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Four: To lead the Qin Dynasty to complete victory in the war between the humans and the savage wolves;

Five: To break through the current universes limit and step into the true Nascent Soul Realm;

Six: To kill five Practitioners;

Seven: To devour the Lightning from the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool.

Unfortunately, eight years had passed, but Lin Qiye had only completed one of the seven major events.

It was unknown if he had saved the Fated Empress.

If Zhu Yuheng was the Fated Empress, then it was completed.

If she was not, then it wasnt.

As for killing the five other Practitioners, he still needs two more! Those two were in the Wolf Tribe, and he only hoped they wouldnt run away in advance!

As for finding the ancestral land, destroying the Wolf Tribe, breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm, and finally defying the heavens and changing fate, they were all extremely difficult.

“The difficulty is too high.

“However, I still have to get an SSS grade no matter how difficult it is!”

As he thought up to this point, flames flickered in Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Ill first take advantage of supervising the patrol to search thoroughly.

If I dont find it the first time, Ill use the movement points to deduce.”

Lin Qiye had a plan.

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If he could find the ancestral land, he could save 150,000 movement points.

If he couldnt find it, it wouldnt be too late to use the movement points.

As such, while Lin Qiye was doing a thorough search, he would occasionally talk to the villagers or officials about which places were mystical or supernatural.

Unfortunately, there was no news about Qin Dynastys ancestral land.

After searching through a remote area, Lin Qiye shook his head.

He turned around and headed back to the Qing Xuan Sect.


On the way back, Lin Qiye suddenly frowned andglanced down.

“I knew there would be cultivators who would go against me and commit crimes! What audacity!”

Lin Qiye was silent as helanded in the village below.

Many new houses had been built in the village.

The young and middle-aged men in the village were building water conservancy projects and unclogging the channels.

Taking the opportunity, a crooked-eyed cultivator at the Third Level of theQi Refinement Realmsecretly forced a newly married young woman into a corner of the wall, his face full of lust.

“Your man is working for me.

You dont want him to lose this good job, do you”

The young woman bit her lips, her plump body trembling.

“I cant! Sir! I cant!”

However, the crooked-eyed cultivators face turned ferocious.

“Your husband is just a mortal.

Do you think its easy for him to find such a good job He will be driven away tomorrow as long as I give the word.

I can even have someone break his legs!

“Dont you know how much power we cultivators have”

“The crooked-eyed cultivator sneered.

“Do you know the Qing Xuan Sect It was massacred within a day, and my direct superior was responsible!

“If you follow me, you will obtain a higher status.

As long as you submit obediently, I can give you glory and wealth.

“Of course, you can still be at peace and beauty with your husband, and I wont disturb you.

I only like this kind of pleasure.”

The crooked-eyed cultivators lascivious gaze stared unblinkingly at the young womans voluptuous body as he gulped wildly.

How wonderful!

To have such a peerless beauty in a small village was too much for one to control.

What was even more exciting was that she was a wife!

It was too wonderful!

He had to enjoy it properly!

As his thoughts came to this, the crooked-eyed cultivator was ecstatic, but he still kept a cold expression as he continued to threaten.

Facing the threat of the crooked-eyed cultivator, the young woman shivered.

She gritted her teeth and pondered for a long time, but in the end, she had no choice but to submit to the cultivators tyrannical power.

His superior could even massacre the Qing Xuan Sect.

Wouldnt small villagers like them be squashed to death like an ant

She was so scared that her mind went blank.

She could only cry, bite her red lips, and be forced to submit.

She was so scared.

Who would save her

Who could save her family

The young woman prayed in her heart.

Just as the young woman was praying, Lin Qiye quietly arrived behind crooked-eyed cultivator.

His eyes burned madly with flames of anger.

“Scum, youre pulling my banner when you do bad things Do you want me to bear the blame Your f*cking death isnt worth it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a fierce slap landed on the crooked-eyed cultivators face.

Lin Qiye did not use any spiritual power.

There was only a burst of strength from the Thousand-year Dragon Body.

But even so, the crooked-eyed cultivator was sent flying and rolled on the ground for more than ten meters before stopping.

Half of his face quickly swelled, the five fingerprints eye-catching.

Blood gushed out from the corners of his mouth and nostrils, and he spat out a couple of teeth.

The crooked-eyed cultivator was dizzy and covered his face as he wailed on the ground.

As he wailed, he stole a glance at Lin Qiye with a fierce gaze.

However, when he caught a glimpse of Lin Qiyes clothes, his heart suddenly tightened.

In an instant, cold sweat broke out on his back.

He hurriedly got up and knelt in front of Lin Qiye.

He kowtowed as he wailed.

“Your Highness, I was wrong.

Lust had blinded me.

I beg Your Highness to spare my unworthy life!”

Upon seeing that the crooked-eyed cultivators stance was as lowly as a stray dog, Lin Qiyes face was cold as he looked down at this foolish man.

He couldnt help but laugh coldly.

“Let me ask you.

The first day I came here, did I issue the New Law

“Did I not say that everyone must memorize the law, and whoever dares to violate the law will be killed without mercy

“But you forgot.

You would not dare to bully my people as long as you remember anything!”


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