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“But what if Little Seventeens goal is to take the opportunity to kill the Wolf Lord Then, the National Fate Pass would make no difference.

As long as we kill the Wolf Lord, the Wolf Tribe will be leaderless and fall into chaos…”

Hearing the old emperors words, ConsortNing sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Are you saying that Little Seventeen wants to behead the Wolf Lord”

“But how does he have the strength Didnt Little Seventeen just light up the seventh Gate of Heaven The Wolf Lord had lit up the eighth gate.

“The seventh and eighth Gate of Heaven have vastly different battle prowess, right Where did Little Seventeen get the confidence to behead the Wolf Lord”

Consort Ning was even more worried.

However, the old emperor was getting calmer.

“Ning, youre wrong.

We cant measure Little Seventeen with common sense.

“Im at the peak of the fourth Gate of Heaven, but I cant kill the six great sects great elders.

But Little Seventeen had just stepped into the fourth Gate of Heaven, and he could kill them!

“Now, Little Seventeen has lit up the seventh gate.

Why cant he kill the Wolf Lord Little Seventeen is a monstrous super genius.

Its not too difficult to fight against people of a higher level.”

Consort Ning was silent.

“Your Majesty is right.

But isnt it too risky After all, the Wolf Lord has twenty million Golden Core cultivators with him.

What if he encircles Little Seventeen”

The old emperor laughed.

“This is where Little Seventeen is smart.

“Its also why he went deep into the Wolf Tribes land and burned down the imperial palace.

“If he were in the Wolf Tribes land, Little Seventeen wouldnt dare to kill the Wolf Lord with all his strength.

But in the National Fate Pass, things are different! Behind him was the National Fate Pass, and he still had Lady Zhu to take care of him.

If he risked everything to kill the Wolf Lord, he would be able to retreat to a safe area!


“For this, Little Seventeen meticulously laid out a plan! He coincidentally lured the Wolf Lord to the National Fate Pass.”

Speaking up to this point, the old emperors train of thought suddenly became clear.

“Little Seventeen once told me that the way to destroy the Doom Arrow is for everyone in the world to be as strong as a dragon.

We must raise the morale and the peoples confidence!

“Therefore, Little Seventeen burned down the imperial palace partly to increase the human races confidence and partly to humiliate the Wolf Lord so that he would have to avenge himself.

“Most importantly, Little Seventeen was telling the Wolf Lord that he had seen through the Doom Arrow.

“These three reasons were enough to bring the Wolf Lord to the National Fate Pass.

It is an open conspiracy!

“Perhaps from the perspective of a bystander, Little Seventeen is playing with fire and seeking his own destruction.

“Perhaps from the perspective of the Wolf Lord, Little Seventeen saw the Doom Arrows weakness, so he recklessly burned down the imperial palace regardless of the big picture.

“But from Little Seventeens perspective, he was always scheming.

He slowly lured the Wolf Lord to the National Fate Pass and wanted to kill him in the safest place in one go!”

After saying this, the old emperor let out a deep breath.

“Little Seventeen is really a natural-born emperor.

His meticulous calculations make people tremble in fear.

Even I feel a chill running down my spine.

“The good thing is that he is the emperor of the human race!”

The old emperor patted the back of Consort Nings hand.

He smiled in relief.

Consort Ning was deep in thought.

“Your Majestys analysis is indeed reasonable, but… What if the Wolf Lord also wants to behead Little Seventeen”

Consort Nings words made the old emperor freeze on the spot.

“Yes, the Wolf Lord has lit up eight Gates of Heaven and is already standing at the top of the Qin Dynasty Universe.

What if he also wants to behead Little Seventeen”

The old emperor frowned.

“Ill immediately send a letter, asking him to be more careful.”

After saying this, the old emperors gaze was heavy as he looked at the National Fate Pass.

At this moment, in the National Fate Pass, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng stood on the city tower, quietly looking at the blood-colored light screen.

“Its as you expected.

That stupid wolf brought all his troops to attack the National Fate Pass.

Are you confident that you can kill him”


“How confident are you”

Lin Qiyes gaze burned as he calmly said, “A hundred percent.”

Zhu Yuhengs beautiful brows raised in a puzzling arc.

“Arent you being a little overconfident”

Lin Qiye glanced at Zhu Yuheng.

“Overconfident I dont think so.

In the past two months, the Gate of Qian and Kun have upgraded five Gates of Heaven in my body to the Golden Gates of Heaven.

My combat prowess is not as simple as merely surpassing the seven Gates of Heaven.”

“If the Wolf Lord appears, I will kill him.” Lin Qiye said each word clearly.

He was a top-tier genius himself.

He had the Innate Divine Body and the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

He also had ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi and a clump of Holy Violet Sword Qi.

With a series of trump cards in hand, so what if he looked down on all the heroes in the world

Seeing how confident Lin Qiye was, Zhu Yuhengs gaze focused.

“You think you can kill that stupid wolf, but what if he also thinks he can kill you”

In this regard, Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

“Then he really doesnt know whats good for him.”

Zhu Yuheng was speechless.

She was stunned by Lin Qiyes unparalleled confidence, and her two hearts pounded wildly.

Although she was unwilling to admit it, she could see that Lin Qiyes body emitted a light that made her unable to shift her gaze away.

She quietly looked at Lin Qiyes side profile.

A thought rose in her mind.

“If I were Ji Qinghuan, perhaps I would be willing to spend three million years searching for him.”

After realizing this, Zhu Yuheng was suddenly stunned.

She quickly extinguished the thought in her heart.

Without a doubt, she was still contradicting herself.

Ten days later, outside the National Fate Pass.

The Golden Core cultivators of the Wolf tribe were everywhere.

Like locusts, they swarmed toward the National Fate Pass.

The sky darkened!

The sun and stars are shining!


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