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Cranes flew, and flowers bloomed.

Countless petals fluttered like butterflies.

“Its a pity that it only looked good on the outside.

“They took 20,000 years of the human races fortune and indirectly killed hundreds of billions of warriors to make their sect flashy…


Lin Qiyes eyes turned cold, leaving only an afterimage behind.

Two hours later, the Heaven Zen Sect was destroyed.

The fourth part of the Golden Dragon of Fortune had fused into his body!

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath comfortably.

“There are still two more parts.

Two more until I can form a complete Golden Dragon of Fortune!

“If the Golden Dragon of Fortune is fully restored, I can restore the human races fortune in Qin Dynasty.

“Once it is done, regardless of cultivation speed, luck, the probability of breaking through bottlenecks, or the ability of research talents… All of them will blow up.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with light.

“If the Golden Dragon of Fortune is restored, its equivalent to giving humanity a spiritual energy recovery.

The human race will rise!”

As he thought about this, Lin Qiye couldnt help but speed up as he flew towards the Divine Monument Sect.

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At this moment, in the Qin Dynastys imperial palace in the north, Zhu Yuheng gracefully stepped on the high eaves and released a majestic aura.

She was like a divine weapon emitting light.

It caused the old emperor in the imperial palace to suddenly feel his heart skip a beat and his scalp go numb.

“Which expert silently came to the Imperial Palace”

The old emperors heart was filled with terror.

With such a powerful aura, it was probably the Wolf Lord!

Could the Wolf Lord infiltrate the palace

The old emperors heart was filled with uncertainty.

He hurriedly jumped up and rushed towards the direction where Zhu Yuheng released her aura.

Not long after, hearrived in front of Zhu Yuheng.

When he saw Zhu Yuheng from afar, the old emperors eyes shone with astonishment, and he felt even more astonished.

Not only was he taken aback by Zhu Yuhengs strength, but he was also astonished by her unparalleled beauty and temperament.

She quietly landed on the eaves.

Her body was lithe and graceful.

Her curved eyebrows, phoenix-like eyes, delicate nose, and bright red lips complemented her unparalleled heroic and valiant appearance.

“She is truly an unparalleled woman.

She has even lit up the Sixth Gate of Heaven and could contend with the current Wolf Lord!”

After sensing Zhu Yuhengs terrifying cultivation level, the old emperors eyes were filled with respect as he carefully asked, “May I ask why you are visiting the Qin Dynastys Imperial Palace”

At this moment, the old emperor was particular with his words.

He did not use “barge in”, but instead, he used “visiting”.

He even asked the womans intention.

It was as if he had placed himself at the lowest point.

The old emperor was afraid that he would incur Zhu Yuhengs dissatisfaction, causing her to attack the imperial palace and destroy it.

Facing the old emperors inquiry, Zhu Yuheng was neither happy nor mad.

She said indifferently, “You are the Qin Dynastys emperor Xia Jis father”

Hearing Xia Jis name, the old emperor couldnt help but feel nervous.

“I… Yes! Little Seventeen didnt offend you, did he

“If theres anything he had done wrong, Im willing to apologize to you personally.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head and flicked the letter into the old emperors hand.

Then, she said coldly, “He asked me to send you a letter.”

Send a letter

The old emperor was stunned.

His heart, hanging in the air, finally relaxed.

He subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

“Did Little Seventeen send the letter back Thank you for coming!”

The old emperor thanked her while quickly opening the letter and reading it word by word.

After reading it, the emotions in the depths of the old emperors eyes changed several times.

Worry, surprise, excitement, praise…

“It has only been less than a month, and Little Seventeen has already lit up the Fourth Gate of Heaven He is born to be the emperor!”

The old emperor clicked his tongue in wonder.

“Whats more interesting is that he even met a beautiful woman with a stunning temperament.

She can be said to be peerless in the world!

“As expected of Little Seventeen.

Hes quite lucky in love.

However, this woman is arrogant and cold.

Shes isolated from the world, and its not easy to tame her!”


The old emperor laughed in his heart.

Then, he raised his head solemnly.

“Miss Zhu, Ill ask the general to escort you to the northern border.

The millions of soldiers on the northern border will fight with you!”

As he spoke.

The old Emperor took out the Tiger Talisman andcarefully handed it to Zhu Yuheng.

“This is the Tiger Talisman.

With it, you can order the three generals of the Meng family.

“The Meng family generals are courageous and good at fighting.

They are good at strategy.

Miss Zhu can listen to their suggestions.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yuheng frowned slightly.

“I am only here to suppress the Wolf Lord.

I am not in the mood to command a war.

I only need to go to the border and kill the Wolf Lord.”

The old emperor inwardly cursed, “…As expected, this woman is unruly.

I wonder if Little Seventeen can suppress her.”

A faint smile appeared on his face.

“Its my fault.

Ill immediately send you to the National Fate Pass!”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Yuheng lightly nodded.

And so, ten hours later, she arrived at the northern border of the Qin Dynasty.

The northern borders were formed from tens of thousands of tall mountains, forming an insurmountable wall.

On the right side of the wall, there was a gap easy to defend but hard to attack.

It had protected the Qin Dynastys fate hundreds and thousands of times, thus the soldiers call it the National Fate Pass.

If the Wolf Tribe wanted to invade, they had to break through the National Fate Pass.

However, the National Fate Pass was a natural hazard.

If one man held the pass, then even ten thousand men could not breakthrough.

As long as they defended the pass to their deaths, the Wolf Lord could not break through the National Fate Pass even if he had millions of soldiers.

Several Wolf Lords had tried to break through the pass but to no avail.


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