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They racked their brains to come up with a plan to be a good servant for the Wolf Tribe.

At this moment, the nobles who raised their heads to look at the blood-colored light screen felt their determination to betray the human race expands like a balloon.

Within the imperial city, in a place that cant be seen, undercurrents were surging, and there were signs of peace being broken…

And outside the imperial city covered by the blood-red screen of light, Zhu Yuheng raised her eyes to look at the sky.

In the light screen, the Wolf Lord laughed wildly and arrogantly as if victory was in his grasp.

He was so proud.

Whether it was in terms of raw strength or strategic ability, the Wolf Lord believed that he far surpassed the old emperor of the human race.

“I am destined to be the heavenly emperor of this world!”

The Wolf Lord laughed arrogantly.

“In one years time, I will reach the peak and rule the world!”

With that said, the Wolf Lord waved the blood-red light screen away.

“He is even more arrogant than me!”

Zhu Yuheng frowned slightly and sneered disdainfully.

Then, she shifted her gaze to Lin Qiye.

“What are you going to do The nobles suppressed by violence were only compliant on the surface.

Now, they have found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

They will use the peoples will to achieve their ultimate goal of fleeing to the Wolf Tribe.

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“If you stop them, you will be showing your cowardice.

If you dont stop them, the nobles and cultivators will flee in large numbers.

“At that time, will the visible reduction of the Qin Dynastys combat strength not shake our foundation

“The Qin Dynasty already had far fewer Golden Core cultivators than the Wolf Tribe.

After you massacred a batch, and another batch ran away, the difference between the human race and the Wolf Tribe is like heaven and earth.”

Zhu Yuheng analyzed, putting herself in Lin Qiyes shoes and worrying about his current situation.

However, Lin Qiye smiled, not taking it to heart at all.

“The Wolf Lords tactic is indeed ingenious.

To an ordinary emperor, cultivators and royals are an indispensable part.

We must use them, unite them, and maintain our rule.

“But to me, a million nobles are nothing but trash! If they want to become the Wolf Tribes servants, Ill open a path for them.”

Lin Qiye was calm and collected.

Zhu Yuheng didnt understand.

“Are you sure you can deal with that stupid wolf He has now lit up the Eighth Gate of Heaven.

After a year of seclusion, his cultivation would have stabilized, and no one could stop him.

“Although I have lit up two Gates of Death, it will be difficult to light up the Gate of Rest after the Golden Dragon of Fortune was killed.

All in all, my combat strength is only at the Seventh Gate of Heaven.

Facing an expert from the Eighth Gate of Heaven, Im afraid Ill be killed within a hundred moves.

“As for you, although youre not affected by the Doom Arrow, you cant possibly go from the fifth gate to the eighth gate in a short year, right”

Zhu Yuheng analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the situation.

In summary, she and Lin Qiye were at a disadvantage.

They were unable to turn the situation around.

Zhu Yuheng sighed softly.

“If only I had ten hearts.

I could light up the ten Gates of Death at the same time and kill that stupid wolf instantly.”

Zhu Yuheng gritted her teeth and said those words in anger.

The way she mumbled to herself and lost the balance between victory and defeat had a different kind of naivety.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but laugh.

He wanted to make fun of Zhu Yuheng.

Suddenly, Lin Qiye froze on the spot.

He seemed to have captured a crucial piece of information.

“Ten hearts”

“Zhu Yuheng grew an extra heart and lit up an extra Gate of Heaven…”

“Hearts are organs, but arent my wings also organs Can I light up two more Gates of Heaven with my wings”

Lin Qiye thought for ten seconds.

The light in his eyes quickly gathered, becoming dazzling and resplendent.

The fanatical researcher in his first life finally came online.

“My idea is feasible!

“Based on the wings characteristics, it is not a dream to light up two Gates of Heaven.

Moreover, the wings are formed from the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body.

I could light it up much faster than the Gate of Life!”

As his thoughts reached this point, Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

His face beamed with a smile.

“Qin Xingtong is truly a super genius! Not only can the Natal Divine Artifact, Angels Wings, follow the growth of the cultivator, but it also has the potential to light up two more Gates of Heaven!”

Qin Xingtongs face appeared in Lin Qiyes mind.

That fellow was indeed an ultimate research genius!

Even though he was born in a miniature universe of Silver Spacetime, he could still give humans a Natal Divine Artifact based on genetics.

In Lin Qiyes mind, Qin Xingtongs research was even more heaven-defying than the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow!

Qin Xingtong was an existence several times more monstrous than the Wolf Lord!

However, could Qin Xingtong live for three million years or even longer like Ji Qinghuan until the next time they met

Lin Qiye didnt know.

He could only wish Qin Xingtong the best.

“However, how can I light up the two Gates of Heaven on my wings”

Lin Qiye silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

[This deduction will consume 10,000 movement points, leaving 290,000 points after consumption.]

[Deduction successful: Study Zhu Yuhengs heart.

Born with two hearts, she has a special constitution.

You can find an unprecedented path of development from her.]

Upon looking at the contents of the deduction, Lin Qiye was stunned and looked at Zhu Yuheng.

Study Zhu Yuhengs heart

To study it thoroughly, he had to take off her clothes.

At the very least, he needed her upper body to be bare.

But how could Zhu Yuheng allow such a thing to happen


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