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“Hey, stop hitting me.

You are disrupting my thought process.

After I break through, Ill let you do as you like, okay”

Lin Qiye immediately sat cross-legged on the stone bed.

He closed his eyes and focused on his breakthrough.

See Lin Qiye single-mindedly thinking of a breakthrough, Zhu Yuhengs chest heaved up and down out of anger, but she could do nothing.

She could only sit on the futon not far away, raising her brows as she stared at Lin Qiye.

“What a bastard! After your breakthrough, Ill definitely trample over you repeatedly.”

Zhu Yuheng secretly clenched her fists.

However, Lin Qiye was already immersed in the state of breaking through.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled as his wings suddenly unfolded.

However, Lin Qiye made a shocking move in the next moment.

He controlled the power within his body to crush the wings inch by inch!




The incredible sound of bones shattering resounded throughout the cultivation room.

It caused the anger in Zhu Yuhengs heart to vanish into thin air.

Instead, her phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a worried expression appeared on her face.

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“Whats going on You crushed your own wings inch by inch”

Zhu Yuheng stared unblinkingly at Lin Qiye.

Her eyes flickered with concern, confusion, and worry.

At this moment, cold sweat dripped down Lin Qiyes forehead like rain.

He was clearly experiencing excruciating pain.

However, Lin Qiye did not stop.

Instead, he continued to crush his wings inch by inch.

Fresh blood dyed the white wings of lightning and thunder red, causing them to be drenched in blood.

The training room was filled with a thick and pungent stench.

Smelling this stench of blood, Zhu Yuheng did not know why, but her heart ached faintly.

She wanted to stop Lin Qiye immediately.

However, she was afraid that she would ruin his plans.

She could only clench her fists tightly.

She was so worried that her fists were bruised.

“What a ruthless method! What cruel willpower! Its terrifying.

How did he endure it”

Zhu Yuheng could not help but feel admiration in her heart.

Her face shone with emotions.

She stared at Lin Qiye, who was on the verge of death, and his pair of broken white wings.

The bones in the wings had been completely crushed.

It only relied on lightning to maintain its original shape.

Lin Qiye was also on the verge of destruction.

He could die at any moment.

Moreover, Lin Qiye didnt use his innate Qi or Holy Violet Genuine Qi to heal himself.

Instead, he forcefully relied on his willpower to endure.

After the wings were destroyed, Lin Qiye let out a breath of turbid air, slowly folding the wings back into his body inch by inch.

When the damaged wings entered his body, Holy Violet Genuine Qi and the innate Qi quickly healed the wings injuries.

The wings were reborn inch by inch.

At the same time, they finally had a clear connection with Lin Qiyes heart and other parts of his body!

“Its here! This is the feeling! This is the feeling!”

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

“As expected! The fastest way to establish a deeper connection with other body parts is to shatter and grow them again!

“This is the fastest and easiest way, even though it requires me to endure heart-wrenching pain.

“However, to raise my strength, obtain an SSS grade rating, and kill a Platinum Practitioner… What is this little bit of pain”

Lin Qiye did not feel any pain at all.

He smiled casually.

“Charge! Ill take advantage of the appearance of my senses to light up the two Gates of Heaven! I cant miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye exhaled a deep breath of white air!

He began to charge towards the final stage!

Although there was a possibility of failure, Lin Qiye would never allow it to happen!


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