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More transparent pearls slid down from her long and fair neck and disappeared into the abyss.

Half an hour later, the green medicinal soup became crystal clear.

Zhu Yuheng felt refreshed now.

She wiped her body clean and changed into a brand new white tiger fur.

She then lay on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

In her slumber, the Dao Repository Technique revolved automatically and nourished her new heart.

Outside the National Fate Pass, the human soldiers were excited about this victory! They cheered and roared!

Their cheers shook the sky and earth, shaking the clouds.

The human race had longed for this triumphant victory for a very, very long time!

After all, the human race was held down by the Wolf Tribe for thousands of years.

For thousands of years, humans had never won a battle.

Their territory was lost inch by inch, and trillions of people died.

In the end, they could only rely on the National Fate Pass, the natural hazard, and the countless heads and blood to hold on bitterly.

They used huge sacrifices in exchange for a life of struggle.

In the nearly eight thousand years of human history, there was only grievance!

But what was the use of feeling aggrieved

If they couldnt win, they couldnt win!

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They could only hide behind the pass and be a coward, mocked by the Wolf Tribe outside every day.

Every time the Wolf Tribes army called out at them, the soldiers guarding the National Fate Pass would gnash their teeth.

The hearts of the Meng familys three generals were bleeding.

How they longed for a victory! How they longed for the day when they could hold their heads up high!

How they longed for the day when the human race could kill their way back to reclaim their lost land and capital!

However, those longings were all a dream that was impossible to realize.

The human race had failed for thousands of years and had completely lost the ability to contend with the Wolf Tribe.

These old generals wanted to kill the enemy, but they were powerless.

Within five hundred years, the destruction of the human race was a foregone conclusion.

But today, the human race could finally show off.

They recalled the scene of Zhu Yuheng crushing the Wolf Lords heart.

Old General Meng shed two streams of tears.

“Soldiers, did you see that Todays battle will definitely go down in history! Our goddess of war heavily injured the current Wolf Lord!

“This is the worst injury the Wolf Lord has suffered in thousands of years! Even his heart was shattered!

“You must know that the Wolf Lord we are facing is the most talented one in the past two thousand years.

He has lit up Seven Gates of Heaven! He is a proud son of heaven, and he has inherited the strongest title of the Wolf Lord, the Heavenly Khan!

“However, we have the goddess of war! A woman who can gravely injure the Wolf Lord!

“We could still win! We can finally see the light of victory!”

Old General Meng stood on the National Fate Pass, waving his long sword and shouting to raise morale.

Although his voice was raspy, his heart was filled with the desire to kill the enemy.

“For thousands of years, we humans have been suppressed, so much so that we had lost our confidence.

Its as if the Wolf Lord is forever invincible, and humans could never defeat the Wolf Tribe!

“However, our goddess of war had fought the Wolf Lord for two days and nights, crushing the Wolf Lords heart and forcing him to flee.

What does this mean The Wolf Lord isnt invincible! Even human geniuses can suppress everything!”

Old General Meng roared into the sky.

“Theres hope for us humans! Roar, my soldiers! Scream, my soldiers!

“From today onwards, the Qin Dynastys soldiers need to sharpen our swords and overcome the difficulty! One day, Qin Dynasty will leave the pass and restore our rivers and mountains!”

As he said this, Old General Meng suddenly shouted!

“Leave the National Fate Pass! For Qin Dynasty! Restore our land!”

Old General Meng used all of his strength to shout out the grievances accumulated in his heart for a lifetime.

In the National Fate Pass, over a million Golden Core cultivators were touched by Old General Mengs words.

Todays victory had indeed cleared away the humiliation they had suffered.

They saw the hope of victory.

They understood one thing.

The Wolf Tribe was not invincible! Even a human genius could crush the Wolf Lords heart.

And so, over a million Golden Core cultivators exploded with an army bugle.

In an instant, their aura converged in the sky, as if they were about to kill an immortal.

“Leave the National Fate Pass! For Qin Dynasty! Restore our land!”

“Leave the National Fate Pass! For Qin Dynasty! Restore our land!”

“Leave the National Fate Pass! For Qin Dynasty! Restore our land!”

The anger the human race had suppressed for thousands of years had burst out at this moment!

Not far away, Lin Qiye looked over quietly.

“How is the morale of our soldiers”

The old emperor stepped through the air and hovered beside Lin Qiye.

“Its not bad.

The soldiers and civilians in the border regions are different from others.

They are more blood-thirsty, fierce, savage, and have boiling spirits.

They are unlike the malignant tumors of the six great sects.”

Lin Qiye was full of praise.

Upon hearing it, the old emperor nodded proudly.

“In the future, they will be handed over to you.

Do you have the confidence to lead these soldiers to reclaim the human races lost land”

The old emperor patted Lin Qiye on the shoulder, his eyesfilled with anticipation.

However, Lin Qiye shook his head.

“With them, we still cant win.

We are far from victory! The current Wolf Lord is not simple!”

Lin Qiyes gaze was solemn.

He had a bad premonition.


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