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With the determination to succeed, Lin Qiye was suddenly fearless.

His will, innate Qi, Holy Violet Genuine Qi, and spiritual energy poured into his wings, condensing into a pitch-black vortex.

It was like a black hole, seemingly connected to an unspeakable world.

A mysterious power surged within the depths of the black hole.

Not long after, two points of starlight floated out of the black hole.

Like a comet attacking the moon, they cut through the hole, becoming closer and brighter and more dazzling!

After that, the starlight turned into two towering Gates of Heaven that emitted purple-gold light.

They stood majestically within Lin Qiyes wings!

“Oh… A purple-gold Gate of Heaven Its completely different from the other eight Gates of Heaven…”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows, feeling quite surprised.

“Judging from the aura, it seems more powerful than the other gates.”

Lin Qiye carefully analyzed.

However, before he could think about it, the two towering Gates of Heaven suddenly opened.

Purple-gold nectar flowed out continuously like a river and waves crashing down!

The purple-gold divine power turned into an endless river that washed through Lin Qiyes meridians.

There was a loud rumble like a pouring waterfall.

It was deafening!

Lin Qiyes wings, which had been crushed inch by inch, were reborn at a speed visible to the naked eye.

A pair of wings suddenly stretched out from behind him.

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The dazzling purple-gold Gates of Heaven were shining in the wings.

Then, the purple-gold nectar flowed into Lin Qiyes body along the part where the wings connected with his body, dyeing the five Gates of Heaven that had been lit up previously with a bright purple-gold color.

“The quality of my five Gates of Heaven has improved! It even tends to turn into a purple-gold gate The quality of the Gates of Heaven in my wings is unbelievable!”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

“If the five Gates of Heaven in my body have turned purple-gold, I can easily crush the Wolf Lord.”

He let out a long breath before opening his bright eyes, looking at Zhu Yuheng with a smile.

Zhu Yuheng, staring at Lin Qiye in a daze, suddenly came back to her senses.

“You really lit up the two Gates of Heaven on your wings However, why are they purple-gold”

In this regard, Lin Qiye pondered for a moment.

“Maybe the gates on the wings are special

“Not only did they increase my speed and combat strength by more than twenty times, they even improved the quality of the five gates I had already lit up.

When all five gates turned purple-gold, killing the Wolf Lord would be as easy as flipping my hand.

“Ill name them the Gate of Qian and Gate of Kun!”

Feeling the boundless power in his body, Lin Qiye smiled faintly, and the seven Gates of Heaven started to shine.

His powerful aura covered the sky and earth as if it wanted to suppress everything.

Even Zhu Yuheng, who had also lit up seven Gates of Heaven, was stunned.

“Your strength has improved so quickly.

A year ago, you only lit up the third Gate of Heaven.

In a short year, you lit up the fifth gate.

You even opened a new path and lit up the purple-gold Gates of Heaven on your wings.

“Moreover, you can suppress someone at the eighth Gate of Heaven! You really are a monster.

Compared to you, I am only average.”

At this moment, even Zhu Yuheng could not help but be shocked by Lin Qiyes cultivation talent and speed.

Zhu Yuheng herself was a top-tier genius.

Back then, she only used 20 years to cultivate from the third Gate of Heaven to the fifth.

However, her talent was not worth mentioning in front of Lin Qiye.

In a short year, he lit up four Gates of Heaven one after another and even created a new path to light up the Gate of Qian and Gate of Kun!

What monstrous talent!

One had to know that even that Wolf Tribes dumb dog, known as the Son of Heaven, had also spent 200 years lighting up the eighth Gate of Heaven.

He was too weak compared toXia Ji!

As her thoughts came to this point, Zhu Yuhengs phoenix-like eyes had an undisguised glow of admiration for the first time.

She had to admit thatXia Ji was indeed a monster.

Facing Zhu Yuhengs amazement, Lin Qiye smiled calmly.

In terms of cultivation talent, no one is superior to him.

He was only eight years old!

Moreover, he had only cultivated for three years.

In three years, he had caught up to the Wolf Lords foundation of two hundred years.

He was invincible!

Lin Qiye smiled, but he did not become arrogant.

“Its all thanks to this pair of wings and you for letting me study your heart.

“Thank you.

I was able to reach this step because you had contributed one-third to it.”

Lin Qiye looked at Zhu Yuheng gratefully, his gaze sincere.

Zhu Yuhengs face suddenly became hot.

“Did I really contribute one-third”

“Yes, its even more than one-third!”

Hearing that, Zhu Yuheng laughed valiantly.

“Humph! Of course, I know how powerful I am.

You dont need to tell me.

However, isnt the human race still at a huge disadvantage now

“The human races Golden Dragon of Fortune has been killed, and the human cultivators could not break through their bottleneck.

In other words, there will not be any more Golden Core cultivators.

“On the other hand, the Wolf Tribe has 20 million Golden Core cultivators.

Also, hundreds of thousands of cultivators in the Qin Dynasty want to betray us and serve the Wolf Tribe.

“I can see that your father will soon be unable to suppress the public opinion they have stirred up.

“Ive roughly analyzed the situation.

I think hundreds of thousands of cultivators will not fight for us.”


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