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Lin Qiyes words were sonorous and powerful.

However, Zhu Yuheng did not believe it.

She knew she was at deaths door and was so tired that she could not open her eyes.

“Cold… Im cold… Help… Hold me tight… The only thing I dont want is to die of the coldness…”

Zhu Yuheng started to tremble.

She feared that she would die in the cold.

She murmured.

She had completely lost her arrogance and haughtiness from before.

Lin Qiye could only hug Zhu Yuheng tightly.

“Dont look like youre going to die.

With me around, how can I let you die”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes palm reached into Zhu Yuhengs clothes and covered the wound.

Tens of thousands of wisps of innate Qi rushed into Zhu Yuhengs body.

The warm and comfortable feeling made her tightly furrowed brows relax a little.

The endless cold she felt had dispersed, but the cramping pain in her heart became more excruciating.

The pain was the most unbearable in her healthy heart.

Zhu Yuheng knew that she was only a short distance away from death.

Fortunately, she did not die in the cold.

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That was enough.

“Thank you…” Zhu Yuheng muttered.

The fear on her face disappeared, and she looked satisfied.

Lin Qiyes eyes were serious.

“Cheer up! I said I would not let you die.

The Wolf Lord has the Golden Dragon of Fortune, but who said I dont”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye reached out to his chest and pulled out the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune.

“Ill have to trouble you to save her life.”

The golden dragons eyes moved back and forth between Zhu Yuheng and Lin Qiye.

His voice sounded in Lin Qiyes mind.

“The life-saving ability of each Golden Dragon of Fortune takes millions of years to condense.

Do you really want to use this precious opportunity”

Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

“Use it.

She cant die.”

Zhu Yuheng kept her word and had a death match with the Wolf Lord because she agreed to his request.

Of course, he had to save her!

Thus, the Golden Dragon of Fortune wrapped around Lin Qiyes arm and slid into Zhu Yuhengs heart.

In an instant, a golden light beat at Zhu Yuhengs heart, and her shattered heart slowly reassembled.

At the same time, tens and thousands of innate Qi passed through Lin Qiyes palm and pierced through her chest.

It helped the Golden Dragon of Fortune to speed up the process.

Ten minutes later, Zhu Yuhengs broken heart was reborn.

Her pierced chest gave birth to white and tender new flesh.

The massive amount of innate Qi nourished Zhu Yuhengs new heart.

Without a doubt, Lin Qiyes treatment method was the most luxurious in this world!

Who could have 100,000 wisps of innate Qi as a medical resource

Even the Wolf Lord would be jealous!

Thus, Zhu Yuhengs heart began beating vigorously under Lin Qiye and the Golden Dragon of Fortunes dual treatment.




Blood flowed into her heart, but not the spiritual energy.

After all, her heart had just been formed.

It was like a newly-built dam.

It would only shatter again if hit by the spiritual energy of a half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

However, Zhu Yuhengs fatal injury had started to recover!

Apart from the newborn heart, which was still tender and couldnt withstand the spiritual energy, and the Gate of Heaven hadnt been lit up yet, everything was normal.

However, Zhu Yuheng didnt know.

She lay in Lin Qiyes arms, quietly waiting for death.

However, she found that her condition was getting better and better after a long time.

She was even more taken aback by the fact that her two hearts were beating alternately.

The feeling of her heart beating was so familiar and beautiful!

Her breathing became smooth.

Her body returned to warmth.

Her consciousness became clear again.

Zhu Yuheng slowly opened her beautiful phoenix-like eyes and looked at Lin Qiye blankly.

The sound of her heartbeat became more and more rhythmic.

She looked at Lin Qiyes cold and handsome features andcarefully felt her heartbeat.

A strange and beautiful dreamy feeling suddenly welled up at the bottom of her heart.

“Im not dead”

Lin Qiye nodded.

Confidence flashed across his bright and spirited eyes.

“I said I wont let you die.

Even if Hades came, he wouldnt be able to take you away.”

Before his words fell, Zhu Yuheng suddenly broke free and jumped up.

“Since Im not dead, Im going to chop up that stupid wolf! Im going to chop it up!”

However, Zhu Yuhengs heart sank into cruciating pain again instantly.

It was a newly-born heart.

It had not been baptized by the spiritual energy, and it had not lit up the Gates of Heaven yet, so it was extremely fragile.

Even a slight movement would tear her heart apart.

The reckless jump just now had almost shattered Zhu Yuhengs heart again.

Zhu Yuheng frowned and staggered, falling into Lin Qiyes arms.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Dont chase after him.

The Wolf Lord excels at escaping.

You cant catch up with him anymore.

“Moreover, the Wolf Tribe has millions of Golden Core Realm experts!

“If you rush over, you will be exhausted to death by their crowd tactic.

Take a good rest and make plans after you recover.”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuheng could only give up.

Lin Qiye then princess-carried Zhu Yuhengs soft body.

Flapping his wings lightly, he leaped onto the National Fate Pass and landed in front of the old emperor.

“I need a quiet palace to let her rest well.”

The old emperor looked at Lin Qiye with a meaningful smile.

This brat! He is hugging such an unruly, arrogant, and peerless woman in his arms.

As expected, his son takes after him.

Lin Qiye has the same demeanor as he did in the past!

The old emperor secretly gave a thumbs up in his heart.



At the age of eight, he conquered this one-of-a-kind woman in the world.


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