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[The Life Lantern has sufficient energy, and you can activate the simulation once.]

[Please note that in every simulation, no matter how many years you experience, only a day will pass in the main world.]

[In your simulation, the higher your score, the better the rewards.]

[If you break through the limits of the simulation, you can obtain all the rewards, unique treasures, cultivation methods, and even immortality.]

[Do you want to light up your Life Lantern to enter your second simulated life]

Li City.

At the central field of Qingyun First Middle School.

Three thousand youngsters who had just turned 16 years old were sitting on the simulation square.


The simulation square was more than one meter tall.

It was dark and colorful, emitting mysterious fluctuations of time and space.

The students who participated in the simulated life could anchor their souls through the simulation square and light up their Life Lanterns.

From there, they could enter the simulated world and experience an exciting life.

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Amidst the noise, Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

His handsome face was cold, with a sense of calmness and security.


However, the young mans eyes trembled, and the fidgeting of his hands betrayed his nervousness.


Beside him was Chen Fan, who had been in the same class as him for four years, and was sweating profusely.

“Brother Ye, we have failed once.

We only have one chance left…

“If we fail the second time, the Life Lanterns energy will not be able to support us to light up the third simulation.

“We will only be able to rely on one of the Galaxy Practitioners.

Not only will we be reduced to child-bearing machines for the rest of our lives, but we will also have to endure the corrosion of the black fog.

Not to mention, well only have thirty years to live!


“Are you… feeling confident”

Chen Fan asked as he looked at Lin Qiye.

He wanted to gain confidence and strength from his “Brother Ye”, just like before.

However, it was different this time.

Although Lin Qiye appeared calm on the surface, he was extremely anxious on the inside.

There was even a hint of pessimism.

As a traveler, he had already seen many things.


Life was full of tragedies, whether it was in real-life or simulated life.

No one knows which came first, tomorrow or an accident.


For example, Lin Qiyes first simulation was absurd and miserable.

[You were born as a weak, preemie boy.]


[ You turned one.

Your family was poor.

Your parents saw that you were ugly and sick, so they threw you into a cesspit and drowned you.

You died.]

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His first simulation was extremely tragic.

As an infant, Lin Qiye did not have time to struggle before he was drowned by the stench, which directly caused a precious simulation opportunity to be lost.

If his second simulation was so tragic again…

He would be screwed!


To give his good friend confidence, Lin Qiye still forced a smile.

“Dont be afraid.

Weve hit rock bottom.

The only way is up.

Good luck!


“With a little bit of luck and caution, we will be able to create a Life Lantern Gem and change our fate!

“It is impossible to be unlucky all the time!”


Hearing Lin Qiyes words, Chen Fan nodded heavily.

“Thank you, Brother Ye.

I am much more confident now that you have comforted me!”

Seeing that Chen Fan regained his spirits, Lin Qiye smiled gently.

However… his heart was in turmoil.

His right thumb had already pinched the knuckles of his index finger until they turned blue.

Damn it!

Lin Qiye was unwilling, truly unwilling!

After two lifetimes, how could he be willing to continue being mediocre

However, the three thousand youths present were all the losers from their first simulation.

After a day, 98% of the students here would leave dejectedly.

They would blend into the crowd, struggle for their lives, and eventually die.

Lifes tragedies were so unreasonable!

Suddenly, in the sky above the square.

The schools broadcast rang.

[Students participating in the second simulation, please anchor your soul to the simulation square and light your Life Lantern.]

[Anchor your soul so that you wont get lost.

Only then will your soul be able to bring your physical body back to the main world.]

[Lighting your Life Lantern can illuminate your life experience, and predict the key storyline of your life in advance so that you can make changes.]


[Remember, in the process of the simulation, you must be careful.

Break through the limits of your life, and you can become a true traveler, defying the heavens and changing your fate!]


When the broadcast started, the hearts of the three thousand students were in their throats.

They were all failures in the first simulation.

If they couldnt seize this last chance, then they would be stuck at the lowest point.


This was the moment to decide their fate.

And as a transmigrator, how could Lin Qiye be willing to remain ordinary


“Motherf*cker! I will go down with pride! If I cant accept it, I will resist! I dont believe that I will always be a loser!”


Lin Qiye spat, his eyes filled with stubbornness and determination.

This time, no matter what the opening was, he had to defy the heavens and change his fate successfully!


Thinking of this, a few words escaped from Lin Qiyes mouth.

“Anchor the soul, light up the Life Lantern, and illuminate the simulated life!”

As he finished his sentence, a bright light appeared on the simulation square.

Lin Qiye was enveloped by the chaotic light in an egg-shaped aura.

[Detected abnormal soul strength, awakened permanent SSS grade talent “The Deduction of Genesis”.



[The Deduction of Genesis can deduce everything.

The more knowledge one had, the more detailed the deduction! However, every deduction required the consumption of movement points.

Movement points can be obtained by changing a critical fated event.

Current movement points: 100…]


The sudden voice stunned Lin Qiye for a moment.

Permanent SSS grade talent

The Deduction of Genesis

This… isnt this the cheat code that all transmigrators must have


Lin Qiye was extremely excited.

Before he had the time to understand his cheat code, the notification sounded again.

[The simulation has begun! Your Life Lantern is burning to light up the path of your life-]

[This world doesnt have any spiritual energy.

It only relies on technology.

Some countries are in chaos, some countries are in shambles, and some countries are trying their best after experiencing humiliation.]

[0 years old.

You were born into an ordinary family in a city.

You are a boy.]


[2 years old.

You suddenly developed a terrible disease and had a deformed head.

Your intelligence is low.]


[9 years old.

Your growth is slow, and your IQ is low.]

[15 years old.

You dropped out of school.

Your parents were worried about you, and their hair turned gray.

They fell ill and passed away.]

[16 years old.

Your landed property was stolen by your relatives, and you became a beggar on the street.]

[17 years old.

You, a deformed child with a low IQ also suffered from a terminal illness as a teenager.]

[18 years old.

Your terminal illness broke out, and you, who had suffered a lot, finally died under the overpass.]

[Remarks: Like how a rope breaks from the thin part, bad luck finds the unfortunate.

Your life is a complete tragedy.]

[A deformed head, low intelligence, lost both parents, chased out of the family, was poor, and suffered from a terminal illness as a teenager… You are considered lucky to be able to live until the age of 18.]

[Do you want to enter a simulated life and change your fate]

Lin Qiye, who was excited until a moment ago, looked at his short life seriously.

He was completely numb.

He was deformed at 2 years old, had low intelligence at 9 years old, had both parents passing away at 15 years old, became a beggar at 16 years old, was diagnosed with a terminal illness at 17 years old, and died at 18 years old.

It was a terrible mess.

He couldnt see any hope in this life.

Can he really change his fate

Why did he suddenly develop a terminal illness

Why did he become deformed and have low intelligence

Moreover, he couldnt survive a terminal illness no matter what!

A terminal illness is a disease that could not be overcome and had no cure.


To complete this simulated life, he had to survive the sudden deformity at the age of two, the death of his parents, and the terminal illness as an 18-year-old youth!

These three events were all nightmare difficulties.

Lin Qiyes face was ashen.

He could only place his hopes on his permanent SSS grade talent.

“The Deduction of Genesis, can you deduce a more feasible plan”


Lin Qiye wanted to test the effect of his deduction talent.

[100 movement points were not enough to deduce a complete plan.

During the simulation, there should be other opportunities.]

His subconscious reminded Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

He followed his intuition.

He wasnt rich, so he should make good use of his resources.

He couldnt act recklessly.

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye exhaled, his gaze resolute.

“Begin to enter life! I want to defy the heavens and change my fate!”

As his voice fell, the notification sounded.

[Entering simulated life.

The scientific knowledge from the main world has been completely blocked, unable to be brought into simulated life.

Simulated life has officially begun…]



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