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She was getting really pissed off.

At the critical moment, Lin Qiye finally shifted his gaze from Zhu Yuhengs chest to her face.

Lin Qiye rebuked, “Can you be a little quieter It interferes with my observation!”

Zhu Yuheng was rendered speechless by his words.

“You blaspheme me, and you still dare to rebuke me Are you bullying me because Im injured”

Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows and held the ice crystal sword.

Lin Qiye said, “…Do you think Im ogling you Can you not let your imagination run wild Im doing a proper observation!”


He shook his head helplessly.

Even though Zhu Yuheng was indeed heinous and unfathomable, how could Lin Qiye be a pervert with a head full of dirty thoughts

He was seriously observing just now!

Hence, Lin Qiyes expression was serious, and his face was full of righteousness.

There was not the slightest bit of a wretched look on his face.

“I just discovered that your newborn heart gave birth to a ball of innate Qi… It has not been corrupted and dissipated yet!”

Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yuheng didnt understand the meaning and subtext of this sentence.

She glanced sideways at Lin Qiye.

Her beautiful phoenix eyes burned with anger.

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“What do you mean If you cant give me a reasonable explanation…”

As she spoke, Zhu Yuhengs gaze narrowed sharply.

It was about to pierce through Lin Qiye.

At this moment, Lin Qiye finally realized that staring at a womans chest like that was wrong.

Even though he did not have any perverted thoughts when he looked at it, it was normal for people to misunderstand.

However, Lin Qiye could not be bothered to explain further.

He could only put on a stern face and a righteous expression.

“A reasonable explanation Ill teach you a cultivation technique.

Listen carefully and cultivate according to my instructions.”

After he finished speaking, Lin Qiye taught the Dao Repository Technique to Zhu Yuheng word by word.

In the beginning, Zhu Yuhengs eyes were still filled with anger.

However, surprise suddenly appeared in her phoenix-like eyes after hearing the exquisite Dao Repository Technique.

Then, strands of joy couldnt help but be born from the bottom of her heart.

As a cultivation genius, she naturally realized that this was an extremely rare and mystical cultivation technique.

Zhu Yuhengs heart trembled, and her anger disappeared.

She immediately followed Lin Qiyes instructions and started cultivating.

Lin Qiye taught her the original cultivation text while explaining it in detail.

Thus, Zhu Yuheng mastered it quickly.

She found the ball of innate Qi hidden in her new heart through the Dao Repository Technique shortly.

She carefully wrapped it up with the Dao Repository Technique.

Then, using the Dao Repository Technique, she refined the ball of innate Qi into nine strands of innate Qi that could be freely controlled and would never dissipate.

The nine strands of innate Qi flowed freely in her limbs, bones, and internal organs, improving Zhu Yuhengs body.

At the same time, Zhu Yuhengs muscles and bones shuddered slightly.

A strange jade light fused with the innate Qi, increasing the speed at which innate Qi was nurtured.

Strands of strange jade light and innate Qi made Zhu Yuhengs skin bloom like ice and snow, sparkling and translucent multicolored light.

Snow symbols were flickering between her brows.

It made Zhu Yuheng look like an ice goddess.

After cultivating the Dao Repository Technique for a period, Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Theres such a mysterious cultivation technique in this world”

At this moment, feeling the innate Qi flowing within her body and savoring the Dao Repository Technique in detail, Zhu Yuhengs phoenix eyes flickered with a shimmering light of surprise.

“Ive never come into contact with such a unique cultivation technique.

Not only can it preserve the innate Qi of an infant, but it can also nurture an endless stream of innate Qi!

“If I continue cultivating, my body will be spotless, flawless, and I can even form an Innate Divine Body!”

As she muttered to herself, Zhu Yuheng raised her phoenix-like eyes andlooked at Lin Qiye in puzzlement.

“Are you not wary of me at all It is a cultivation method that surpasses the heaven-tier, right Why did you teach it to me directly”

Lin Qiye did not care.

“There are very few people who can cultivate the Dao Repository Technique.

With the help of my innate Qi, you reconstructed a heart, and just like an infant, you gave birth to a ball of innate Qi.

“You are fated with the Dao Repository Technique.

It wont be a big problem for me to teach you.

Besides, although you have a one-track mind, you dont have an evil heart.

“Cultivate well.

With your talent, when you temper your Innate Divine Dody, it might be several times easier for you to reach the Nascent Soul Realm.”

Lin Qiye once again coaxed the child.

Zhu Yuheng was a little stunned.

Did he teach her a cultivation technique that surpassed heaven-tier

Zhu Yuheng was stunned for a moment.

But after a while, she was like a cat whose fur had exploded.

“Who are you calling a one-track mind Damn it!


“An empress dignity cannot be violated.

I must use my blood and life to protect it! Do you understand”

Zhu Yuheng felt indignant in her heart and looked down on Lin Qiye.

“When I recover from my injuries, I will beat you up and step on your face!”

As they spoke, a lady brought hot water for the medicinal bath.

“Miss Zhu, please soak in the medicinal bath.


You can go out! Ill do it myself.”

Zhu Yuheng waved her hand, thenlocked the door and closed the window.

She took off the bloody white tiger fur and slid into the medicinal bath bucket.

The medicinal effect of the hot soup was strong.

It surged into Zhu Yuhengs body.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the edge of the wooden bucket.

Her face and forehead shone with fine beads of sweat.


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