looked strange and indescribably noble.

Fifteen minutes later, a soaring aura came from afar at lightning speed.

It was Zhu Yuheng, flapping her snow-white wings as he stood in front of everyone.

“Who are you How dare you barge into the Qin Dynasty Universe”

Seeing Zhu Yuheng, the three womens eyes lit up.

Zhu Yuhengs skin was as white as snow, and she had straight eyebrows and phoenix-like eyes.

Her face was heroic.

She was like a pearl or a piece of jade, incredibly handsome.

Li Keke and Zhao Qingyan couldnt help but feel a little ashamed in comparison.

Only Commander Chens temperament and appearance could rival her.

“Who are you If youre here to stir up trouble, dont blame me for being rude!”


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