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Although the Five style sect is only a sect, it owns a series of businesses such as restaurants, pawnshops, mines, and escort businesses, making it a multi-business corporation giant.

And what guarantees the existence of this giant is its martial arts!

Basically, there are powerful martial arts ‘guardians’ who are in charge of every important pavement.

Among them, the dart business is the top priority.

"At present, 90% of the escort businesses in Yaofeng provincial city is in the hands of the sect.

Friends from all over the world are quite respectful… Even so, the bodyguard and the escorts occasionally suffer a loss, and Guardian Fang is a talent in urgent need during times like these… "

Along the way, Xiaozha introduced with a smile.

It's also an outsourced assignment.

Going to a pawnshop in a restaurant or even a mine is always better than a bodyguard who sleeps and eats.

But for such a task, Fangxian is currently not qualified for it.

"Escorting huh"

Fang Xian didn't care, he came out to explore the underworld, witnessing different excitement, and often staying in one place did not suit his intentions.

"In front is our 'Black Tiger Escort'...


When passing an intersection, Xiaozha saw a large group of martial arts people forming a circle, and couldn't help being surprised.

"It seems that someone is competing in a contest Why don't we take a look"

Fangxian glanced, showing an expression of interest on his face.

Xiaozha and Fangxian squeezed into the crowd, their eyes flashed: "‘Little Knife King' Lu Changfeng The opponent he was against didn't know him.

As expected, among the underworld, there are crouching tigers, hidden dragons, and masters..."

Lu Changfeng is a young master of Fengyun Gang, one of the three major sects in Shaofeng County.

He had exquisite knife skills and is said to have the "Knife King" style, Guansheng, when he was young.

Of course, this was flattery.

The Knife King is one of the four kings, a well-known senior in martial arts, and Lu Changfeng is only a rookie at the provincial city level, who can’t even compete with ‘Tianluo star’ Baoqian, who is the commonly acknowledged rising rookie in the martial arts underworld!

At this time, the two martial artists, one holding a knife and the other using a sword, had already fought fiercely together.

The knife’s reflection was cold, the sword wind was aggressive, and even Xiaozha was cheering secretly.

But Fangxian blinked.

'This is the strength of the younger generation It’s a little… too weak, right '

In his eyes, the two men's moves are full of flaws.

If it was up to him, he would have grabbed at a weak point and fiercely attack, which was enough to make the opponent concede.

"It seems… the realm of the acquired great martial artist is almost the same.

Competing techniques, experience, etc… With this in regard, I have the【Dong Xuan Eye】, which was just like a tiger with added wings...'

As for the innate masters There were not many in a province, and Fangxian didn't consider it.


As he was pondering, the sword and knife crossed again, and this time, a long sword flew high.

"Good knife technique.

I, Lin Han, concede!"

The young man who used the sword sighed, and at the same time, his face was bright.

After being able to entangle with the ‘Little Knife King' for a long time, the martial artists around him have recognized his strength, and perhaps he would be able to become famous the next day!

But the next moment, Lu Changfeng did not stop!

The knife blade flashed!

During the scream, one of Lin Han's hands fell to the ground.


if you dare to challenge me, you have to leave behind something."

Lu Changfeng stood with his knife sheathed, his expression cold, and the martial artists among the onlookers trembled, and the atmosphere was quiet.

"Oh… pity a good hand."

Xiaozha shook his head and motioned to Fangxian to leave.

"Why, are you feeling surprised" He looked at Fangxian's expression and couldn't help but smile.

"A little, shouldn't you be forgiving of people whenever possible" Fangxian asked doubtfully.

"Haha… childish!" Xiaozha snorted: "There are countless masters in the martial arts underworld who hope to become famous.

If this one is spared today, there will be tens and hundreds of people who were spared before coming over tomorrow.

If they are not afraid of being killed, even if they are built of steel, how many hits can they take If that young man had a sect to provide him with a backstage, Maybe he can keep his hands, but judging his swordsmanship, he is probably also self-taught… Haha, it's a pity that yet another passionate boy, the dreams of the underworld is now wrecked… "

Xiaozha let out a heartfelt sigh, that of an old master of the underworld.

"So that's why!"

Fangxian looked at his fist, an inexplicable color flashing in his eyes.

The two were silent all the way and came to an escort establishment.

It occupied a large area, and a black tiger is embroidered on the escort flag, a fierce posture that seemed like it was about to pounce.

"Here, this is our sect’s establishment, the Black Tiger Escort!"

Xiaozha smiled and led the way: "Guardian, you can rest for half a month.

After half a month, you will come here to report and execute a mission every six months."

"Alright." Fangxian agreed.

While Xiaozha smiled, he couldn't help being more satisfied, and led Su Lu into the escort establishment, introducing everyone one by one.

The head of the escorts is 'Wang Tianyun', the armed bodyguard 'Jinshun', 'Qian Sanwu', 'Liu Yan' and so on.

They were neither hostile to Fangxian, nor chummy, and they acted as if they were officially doing business.

This is also the normal state of interpersonal communication.

You have to wait for some time to learn more about it before you can have connections.

According to the agreement, Fangxian will officially be enrolled in the escort establishment after half a month and become an armed bodyguard.

In Yaofeng provincial city, the good players of the Three Mountains and Five Sacred Mountains will also give some face to the escort establishment, and will not loosely transport the red goods, but it is hard to say if it is outside the scope of this province.

Generally speaking, this is the time when most newcomers die.


Fangxian returned to the Five style sect and found that the sect master was still in retreat, presumably even if he came out, he would not have time to pay attention to an insignificant Five Lakes hall’s new guardian.

On the contrary, the hall master of the Five Lakes Hall——' Zhaoyi' only summoned him once and exhorted him a few words.

His expression was also light.

Later, Fangxian found out that Zhaoyi was friends with the palace guardian who was defeated by his single move and couldn't help but sneer in his heart.

Half a month passed in a flash.

Fangxian walked into the doors of the Black Tiger Escort Establishment, wearing a martial artist outfit and a long knife on his back.

As he was walking, he swung his arms with a strange posture, his steps were light, and it was as though a pair of wings is about to grow under his ribs.

If there is a Five style sect crane style fist master here, it could be seen, this was the performance of the white crane pillar technique at the advanced state.

Fangxian cast his gaze and saw the attribute column:


【Crane Style Fists: Third Level】

【Dragon Style Fists: Second Level】

【Snake Style Fists: First Level】

【Monkey Style Fists: Not Learned】

‘The third level of crane style fists, he finally developed the unique "Flying Crane Energy".

Does it seem that the standard for small achievement in every path of the five style fists is about the third level '

'I am afraid that even Xiao Zha would never have thought that I had learned all the Five style fist techniques, right '

'This time, I need to go out, sharpen martial arts through various battles, and strive for the pinnacle of the acquired realm as soon as possible...'

According to Fang Xian's estimation, as long as the Fierce Tiger Fist breaks through the seventh layer, it will probably be the pinnacle of the acquired realm.

To further support the other four paths of fist techniques, training the tiger style fist has never considered the position on the physical body, the peak of external power is at your fingertips.

'As long as the external skills reach the peak, you can try to promote the innate through forceful training.

Although this is more difficult than practicing the internal strength all the way, if you breakthrough, there would be more benefits… '


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