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Therefore, the Wold Tribe did not want to deal with the Qin Dynasty anymore under normal circumstances.

However, the sky was filled with the soldiers auras today!

The sound of drums rang in the air!

Outside the National Fate Pass, millions of Wolf Tribe experts gathered at the bottom, and their war drums shook the heavens and the earth.

Endless shouts shook the pass and melted the ice and snow on the tall mountains.

Looking up, there were Wolf Tribe members with wolf ears and tails everywhere.

Their wolf ears pricked up on their heads, and their furry tails were on their shoulders, wrapped around their waists, or hung on the ground.

The highest-ranked nobles usually wore their tails on their shoulders, giving off a different kind of elegance.

For example, Shan Yan, who stood in front of the millions of soldiers of the Wolf Tribe and was known as the current Wolf Lord!

His body was nine feet tall, covered in white armor.

He carried a golden longbow on his back.

A white and fluffy tail draped over his right shoulder and from his left shoulder to his back.

It wrapped around his waist, giving off a heroic aura.

He had long and narrow red eyes with a handsome face.

On both sides of his cheeks were three obvious blue demonic patterns.

At this moment, his red eyes shot out a cold glint.

He slowly pulled the long saber at his waist and raised it high.

In an instant, the Wolf Lords aura suddenly changed.

It was like a divine arrow piercing through the sky, piercing through heaven and earth.

It was majestic and dignified!

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The soldiers on the National Fate Pass only took a glance and felt suffocated.

It was like their bodies had sunk into a swamp.

“Attack… Eh”

The Wolf Lord was about to launch an attack, but an overwhelming killing and battle intent suddenly interrupted him.

The Wolf Lord focused his eyes and glanced at the peerless woman who suddenly appeared on the National Fate Pass.

Zhu Yuheng held an ice crystal sword in her hand.

Blue cold air condensed into ice and spread in all directions, freezing the high fighting spirit of the wolf warriors.

Layers of ice flowers condensed on the Wolf Tribe warriors armors.

The bone-chilling cold air made the Wolf Tribe warriors gnash their teeth.

Even if they circulated their spiritual energy to resist the cold, it was still uncomfortable.

What made the Wolf Tribe warriors break down more was that ice and snow started to float within a radius of a hundred miles before long.

Amid the blizzard and extreme frost, the area outside the National Fate Pass had become a polar region.

At this moment, Zhu Yuheng stepped into the void, and with lightning speed, she ferociously charged toward the Wolf Lord.

The Wolf Lord felt respect.

“An expert who lit up Six Gates of Heaven Interesting.”

“The human race shouldnt have such an expert…

“However, Six Gates of Heaven is nothing to me.

I am the legendary Young Lord who lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven!”

The Wolf Lord shook his head with a smile andquickly waved his saber to meet the attack.

As an expert who had lit up the Gates of Shock, View, Eradication, Injury, Death, Life, and Rest, the Nascent Soul inside him burst out with a dazzling light when he used his full strength in a fight.

Countless rays of light gushed out.

The spiritual energy in his internal organs, limbs, and meridians boiled instantly.

The Wolf Lords spine, limbs, heart, and reaction speed were all strengthened!

Thus, the Wolf Lords movements with his blade were rapid.

It was so fast that one could only see afterimages as if countless lightning bolts were striking down.

Such a swift blade technique was incomparably ferocious.

If one were careless and missed a move, their body would split into two!

However, Zhu Yuheng was not afraid.

Her sword light was also so fast that it was eye-catching.

The wisps of icy aura turned into a hurricane and crushed the Wolf Lords afterimages.


The sound of metal clashing resounded through the sky.

The two of them had exchanged hundreds of blows in a few breaths.

Thousands of the battle aftershocks turned into missiles and shot toward the Wolf Tribe below.

Instantly, tens of thousands of their warriors bodies were cut into halves.

Miserable cries rang out continuously.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The Wolf Tribe Heavenly Lords turned pale with fright andimmediately ordered the entire army to retreat.

If they didnt retreat, the aftershocks of the battle alone would cause the Wolf Tribe to lose hundreds of thousands of warriors!


Thus, the densely packed Wolf Tribe cultivators, whose flags covered the sky, disappeared like a tide.

Only a few Heavenly Lords were left, looking up at the climaxing battle above them.

Even though they had lit up the Four Gates of Heaven, the two figures were so fast that it was difficult for them to keep up.

They could only feel that the two had clashed hundreds to thousands of times in an instant.

“I wonder when the victor will be decided.”

The Heavenly Lords looked at each other, feeling bewildered.

“Dont worry.

Theres still a gap between half-step Nascent Soul Realm! Our Lord lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven, so theres no doubt hes the strongest.”

The Heavenly Lords was full of confidence in the Wolf Lord.

He was too stunning as a prodigy of the generation.

The Wolf Lord had lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven in merely two hundred years.

In time, he might really step into the real Nascent Soul Realm!

However, the Wolf Lords expression became more grave in the middle of the battle.

He had thought that he was already invincible in the world after lighting up the Seventh Gate of Heaven.

After all, the seventh gate was on a different level from the previous six gates.

Back then, he might not have been able to suppress the old emperor of the Fourth Gate of Heaven.

However, he could instantly kill the old emperor now!

He could even instantly kill an ordinary Sixth Gate of Heaven expert.

It never occurred to him that the woman in front of him, although only at the Sixth Gate of Heaven, would be exceptionally troublesome!

The Wolf Lord let out a deep breath of turbid air.

In his narrow and long blood-red eyes, some admiration surfaced.


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