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Qin Xingtongs face was full of worry.

The image in front of him also trembled violently, vanishing into thin air.

Obviously, he couldnt hold on any longer.

A line of bloody tears flowed from the corner of Qin Xingtongs eyes.

However, he gritted his teeth and raised his head to look at Lin Qiye.

“King Lin, the Kingdom Xia wont encounter a destructive disaster, right That is the depths of the black fog.

An evil life-form nearly killed me.

The strongest cultivator among the descendants of the Kingdom Xia is only at the peak of the Golden Core Realm.

Could it…”

Qin Xingtong was flustered.

No matter what realm he cultivated to, how many universes he had traveled through and even ascended to the upper realm, only the Angel Universe and Kingdom Xia were his only home! It was the root of his heart!

He was born in the Angel Universe and grew up there.

He had once followed the king and fought with all his might for the universes survival.

He remembered everything about the Angel Universe and had deep feelings for it.

If his homeland were gone, he would be like a rootless wanderer from now on.

How could Qin Xingtong accept it

His face turned pale, and he subconsciously asked Lin Qiye for help.

At this moment, Lin Qiye, who had a calm expression, was also shocked by the sudden change.

He was so surprised that he couldnt figure out what was happening.

“This is strange.

What exactly happened”


Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis with great curiosity.

“This deduction requires 1 billion movement points.

Currently, you have 600,000 movement points.

The points are insufficient.

You cannot activate the deduction.”

‘Oh It requires 1 billion movement points to deduce

Lin Qiye frowned.

It was the first time he encountered a deduction that required 100 million movement points.

It was clearly telling Lin Qiye that what happened in the Xia Universe had exceeded the level of his knowledge and could not be easily peeked at.

Trying to cheat would require a terrifying price.

It was better to wait until he became stronger before exploring!

Lin Qiye shook his head.

Based on his knowledge, he started to analyze and speculate.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye was a Gold Practitioner and knew too little.

Thus, after thinking for a long time, he still did not have the slightest clue.

However, there was one thing.

Lin Qiye could confirm with his intuition that the Xia Universe was not in any destructive danger.

After all, the bones of several trillion geniuses had added a layer of protection to it.

“If thats the case, the Xia Universe must have encountered some opportunity, causing it to become mysterious and undetectable and difficult to deduce.”

As his thoughts came to this, Lin Qiye patted Qin Xingtong on the shoulder.

“Dont worry.

The Xia Universe wont be in any danger.

Although you went down the wrong path for two million years, a new one seems to have opened up.

“Perhaps, the Xia Universe has ascended to a higher level of spacetime.”

Lin Qiye voiced out his guess.

And after hearing Lin Qiyes words, Qin Xingtong revealed a relieved and relaxed smile.

He trusted Lin Qiye wholeheartedly.

“King Lin, did you see that Even after three million years, Kingdom Xia still remembers your contribution.

“Generations of geniuses used your sculptures as spiritual guidance on the stairway of bones.

“Youre like a God! I really hope that they can personally witness your magnificence!” Qin Xingtong said solemnly.

Suddenly, he halted.

He seemed to have thought of something.

“King Lin! Do you remember Just now, when you cast your gaze on the stairway of bones, billions of sculptures bloomed with light at the same time!”

At this point, Qin Xingtongs expression was excited.

It was as if he had grasped the truth.

“I understand now!

“Just now, King Lin has activated the power of billions of sculptures and pointed out a brand new path for the descendants of the Kingdom Xia!

“As expected of King Lin! You opened up a new path for the Kingdom Xia that had gone astray for two million years!”

“This is King Lin in my heart!”

As he spoke, Qin Xingtong looked at Lin Qiye with the most admiring gaze.

He couldnt help but tear up.

Three million years ago, King Lin descended like a God and single-handedly created a brand new Angel Universe.

He even destroyed the invincible Divine Tiger Universe!

For three million years, the kings spirit had supported his research.

Now, three million years later, it was the king again! He had guided a brand new path for Kingdom Xia!

Qin Xingtong couldnt help but feel respect.

“I knew that as long as I found the king, all my problems would be solved!”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

He was caught off guard by Qin Xingtongs sudden outburst.

Although the moment he looked at them, the billions of sculptures indeed blossomed with gleaming light, it was just a gaze.

It wasnt enough to cause a change in the universe, right

Could things change just because of his gaze

It sounded too mysterious.

Lin Qiye didnt believe it.


Hence, heshook his head in his heart.

He only thought that Qin Xingtong was talking nonsense.


You should rest for the time.”

“When you recover, help me nurture scientists.

This time, I need 20 million sets of Death Warrior Reagent!”

Upon hearing it, Qin Xingtong was incredibly shocked.

“20 million”

“Yes, the enemy has 20 million Golden Core experts…”

Lin Qiye told the story of the Qin Dynastys past 20,000 years.

Qin Xingtong was stunned.

“King Lin, you are saving the world time and time again, right”

“Back then, you single-handedly created the Xia Universe, then saved the Angel Universe, and now youre saving the Qin Dynasty Universe… Are you really the Salvator that reincarnates every time”


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