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“Theres no other way.

Sacrificing a bit of my lifeforce to leave is better than dying here and having everything taken away from me!”

“That ultimate genius not only had the terrifying strength to kill a Supreme Elder in seven years! Whats more terrifying is that he could accurately find where the Gold Practitioners are and kill them!”

After analyzing the situation, the four Gold Practitioners from the Academy faction in Qin Dynasty and the Wolf Tribe felt their scalps go numb as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

A strong sense of foreboding spread out in their hearts.

It caused the four Academy factions Gold Practitioners to feel incredibly suspicious.

If they did not run now, they would not be able to escape in the future!

And so, the four Gold Practitioners thought it over carefully and took out their daggers at the same time, as well as a Malicious Artifact Fragment emitting a dark green light.

The Malicious Artifact Fragment dripped blood.

They drew complicated runes and patterns on it and began the sacrificial ceremony!

A pitch-black eyeball appeared on the Malicious Artifact Fragment and sized up the four Gold Practitioners.

The four Practitioners felt their scalps go numb.

However, they still held a dagger and forcefully wiped their necks!


In four different scenes, dark red blood splattered at the same time, completely devoured by the evil eye.

The evil eyeball also devoured their lifespans in this world, their remaining Life Lantern Gem energy, and 50 years of lifespan in the main world.

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Four corpses fell to the ground with a plop, twitching.

Within the evil eyeball, a joyful and sick smile flashed.

After that, the four corpses vanished.

[Life Lantern Gem notification: You have sacrificed 50 years of your lifespan in the main world to escape this battle forcefully! This simulation has failed!]

[Your Reincarnation Wisdom Card Slot and the Reincarnation Physique Card Slot have been damaged once, and your realm has dropped by a small level.

Your soul and body are about to return.]

[Battle notice: A Gold Practitioner has forcefully committed suicide and exited the simulation.]

[Battle notice: A Gold Practitioner has forcefully committed suicide and exited the simulation.]

[Battle notice: A Gold Practitioner has forcefully committed suicide and exited the simulation.]

[Battle notice: A Gold Practitioner has forcefully committed suicide and exited the simulation.]

The four exit notifications rang in every Gold Practitioners mind.

The remaining Gold Practitioners were all stunned.

Tang Song and Xiao Can looked at each other.

“Four Gold Practitioners escaping together Thats a little decisive!”

Tang Song and Xiao Can raised their eyebrows and were speechless.

They could not help but sigh.

Although they had experienced hundreds of battles, this was the first time they had encountered such a strange situation.

Only seven years had passed, and three Gold Practitioners were killed! Four had committed suicide and escaped!

One had to know that in every battle, Gold Practitioners would carefully lurk in the dark.

They were rarely discovered by their opponents before they grew up, and they wouldnt be easily killed.

After all, they werent fools, unless they were extremely unlucky!

However, an uncertain factor had appeared this time.

Not only was his cultivation speed extremely fast, but he was also able to kill a top-tier Supreme Elder in seven years!

There even seemed to be a strange method that could accurately pinpoint each Gold Practitioners location!

With all these… How could it not make their heart skip a beat

When he thought of this, a hint of surprise subconsciously surfaced deep within Tang Songs eyes.

“I have to say that the guy who mistakenly entered our battle is too ridiculous!”

Even if he had the Wolf Lords backing, and even if the Wolf Tribe now had an absolute advantage of winning, Tang Song still felt the pressure.

Was he a super genius from the capital, Divine Capital, or Sea Capital

Tang Song furrowed his brows with wariness.

As for Xiao Can, he was even more alarmed and shocked.

“Who would have thought that in the seventh year, this guy could kill the Supreme Elders of the various sects

“His terrifying pressure and deterrence is suffocating!

“If I were in the Qin Dynasty, I would have carried my Life Lantern Gem and flee back to the main world overnight as well!”

Lin Qiye had the ferocious accomplishment of destroying three sects in three days.

Just thinking about it made his back feel cold, and his scalp went numb.

Xiao Can deeply breathe out, and his wariness reached its peak.

Wu Mo, who was trying to survive on the island, fell silent when he heard of the weird situation.

He looked at the sea and frowned as he thought, “The situation doesnt seem quite right! It seems to be incredibly dangerous.

Should I leave early as well”

Muttering to himself, Wu Mos heart was filled with the thought of retreating.

Some genius started a battle in the seventh year and killed three Gold Practitioners three days in a row, scaring the four other Gold Practitioners into committing suicide and fleeing!

Wu Mo didnt have the courage to face it.

Thus, he took out the Malicious Artifact Fragment and sacrificed 50 years of his lifespan in the main world to escape this battle in advance.

When Wu Mo had no signs of life left, a notification sounded in the minds of the surviving Gold Practitioners.

[Battle notice: A Gold Practitioner has forcefully committed suicide and exited this simulation.]

At this point.

only three were left out of the eleven Gold Practitioners.

The Wolf Tribes Tang Song and Xiao Can were wary of the great enemy but unwilling to give up their great advantage and situation.

They held on to their luck and stayed behind.

As for Lin Qiye, he was silent for a while.

“Five people fled What a pity.

25 million movement points…”

He let out a breath of white mist.

“But its alright since I entered this battle by accident.

“Moreover, Ive already earned nearly 15 million movement points.

“Thats the equivalent of a Gold Practitioner simulating 100 times! Theres nothing to be dissatisfied with.”


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