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Lin Qiye was about to explain when the principals figure appeared above the central field.


He was a little old, his hair was gray, and wrinkles appeared on his face.

However, his figure was tall and sturdy.

He held his head high with his chest puffed out.

He had the temperament of a veteran.

He raised an examination pearl, and the pearl emitted a purple light.

After that, among the three thousand students, eleven beams of light shot up into the sky!

Four of the beams were white.

Five were blue, and one was purple.


The purple beam of light came from Chen Fan.

He had turned into a puppy and escaped the trap of a dog thief more than thirty times.

He had lived for eleven years and was loved by his owner.

As a result, he received an A grade.

Although the process of his simulation was rough, Chen Fan lifted his head proudly with a prideful face after returning to reality.

“Brother Ye, I have the purple light.

I can protect you!”

However, when Chen Fan turned his head and looked at Lin Qiye…

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His proud smile froze as shock and surprise filled his face.

“Brother Ye, you… You… You have the golden light”


“Brother Ye, did you break through the limit of your illness”

Lin Qiye nodded and looked at the golden pillar of light rising from his body.

The golden light was as dazzling as the sun.

It was too eye-catching.

The three thousand students gasped in surprise as they looked at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye, who had wanted to keep a low profile, was forced to become the center of attention.

Even the principals gaze was filled with intense emotions.

“An S-rank genius Amazing! He doesnt lose out to the younger generation of a thousand-year-old family! With time, our Li City will also have Diamond Practitioners!”

The principals lips curled up.

He waved his hand, and the 11 new Galaxy Practitioners all came to his side.

Many of the students had cautious expressions.

Only Lin Qiye was calm.

The principal was full of praise as he patted Lin Qiye on the shoulder.

“Well done.

Your future is boundless! According to the schools rules, you can receive a reward of 50,000 movement points.”


The principals palm pressed on Lin Qiyes shoulder as if he was giving him some kind of hope.

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Lin Qiye slightly raised his eyebrows.

50,000 movement points

It was a huge sum.

Although Lin Qiye was quite rich and once had 43,850 movement points, perfecting and practicing the Qi Refinement technique had used up a total of 20,000 movement points.


Thus, Lin Qiye was left with 23,850 movement points in the end.

He had planned to use it sparingly.

However, Lin Qiye had never expected that the schools reward would be 50,000 movement points!

It was a windfall.

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

He smiled and said, “Thank you, Principal.”

The principal smiled and nodded.

“Come on, the Li City Academy needs you!”

Then, he looked at Chen Fan.


“You have a Grade A, and the school will reward you with 8,000 movement points.”


Chen fan was ecstatic.

He jumped up in excitement, which was several times more intense than Lin Qiyes reaction.

After all, he had lived as a black puppy for eleven years before he was able to earn less than 3,000 movement points.


But now, the school had given him nearly three times the reward!

He could even buy a Reincarnation Card!

Chen Fan felt a wave of warmth in his heart.

Then, the principal also distributed the rewards to the others.

However, the B grade only got 2,000 movement points, and the C grade only got 1,000 movement points.

Compared to Lin Qiye, it was pitifully less.

He received the movement point reward.

The principal brought the eleven new Galaxy Practitioners to the Li City Academys floating island area.

There were 72 floating islands in the academys floating island area.

Each floating island was a small town with lakes, gardens, and tall buildings.

There were residents living there.

When the black fog invades every night, the floating island would bloom with light and disperse the fog.

Therefore, the floating island was the safest place.

There was no need to worry about the black fog while living on the island.

“Our academy has produced more than 40 high-level Galaxy Practitioners from Li City.”

“They all own a floating island.

Later on, they will come to protect you.”

“If you are willing, you can stay on their island for the time being.

When you have enough movement points, you can consider setting up your own island.”

“Generally speaking, for experienced Gold Practitioners, setting up an island is the most stable.

After all, to maintain the operation of the island, you need a lot of movement points.

If the movement points arent enough, then the floating island will be swallowed by the Black Fog Demons!”

The principal explained patiently.

In a short while, they arrived at the floating island area.

At the entrance of the floating island area, a total of 47 Galaxy Practitioners were waiting with their hands behind their backs.

Most of them were Gold Practitioners.

They had only seen two Platinum Practitioners.

It was obvious that Silver Practitioners did not deserve or have the strength to own a floating island.

Lin Qiye was an exception.

“Oh, there are still as few new practitioners this year as before.

Yesterday, there were 36.

Today, there are only 11.

These 11 dont seem to be of high quality!”


The Gold Practitioners were discussing.

“However, its been a long time since an S grade genius appeared.

There are only three A grade geniuses.”

“The quality is not good enough!”

The discussions were going on.

The veteran Galaxy Practitioners were picky as they sized up Lin Qiye and the others.

“Principal, what are their grades”

The principal smiled mysteriously and pointed at Lin Qiye.

“He has an S grade!”

“And the one beside him has an A grade rating.”


The veterans were all stunned and looked at Lin Qiye with excitement.

“Hes a little low-key… He got an S grade, but he didnt show any arrogance or pride He must be some big shot!”

“Come, brother, come to my floating island.

Im willing to give you the highest level of protection plus 50,000 movement points.”

“Ill bid 60,000 movement points!”

“Ill bid 70,000 movement points!”

The veteran Galaxy Practitioners suddenly started bidding.

It caused Lin Qiye to be a little stunned.

The principal promptly explained, “They are investing in advance because their realms have stagnated for many years.”

“If you can rise, in the future, you can lead them to form groups and then break through realms.”

“It can be considered a kind of transaction.”

Lin Qiye instantly understood.


A bet.

If they succeed in the bet, they would rise up!

And for a genius like Lin Qiye, who received an S grade right from the start, there was a high chance that he was the right bet.


Therefore, they were naturally willing to dig out their foundations and throw in a lot of money.

Lin Qiye looked at the crazy bidding among the Galaxy Practitioners with an indifferent expression.

He did not care about the bidding price.

After all, after receiving the 50,000 movement points from the academy reward, Lin Qiyes movement points reached 73,850, which was enough for him to squander.

Moreover, Lin Qiye always felt that these so-called investors were too eager.

They were so eager to give out more than 100,000 movement points.

In the future, if he were to take advantage of this kindness and asked him to form a term or do all sorts of things, what should he do They might even spy on his secrets.


Therefore, after careful consideration, Lin Qiye gave up on obtaining their investment.

It was not that Lin Qiye had not thought of creating his own island.

However, his strength and financial power could not support a floating island.

On the other hand, creating an island required him to deal with many troubles and trivial stuff.

At this stage, Lin Qiye only wanted to develop, develop, and develop again.

Therefore, his gaze swept past the veteran Galaxy Practitioners.

Finally, he saw an ice-cold beauty.


The beauty wore a blue training robe underneath, and her training clothes were tied tightly.

Her waist was slim, and her long hair was tied into a high ponytail.

She looked valiant like a Valkyrie.

She stood in the crowd but was drifting away.

When she looked at anyone, there was a sense of alienation.

Moreover, she did not open her mouth to compete, as if coming here was a routine matter.

Lin Qiyes intuition told him that this beauty was the best choice.

Her strength was not ordinary!

Lin Qiye believed in his intuition.

He slowly walked to the front of the ice-cold beauty and bowed to her.


“I choose you.”


Hearing this, the beauty was a little surprised.

Her gaze moved slightly and landed on Lin Qiye.

“I dont have movement points to invest in you.

Are you really going to choose me”

The other veterans had hints of advice on their faces.

“Are you sure you want to choose her Are the benefits we gave too low”

“With over 100,000 movement points, you can buy a silver-tier Reincarnation Card!”

“Dont you know how heaven-defying a silver-grade Reincarnation Card is”

“Young man, dont think that just because youre talented, you can do anything.

You have to work hard for three to four years before you can get one silver card!”

The veterans were trying to scare Lin Qiye.

Hearing their words, Lin Qiye believed in his judgment even more.

“I dont need movement points.

Im willing to live on this beautys island.”

The woman frowned slightly.


Lin Qiyes gaze was serious.

“Im not suitable to bear too many debts of gratitude.

Its better to be free.”

Hearing Lin Qiyes reply, the ice-cold beauty seemed to have been reminded of something, and she nodded slightly.

“Then you can stay with me.

Are there any others If anyone is willing to choose me, come with me.

If not, I will leave first.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Chen Fan stammered, “Brother Ye… I…”

Lin Qiye understood what Chen Fan meant.

He patted Chen Fans shoulder and said, “I personally think that it would be better to stay on this beautys island.

Dont you think so”

Chen Fan stood still and thought for a moment.

Then, he quickly followed Lin Qiye.

He trusts Lin Qiyes judgment!

Up ahead, the woman led Lin Qiye and Chen Fan to her floating island.


She turned her back on Lin Qiye, and her figure looked alluring.

“You still have a chance to turn back.

If you go back on your words now, you will get tens of thousands of movement points.

You can even buy a silver card.”

“For a newbie, a silver-tier Reincarnation Card is enough to let you soar to the sky.”

“Are you really not going back on your word”


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