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[You have broken through the limits of your life.

The Life Lantern Gem is fully formed! The Gem imprint is imprinted on your left wrist.

You can check it with your telepathy at any time.]

[You have activated the Simulated Life Memory Slot (it can store the memories of your life and can be extracted and used by your telepathy at any time)]

[You have activated the Reincarnation Wisdom Card Slot (it can store the Reincarnation Wisdom Cards, thus possessing extraordinary intelligence at birth)]

[You have activated the Reincarnation Physique Card Slot (it can store the Reincarnation Physique Cards, thus possessing extraordinary physique at birth)]

[From this simulated life, you have brought out a Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card (bronze-tier)]

[With an almost heaven-defying performance, you have broken through the limits of your life and created two major historical events.

Your score has reached S .]

[You have obtained an S score reward: 30,000 movement points (you now have 32,850 movement points)]

[You have obtained an S score reward: The Silver-tier Reincarnation Wisdom Card – Cosmic Clairvoyant.]

[You have obtained an S score reward: A Silver-tier Reincarnation Physique Card.

Please choose between the Dragon Elephant Body, Immortal Crane Body, and Holy Monkey Body.]

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[You have obtained an S score reward: Qi Refinement technique, pages 1,2, and 3.]

[You have obtained an S score reward: Extreme Flame Ring Saber.

(You can take out the saber at any time to fight in the main world.

When traveling through simulations, your cultivation level needs to be raised to half of the main world to be able to summon it.

There is a chance that it will be damaged!)]

[You have obtained an S score reward: Golden Crow Floating Island (Silver-tier.

It is able to float in the air, disperse black fog, protect a radius of 50 miles, and house 100,000 people.

The floating island is stored in the Life Lantern Gem and can be taken out at any time.)]


A series of notification sounds made Lin Qiye feel refreshed.

Joy, elation, elation, and pride.

All kinds of emotions were mixed together, like a cocktail with the themeecstatic.

Lin Qiye raised his wrist and carefully admired the diamond-shaped Life Lantern Gem blooming with purple light.

As long as the gem was there, Lin Qiye would have the possibility to travel any galaxy and become infinitely stronger.

The Life Lantern Gem was the foundation of everything!

Apart from that, the gem also had an extremely heaven-defying auxiliary function.

In the center of the gem, there were three golden card slots the size of ink dots.

The card slot could only be opened by a true Galaxy Practitioner!

Each card slot had an amazing ability.

For example, the first card slot was called the Memory Slot.

It could store memories perfectly.

Every time he walked through a world, his memories would be stored in it.

When Lin Qiye needed it, he could use it at any time.

Of course, the best method was to cut out the important memory fragments and imprint them in his mind.

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The other two slots were the Reincarnation Wisdom Card Slot and Reincarnation Physique Card Slot.

Placing the cards in the card slot would give Lin Qiye a powerful boost.

If he placed the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card in the Reincarnation Wisdom Card Slot, Lin Qiye would have the academic research ability of a Nobel Prize winner!

However, a card that was placed into the slot and then taken out would shatter and disappear.

Every time it went through a simulation, the card would be corroded by the corresponding time and would appear damaged.

A bronze card could only withstand five times of damage before disappearing.

A silver card could only withstand ten times of damage.

Hence, the Reincarnation Cards were a consumable item and were extremely precious!

A bronze card would start bidding at 10,000 movement points!


A silver card would start bidding at 100,000 movement points!

Lin Qiye thought of the expensive price of the Reincarnation Cards and couldnt help but feel delighted.

“My S score rewarded me with two silver-tier Reincarnation Cards, and I even brought out a bronze card from the simulation process!”

Lin Qiye was speechless with joy.

It was equivalent to a total of 210,000 movement points.

A normal Galaxy Practitioner would not be able to save such a huge sum of points even after simulating dozens of times!

Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Luckily, he had forcefully charged through the wave of S-level rewards.

Otherwise, he would have suffered a huge loss!


Lin Qiye silently gave a thumbs up for his wise choice.

Then, he shouted in a ritualistic manner, “Place the Cosmic Clairvoyant!”

As he finished his sentence, a bright light shot into the space between Lin Qiyes eyebrows.

Lin Qiyes comprehension and academic IQ skyrocketed!

He had the appearance of a peerless genius!


“A silver card is really powerful! However, the physique card… How should I choose it”

Lin Qiye examined the three physique cards.

[Dragon Elephant Body]: Defense and strength.

During your cultivation, you will condense a Dragon Elephant Phantom.

Your defense sends people into despair, and it can be said to be impregnable.

[Immortal Crane Body]: Speed and reaction.

During your cultivation, you will condense an Immortal Crane Phantom.

Your speed is extremely fast, and you can walk like youre flying.


[Holy Monkey Body]: Agility and arm strength.

During your cultivation, you will condense a Holy Monkey Phantom.

Your arm strength can pull the divine bow, and your archery skills are extraordinary.


Each card was of the highest quality.

Lin Qiye thought for a while and finally chose the Dragon Elephant Body based on his excellent intuition.

“Place the Dragon Elephant Body!”


The second reincarnation card emitted red light and merged into Lin Qiyes heart.

In an instant, the Qi and blood in Lin Qiyes body surged, and countless powers lay dormant in his body.

It was as if dragon roars and elephant cries came from his internal organs.

“What a top-grade treasure! Its worth my thirty years of hard work in the simulation world!”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows and looked at the other rewards happily.

30,000 movement points were also a good treasure.

Lin Qiyes SSS grade permanent talent required movement points.

Therefore, the more movement points, the better.

Even 100 million wasnt too much.

“I can even sell the Nobel Prize Scientist Wisdom Card.

That way, I can get at least 10,000 movement points.

In any case, Ive got no use for a bronze card.”

Lin Qiye threw the card into the systems shop and priced it at 11,000 movement points.


In an instant, the card was snatched away at a high price of 15,000 movement points.

One could imagine the popularity of a Reincarnation Card!

Hence, Lin Qiye now had 48,850 movement points.

One had to know that a newbie who had just started condensing his Life Lantern Gem could only get an average of 3,000 movement points.

However, Lin Qiye defied the heavens to have more than 40,000 movement points, and this did not include the two silver cards!

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye had profited greatly from this simulation life.

However, this wasnt the end.

There were even more rewards!

Lin Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Oh I actually got the first, second, and third pages of the Qi Refining technique”

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

“I thought that the cultivation method I spent 2,000 movement points to deduce would have been for naught.

Who would have thought that it would be a triple return”

Under normal circumstances, the martial arts in the main world had the reincarnation attribute.

And the martial arts of the galaxy world would be severely damaged when they followed the Life Lantern Gem into the main world.

If one were to rashly cultivate, it would be easy for one to go berserk.

Only a cultivation method rewarded by the Life Lantern Gem could be used safely!

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye had earned it.

He quickly took out the Qi Refinement technique and used the Deduction of Genesis to perfect it.


This time, the perfection consumed 15,000 movement points.

However, the Qi Refinement technique had reached perfection!


Lin Qiye was satisfied.

He immediately cultivated the flawless Qi Refinement technique.

Those three pages were burned to ashes in an instant.

After that, the cultivation methods were imprinted in Lin Qiyes mind.

“Use 10,000 movement points to cultivate the Qi Refinement technique to perfection!”


As his mind settled down, his movement points decreased by 10,000.

Lin Qiyes cultivation increased explosively, and in an instant, he was at the peak of the Golden Core Realm.


The Dragon Elephant Phantom opened its scarlet eyes behind Lin Qiye.

At this moment, Lin Qiyes strength had touched the silver tier.

He was a silver-tier Galaxy Practitioner, and even stronger than a normal [email protected]


As for how much stronger, Lin Qiye estimated that an ordinary silver-tier Galaxy Practitioner would not be able to withstand a full-force punch from him.

“Not bad.

The benefits Ive gained from these thirty years of ascetic training are equivalent to the gains of others for hundreds of years! Ive made a fortune!”

Lin Qiye was extremely satisfied.

Just as he was about to check the Extreme Flame Ring Saber and Golden Crow Floating Island, his surroundings suddenly began to tremble.

The space and time energy enveloping him shattered with a loud bang.

It was as if an eggshell cracked and shattered.

Then, in the simulation square, the 3,000 students all withdrew from their simulated life.

The cautious Lin Qiye instantly restrained his aura.

He observed his surroundings in an ordinary manner.

At this moment, all kinds of reactions are happening in the square.

The disappointed people knelt on the platform, hugging their faces and crying bitterly.

“I… I was so close.

I cant accept it.

I cant accept it! I could have defied the heavens and changed my fate! I could have become a Galaxy Practitioner!”

“Why Even the simulated life is so difficult!”

“Why There are always all sorts of accidents”

Some disappointed ones wailed in grief.

Was life really so malicious to them


Countless disappointed ones knelt on the ground, knocking the ground with their heads.

They were ineffectual and furious.

They had failed twice already.

They would never have another chance.

They would have to submit to a Galaxy Practitioner and become a breeding machine.

If they wanted to live to thirty, they would have to bear five children!


Although ninety percent of them were frustrated people, there were a few exceptions.

Next to Lin Qiye, Chen Fans face lit up.

“Hahaha, Brother Ye, I did it! I did it! I am a dog.

I have lived for eleven years and avoided more than thirty dog thieves.

I have broken through the limits of my life!”


“Brother Ye, what are you”

Lin Qiye looked at Chen Fan, who was so proud of himself, and said, “I am a teenager with a terminal illness…”

Chen Fan was speechless, and a hint of sadness appeared on his face.

It was a nightmare-level simulation.

Brother Ye would definitely fail to break through the limits.

Chen Fan gently patted Lin Qiyes shoulder.

“Its okay, Brother Ye.

I will take care of you.

You will not become a breeding machine…”



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