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In the wild, nameless ruined temple.

A ‘corpse’ in a Taoist robe fell to the ground, next to a pool of dark red blood.

Suddenly, the ‘corpse’ moved, turned over and sat up: “The flowers are blooming again, and I will come again…I can’t believe it…I can really live a fourth life! It’s great to be young!”

Fang Xian touched his young body and looked at his chest again, feeling a sharp pain.

Especially on the right side of the heart, a bloodstain is slowly healing.

”This is… once someone was pierced through the heart with a sword Fortunately, relying on the practice of ‘The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree‘, I have deceived and faked my death… Wait, how do I know this”

Fang Xian’s expression changed, and there was a ‘bang’ in his mind, and a lot of memories emerged.

”I’m Zhou Yuan… I was adopted by my master when I was young… Taught spells…”

”This is a world of immortals… The territory is extremely vast, and there are powerful cultivators, authentic Xuanmen, side door leftists, scattered immortals across East China Sea, demons of the heavens, Western Buddhism and other forces… Even in the secular world, there are also legends of heroes and swordsmen.


Recalling his last memory, it was a sharp sword that pierced the heart, and a young man with a bright eyebrow.

The phrase ‘death to the devil’s way’ is still clear in his mind.

”This time’s reincarnation, something went wrong!”

Fang Xian’s expression changed.

The previous two times, he had awakened Su Hui when he was a baby, but this time, it was not until his body was on the verge of death that under a powerful impact, the mystery in the womb was broken.

”I can feel that I did not possess or seize the body.

Zhou Yuan is also me, but after reincarnation, I have lost all memory… Why is this Is the world different Or is there something wrong with the golden finger”

There is no doubt that this world also has the concept of ‘reincarnation’.

Those who have cultivated and become immortals, if they encounter calamity, human catastrophe, magic catastrophe, love catastrophe, etc.

They wouldn’t be able to survive, only by reincarnating and re-cultivating, and then arranging some disciples and seniors to save him can there be salvation.

But it’s just a ‘small reincarnation’, nothing compared to the ‘big reincarnation’ of Fang Xian, being reincarnated in a different world altogether.

For this kind of reincarnated person, the mystery of birth is a big hurdle, and very few people can awaken their former wisdom, which is limited by the way of heaven.

”Perhaps, this is what affected me Another possibility is that the golden finger made a mistake”

Fang Xian’s face was solemn: “No matter which one, it’s not a good thing, unfortunately, I can’t solve it…”

He sat cross-legged, contemplated, adjusted his breath for a long time, and finally sorted all kinds of memories into categories, and completely mastered his own body.

”Revenge! Revenge!”

An obsession that cannot be disentangled in his heart.

This is Zhou Yuan’s hatred and Fang Xian’s own.

Zhou Yuan’s master is a wandering Taoist, he is considered a first-class person from the sidelines, and he had no inheritance, only some superficial spells.

Among them, there is a ‘Five Yin Pocket’, which imitates the authentic ‘Hundred Treasure Bags’ and ‘Qiankun Bags’ of Xuanmen, which can collect items and store dark strands of qi to attack their opponents.

In order to refine the ‘Five Yin Pockets’, Daoist You Fang is collecting materials everywhere.

Now I guess that it must have provoked the enemy.

Not only was he killed, but also Zhou Yuan, the apprentice, was waiting in the agreed place by a young warrior who broke in and killed him.

”I, a cultivator in the ‘Yanfa’ realm, was cut down by a martial arts master, really…”

After understanding the ins and outs, Fang Xian was speechless.

Cultivation of Taoism in this world is divided into seven realms: ‘Yanfa’, ‘Talisman’, ‘Supernatural Ability’, ‘Golden Elixir’, ‘Dharma’, ‘Original Spirit’, and ‘Overcoming Catastrophe’.

Before ‘Yanfa’, they were all worldly mortals, and those martial arts masters, innate great masters, etc., also belonged to the first-class mortals.

It’s just that the cultivators are not in the high realm, and they are also flesh and blood, and there are many people who have been cut down in the low realm.

For example, those authentic ‘Second Generations of Immortals’ from Xuanmen, often holding the magic weapon of flying sword, he chases a group of old demons and famous masters to the point of them getting overwhelmed and in general turmoil.

Zhou Yuan did not practice many killing techniques and was suddenly attacked, so he could only use a ‘substitute method’ to escape in the past.

It’s a pity that he didn’t practice well enough, and he still had injuries on his body.

Fang Xian checked his body and found that it was clean and slippery.

Whether it was money or other items that he carried with him, he could not help but scolded: “Son of a b*tch is very skilled in killing people and searching their corpses!”

Immediately flipping through it, I found that there were still some scattered talismans, brushes, etc., which should have been discarded at will by the other party.

Yanfa practitioners, or contemplation, keep one’s mind, meditate and practice qi, or swallow pills, talismans… No matter what methods, as long as mana can be produced, he can be considered a cultivator…”

Inside a cave.

Fang Xian sat cross-legged, mobilized the mana in the body, turned it out of the body, and flew away.

”Sure enough, the world is different, and the opportunities are completely different.

The great master of the previous world is only a secular mortal here, and none would be willing to accept him as a slave to a saint family…”

He sighed: “It’s a pity that my mana is finally cultivated by an unofficial sect.

Compared with the authentic disciples of big sects, there are at least ten times the gap between us…”

The scattered practitioners of the other side have no inheritance, and the exercises are crude.

As for the authentic disciples of the big sects, the mana they trained at the beginning was top-grade, which opened the gap ten times and a hundred times, plus the powerful magic weapon flying sword, amazing magic tricks, constantly increasing training… In the end, they were not doing additions, but doing multiplication to their cultivations.

Therefore, in the lower realm, when the big sect’s authentic disciples go against ten or eight disciples from unofficial sects, to them, it is just like playing, and it is not unusual for any kind of Talisman realm to cut supernatural powers realm and supernatural powers realm to destroys someone from the golden elixir realm.

How difficult is it to think of a positive result among the sides

”Hey…why can’t I be a disciple of those great sects Wait a minute… The masters of this world are too calculating about one’s future potential, and it doesn’t seem to be very good…”

”Huh Now that I have broken through to the great master, I may be able to comprehend the “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” again.”

Fang Xian’s eyes lit up, but instead of doing it immediately, he looked at the attribute column:

[Talent: Eye of the Mysterious Caverns]

【Realm: Yanfa】

[The Plum Tree Withers in Place of the Peach Tree: Small Success]

”Hunyuan True Qi and Seven Killing Evil Art of the White Tiger are gone.

After all, I have never practiced martial arts with this body, but I am already proficient in it.

It will only take a few months to get it back.

Only a fool just throws out watermelons to pick up sesame seeds, doesn’t want to cultivate immortals, and runs to practice martial arts instead, is his brain funny”

”But the sword-fighting technique, I can pick it up, as it is urgent, but this world also has flying swords, known as the king of magic weapons, one sword can break all laws, and the Shushan Sword Sect is even more powerful.

This can only be regarded as a small method of expelling and controlling objects in this world, if I dare to say that what I have cultivated is flying swords, people laugh out of their big teeth…”

Fang Xian pondered slowly and gradually came to a decision.


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