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Zhu Yuheng held her head high and puffed out her chest.

Her voice suddenly became dominant, and she even had a proud smile as she patted Lin Qiyes shoulder, as if she had won.

Lin Qiye smiled.

He was amused by Zhu Yuhengs fun personality and revealed a smile from the bottom of his heart.

“That may not be the case.

My ten Gates of Heaven are still slightly stronger than your eleven gates.”

“Impossible!” Zhu Yuheng snorted coldly.

“Just you wait.

I will definitely beat you down!”

“Not only will I defeat you, but I will also beat Ji Qinghuan!”

Lin Qiye was once again amused.

“That might take millions of years.”

“I dont care.

In short, I will beat her.”

Zhu Yuhengs eyes were cold, and her desire to win was unprecedentedly strong.

Lin Qiye cast an encouraging gaze.

“Good luck.”

Time flew by like an arrow.

A month had passed since they set the Wolf Tribes imperial palace on fire.

Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng stayed at the National Fate Pass.


Zhu Yuheng could not stay still after waiting for a month.

“By the way, that stupid wolf hasnt moved yet.

Did he turn into a coward”

Lin Qiye looked to the north with a calm and profound gaze.

“He wont be cowardly.

Just wait slowly.

“If you dont want to wait, follow Qin Xingtong to the royal palace.

After he builds the laboratory and produces the necessary parts, he can make the wings for you.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“Its still more interesting to be around you.

Besides, if that stupid wolf were to send troops south, you would need my help to block it! Dont you need my help”

Zhu Yuheng looked at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“I do.”

“Then its decided.”

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Another month passed.

Qin Xingtong sent over a vial of Angels Wings.

Lin Qiye brought the reagent and knocked on Zhu Yuhengs door.

“The wings are ready!”

Zhu Yuhengs spirit lifted.

“Let me take a look!”

However, doubt surfaced in Zhu Yuhengs eyes after seeing it.

“This is a pair of wings Why does it feel like it doesnt have anything to do with wings”

“Its a gene reagent.

Qin Xingtongs genius idea.

In any case, I cant explain it to you.

“Come, stretch out your arm and show me.

Ill help you inject it.”

Hearing Lin Qiyes request, Zhu Yuheng hesitated for a moment before rolling up her sleeves.


The needle might sting a little.”

Lin Qiye took out the needle and injected the gene reagent into Zhu Yuhengs arm.

When the liquid entered her body, a mysterious power swirled around Zhu Yuhengs body, pulling on the spiritual energy inside her.

At the same time, her icy skin started to emit a sparkling and resplendent light.

Not long after, a pair of wings made of ice and snow extended out from Zhu Yuhengs back.

The wings were so white that they were like a layer of snow on a snowy plateau, dazzling to the eye.

They shone like divine objects.

Zhu Yuheng was pleasantly surprised.

“It really is a pair of wings! Isnt it amazing It looks like I grew them.

I should have had wings!”

Zhu Yuheng studied the wings carefully.

Her phoenix-like eyes were full of approval and joy.

“My speed and combat ability have improved by half! I can even light up the Gate of Qian and Kun.

It is too amazing!”

“I finally understand how talented Qin Xingtong is.”

Zhu Yuheng nodded.

Lin Qiye smiled calmly.

He wanted to teach Zhu Yuheng his experience lighting up the gates, but suddenly, the blood-red light curtain opened in the sky.

The Wolf Lord stood at the top of the pyramid altar.

His face was ferocious as he looked down at the world.


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