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Lin Changzhi bought the farming method, and he sold it for ten taels.

However, all the Lin family villagers had heard that Lin Changzhi had bought the farming method for a hundred taels of silver and a black stone.

With Lin Changzhis shrewd and miserly character, how could he sell it for only ten taels of silver He would at least sell it for fifty or even twenty taels of silver.

Therefore, everyone was certain that Lin Changzhi was only selling a part of it and hiding the other part.

Moreover, this part that he was hiding was most likely the most important and crucial part.

Therefore, except for a few people who came to ask about it, the rest of the people looked at him with disdain and contempt.

These were all things that Lin yuelan and Jiang Zhennan had predicted.

Therefore, Lin yuelan was only indifferent and disdainful of Lin Changzhis attempt to sell secondhand knowledge.

Seeing that Lin Changzhi had contributed a piece of priceless emerald, she would not be calculative with such a despicable person.

If he were to find out the truth one day, his expression would definitely be wonderful.

However, that piece of Jade had already been thrown into the spring.

In Lin yuelans courtyard, after finishing their work, they had lunch and were resting.

Jiang Zhennan looked at Lin yuelan, who was looking at the pile of junk as if he was looking at a treasure.

He frowned slightly and asked curiously, “Miss Yueer, what are these junk things Why do you seem to treasure them so much ”

Guo Bing and the others were even more curious and confused.

Guo Bing looked at Lin yuelan with a complicated expression and said, ” Miss Lin, dont tell me you have a hobby of collecting junk.

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at Lin yuelan in horror.

Lin yuelan rolled her eyes and said to Guo Bing rudely, “Youre the one who has a hobby of collecting junk.

What do you guys know These are all treasures.

Dont be too surprised later!”

As she spoke, Lin yuelan took out a piece of framed white paper that was slightly defaced.

She looked at Jiang Zhennan, blinked, and asked somewhat mischievously, ” masked uncle, can you see that theres something in this white paper ”

Although Jiang Zhennan was the one who asked, Guo Bing and the others came over first and looked around.

Other than some stains and black spots, they really couldnt see anything.

Guo Bing glanced at Lin yuelan suspiciously and said suspiciously, ” Miss Lin, is there really something inside ”

Lin yuelan smiled but didnt answer.

She pretended to be mysterious and said, ” take a guess!”

Guo Bing rolled his eyes internally.

However, on the surface, he smiled and asked, ” Miss Lin, we really cant guess.

Why dont you stop playing riddles and just tell us the answer ”

Lin yuelan pouted.

Then, her expression became serious.

She instructed little twelve, “Go and get a bowl of water!”

Upon hearing that Lin yuelan wanted a bowl of water, everyone looked at her again.

They suspected that she wanted a bowl of water to wash the stains and black spots on the white paper.

Little twelve quickly came over with the water.

However, just as everyone had guessed, Lin yuelan took the bowl of water and poured it on the white paper.

The crowd immediately exclaimed in shock.

Guo Bing immediately shouted, ” Miss Lin, you cant be serious.

You really took the bowl to wash …” before he could finish the sentence, his expression immediately turned from shock to wild joy! “Heavens, this … Theres really something hidden here!”

The others were just as shocked as Guo Bing.

They couldnt believe what they had just seen, especially Doctor Zhang and Lin Deshan, whose eyes were wide with shock.

” This … This … This is a painting …” Doctor Zhang said in a very agitated manner.

Lin Deshan looked at the peonies that were slowly emerging from the water.

His hands were trembling, and there seemed to be tears in his eyes.

He was also very excited as he said, ” this is Feng Zhishuis mystery of peonies and butterflies!”

As soon as he said that, physician Zhang immediately chimed in, ” thats right.

This is Feng Zhishuis mystery of peony and butterfly!” Then, they gathered around the table and carefully examined the painting.

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