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At this moment, the hundred thousand wisps of innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body started to boil madly before he could think any further.

His innate Qi boiled like when it first encountered the Golden Dragon of Fortune, only that it was fiercer and crazier.

If Lin Qiyes innate Qi boiled like boiling water back then, it was like the surging of lava right now!

Lin Qiye could feel his blood pumping with joy and the spiritual energy in his meridians circulating like a rocket.

Within his Dantian, the fake Nascent Soul was like jade, and the Fourth Gate of Heaven in his body was like a spillway, gushing out a torrent of power.

The four gates were even emitting a dazzling light as if the power of another world was about to break through the Gates of Heaven and give Lin Qiye endless power!

Of course, the Gates of Heaven are not easily broken.

On the contrary, the Gate of Heaven at Lin Qiyes heart suddenly lit up as it trembled.

A heaven-piercing gate of heavenly passage stood in the center of his heart.

At the same time, strands of multicolored light and nectar surged like a rolling river, like a tsunami that blotted out the sun!

Without a doubt, the Gate of Death at Lin Qiyes heart suddenly lit up at this moment.

Lin Qiyes realm had risen from the Fourth to Fifth Gate of Heaven!

His heartbeat was as strong as a drum!

The strong and powerful heartbeat made Zhu Yuhengs blood boil, and her face turned red.

“Didnt the Doom Arrow seal the human races fortune and all our cultivation

“My bottleneck was strengthened hundreds of times, and the difficulty level made it basically impossible for me to breakthrough.

Why was Xia Ji able to breakthrough under the suppression of the Doom Arrow”

Zhu Yuheng couldnt understand.

Her phoenix-like eyes sized up Lin Qiyes face as if she was looking for a reason.

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“Is it the benefit of the purple-gold light the Golden Dragon of Fortune gave him at its last moments”

Zhu Yuhengs gaze was deep with undetectable surprise and confusion.

“Tch, he was always hiding a bunch of secrets and making people guess.

Seriously… He was not honest at all.”

Zhu Yuheng pursed her lips.

Although she was quite curious in the depths of her heart, she still rolled her eyes slightly.

She pretended to be indifferent and uninterested.

However, Lin Qiye, who had lit up the Fifth Gate of Heaven, did not open his eyes.

Instead, he was still preparing for another breakthrough.

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Is he going to break through to the Sixth Gate of Heaven

“No, it doesnt seem like it…”

Her gaze landed on Lin Qiyes chest.

There, a hundred thousand wisps of innate Qi gathered, and a dazzling silver light condensed into a whirlpool.

A ball of purplish-gold light was at the center of the whirlpool, releasing a strange energy that pulled the wisps of innate Qi towards higher quality, collapsing and transforming.

At the same time, every bone in Lin Qiyes body shone with divine light as an endless amount of energy poured onto the whirlpool formed by innate Qi.

There were even milky-white lightning dragons surrounding the whirlpool.

The strange lightning energy was tempering the innate Qi whirlpool.

They caused the innate Qi whirlpool to collapse faster and faster!

It made Lin Qiye look like a holy God shining with a bright light.

The blinding lights lit up Zhu Yuhengs phoenix eyes.

“So this guy has already formed a complete Innate Divine Body.

The strange white lightning seems to be a Supreme Dao Bone.

“I have to say, this guys talent in cultivation isnt bad.

Hes only a little weaker than me…”

Even the proud Zhu Yuheng couldnt help but praise Lin Qiye.

Under Zhu Yuhengs gaze, a cyclone condensed from 100,000 wisps of innate Qi in Lin Qiyes heart.

Finally, with a thunderous rumble, it collapsed into a single point!

Ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi emitting a dazzling purple-gold light were born!

The dazzling purple light contained a strong killing intent and an emperors aura.

The astonishing killing intent fluttered Zhu Yuhengs black hair.

It affected the spiritual energy and innate Qi in Zhu Yuhengs body, causing both of them to boil.

Zhu Yuheng frowned, and a stern look appeared in her phoenix-like eyes.

“Although the purple light is few, each wisp of it makes me feel danger.

“Im an expert about to light up the Seventh Gate of Heaven, but this guy has only lit up the fifth gate…”

Zhu Yuheng muttered to herself as she analyzed.

At this moment, Lin Qiye suddenly opened his eyes.

In his eyes, a purple-gold light flashed and disappeared.

There was even a domineering aura of an emperor that flowed out of his eyes.

“Its the Holy Violet Genuine Qi! The Golden Dragon of Fortune is helping me to condense the Holy Violet Genuine Qi!”

Lin Qiye exhaled a breath of white mist in surprise.

Joy danced in the depths of his eyes.

Even though Lin Qiye had destroyed the six great sects and recovered the complete Golden Dragon of Fate, it would still take eight years for him to condense the first wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

But now, an arrow that the Wolf Lord shot at him had sped up his condensation speed by eight years!

He had even gained ten wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi instantly!

For a moment, Lin Qiye could not find words to describe the pleasant surprise he felt.

“I should be facing a disaster, but I obtained an opportunity instead…”

Lin Qiye shook his head and chuckled.

It saved him eight years.

The corners of Lin Qiyes mouth curled into a smile, and his eyes burned as he felt the circulation of Holy Violet Genuine Qi in his body.


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