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Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

He knew he would be beaten up, but for scientific research, he was willing to risk everything.

“Uhm… Miss Zhu, when you lit up the Gate of Heaven at your heart, did you have any specific skills or experiences”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.


When I wanted to light up the gate at my heart, my other heart resonated with it.

Naturally, I lit up the two gates of heaven.

It was simple.”

“Naturally My wings dont seem to resonate naturally…”

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

Not long after, he raised his head and looked at Zhu Yuheng meticulously.

“I have an idea.

If you have an extra heart, you can open one more Gate of Injury.

If I have an extra pair of wings, can I open two Gates of Heaven at my wings position

“After all, these wings are a part of my body.

Its no different from a heart.

If I can light up the two Gates of Heaven on the wings, I have the confidence to kill the Wolf Lord! He is no match for me even with Eight Gates of Heaven!”

As he spoke, a pair of lightning wings behind Lin Qiye slowly unfolded.

Milky white lightning flowed on the wings, causing them to emit a holy and strange white light.

It was the first time Zhu Yuheng had come into close contact with Lin Qiyes wings.

The holy white light made her feel solemn.

She reached out her fair hand and gently stroked the wings.

Wisps of lightning crackled between her fingers.

A strange feeling surged into her body, and the lightning made Zhu Yuhengs heart race faster.

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She hurriedly withdrew her hand and took two steps back.

“What a strange pair of wings.

Where did they come from”

“They can be retracted freely and flashed with lightning.

Is it a martial art or a magic treasure But I think that only important parts of the body or organs can light up the Gate of Heaven.

Your wings shouldnt be able to.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“No, its not a magic treasure or martial art.

Its a part of my body.

Its the same principle as organs.

Its a real organ!

“It can definitely light up a Gate of Heaven, but I dont know how to do it.

“I want to learn from your successful experience.”

Lin Qiye revealed his final goal.

Zhu Yuheng did not realize what was about to happen and nodded indifferently.

“How do you want to learn from it Now that the Golden Dragon of Fortune of the human race has been killed, the difficulty of my breakthrough has increased by a hundred times.

Youre the only one in the human race who isnt affected.

“Youre the only one who could possibly defeat that stupid wolf, so… Ill definitely do what I can!”

Zhu Yuheng nodded generously.

Her gaze was sincere and frank.

Zhu Yuheng felt that Lin Qiye was no longer a stranger she had met by chance.

Now, Lin Qiye had saved her life by rebuilding her heart.

There was an intimate contact she was ashamed to speak of.

There was also a special feeling branded in the classic scene.

Even though she was still unwilling to admit her feelings for Lin Qiye on the surface, at this moment, she was willing to lend a helping hand.

Looking at Zhu Yuhengs sincere expression, Lin Qiye felt a little guilty.

“If… If I want to get results from the research, we have to find a research lab.

You will lie on the bed and take off your clothes.


Before he could finish his sentence, Zhu Yuhengs hair instantly stood on end.

She covered her shoulders with both hands and made a gesture of rejection.

“Xia Ji! Are you courting death”

She called out Lin Qiyes name with a stern face.

“Although I have always lived alone in the snowy highlands and had little contact with humans, I know that men and women are not allowed to be intimate with each other.

I cant let others see my body, even if its a woman! Let alone a man!

“When I was injured, you treated me.

It was a legitimate reason, so I didnt argue with you.

But you asked me to take off my clothes for you to see now You b*stard!

“Do you believe that Ill stomp on your face”

Zhu Yuhengs tone was cold, and wisps of cold air floated out of her body.

Her eyes were filled with vigilance, and a deep sense of disgust appeared on her beautiful face.

Lin Qiye had already anticipated this scene.

“Dont be angry, Im only asking for your opinion.

If youre unwilling, Ill think of another way.”

Lin Qiye immediately stopped the topic.

He knew that this was not his first or second life.

In those two lifetimes, maay people could accept his research after explaining it in detail.

But in this life, people had no concept of scientific research.

Even if he wrung his lips, Zhu Yuheng would not believe it.

On the contrary, she would be wary and disgusted.

Thus, Lin Qiye quickly skipped the topic.

“Im sorry.

I was only asking.

I didnt intend for you to agree.

“Alright, lets return to the imperial palace.

“Theres still a year.

Ill think of a way to light up the two Gates of Heaven in my wings.

I would be at the Seventh Gate of Heaven if I lit them up!

“With my strength at the Seventh Gate of Heaven, it wont be too difficult to deal with the Wolf Lord, who was at the Eighth Gate of Heaven, unless he had broken through to the true Nascent Soul Realm.”

As he spoke, the wings on Lin Qiyes back flapped lightly.

He rushed toward the imperial city at lightning speed.

Zhu Yuheng was left standing in the clouds in silence.

“Looking at his expression and gaze, it seems he only wants to research a method to break through But he wants me to strip naked and lie in front of him.

How did he come up with this”

Zhu Yuheng snorted coldly, unable to accept it no matter what.


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