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The top of Baiyun Mountain.

It is surrounded by numerous cliffs, which blocks out most of the warriors outside of it from the beginning.

Those who can climb to the top are at worst an innate master.

At this time, these innate masters could only wait on the sidelines and become spectators.

On the flat ground in the center, under the pergola built by the disciples of the six major sects, six chairs were placed impressively, and five of them were seated.

“Master of the Golden Light Sect Lieyan, Your Excellency the Sword Master of the Changbai Sword Sect, Master Xinchan of the Bodhi Temple, and the little friends of the Red Ape Sect… all of you are here, very good.”

The head of True Martial Arts Sect looked like a middle-aged man, wearing a turtle-snake robe, stroked his beard, and smiled.

”All that’s left is the Ice Soul Fairy of the Suxin faction… Being the landlord, they dare make us wait Humph!” Sword Master Changbai snorted coldly.

The newly promoted Sect Master of the Red Ape Sect looked embarrassed, but he knew his place and did not speak.

The head of the True Martial Arts Sect said: “Ice Soul Fairy found the whereabouts of the ‘mad king’ remnant under the door, she couldn’t be rest assured so she went ahead to see things on her own, so the matter of capturing is obvious… The top priority for today is the grandmaster meeting, that one dragon of the two kings won’t give up, and wants to fight with us…”

”Hehe…” Sword Master Changbai sneered: “Not only that, I got the news that White Tiger Star Lord also appeared in the Great Morocco Kingdom recently… Little Monkey, your chance to take revenge has come.”

”If that White Tiger Star Lord really comes, my Red Ape Sect will take revenge for the previous Sect Master, even if we have to fight for our lives!”

Red Ape Sect Master twitched but still answered coldly.

”Amitabha, our six sects share the common goal… Don’t hurt the harmony.” Master Xinchan clasped his hands together, with a peaceful force in his tone to calm the anger: “It just so happens… Ice Soul Fairy  is also here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the heads of several great masters discovered that a white robe was slowly floating, and they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

Knowing that this master of mind meditation practiced the ‘Bodhicitta Mind Method’ intensively, he has mastered a spiritual skill, and his keen perception of various qi mechanisms is even higher than theirs.

”Huh Fairy Ice Soul, you are injured, who did it”

Master Lieyan watched the Ice Soul Fairy take her seat, his expression stunned.

”White Tiger Star Lord Fangxian… I battled with this person…” Fairy Ice Soul’s face was frosty: “This person is far above me, maybe he has surpassed the current threshold…”

An amazing statement! All the leaders in the room lost their voices.

They all know the gap between the master and the great master.

The former is still training himself, while the latter has already involved the power of heaven and earth!

”In time, this person will become another Chu madman!”

Changbai sword master said coldly, and the long sword in the scabbard suddenly let out a clear cry.

”He’s coming!”

The heads of the six major factions got up at the same time and saw four figures coming together.

One holds a knife, the other holds a sword, a woman wears black, and the last young man, wearing a white-gold robe, has a formidable aura.

Knife King Guan Sheng, Sword King Linghu, First Dragon Jade Dragon Beauty, and White Tiger Star Lord——Fang Xian!

”For all four of you to come, we are honored”

The heads of the six major sects looked at each other, and the master of True Martial Arts Sect came out to speak.

”The Yuanwu Kingdom invaded other countries for an unjust war!”

Jade Dragon Beauty snorted coldly: “My generation of warriors will definitely deal with them to the end!”

”What is righteousness The world is divided, the nations are divided, and the people are in distress.

Only the great unity is the real righteousness, and the rest are small sections!”

The True Martial Sect Master said sullenly.

”The world is unified, can it only be unified by your factions”

The King of Swords snorted coldly.

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”It seems that the differences are too big, let’s just decide based on who wins or loses by martial arts, so why talk too much” Fang Xian sneered.

”There are six of us, but you’re only four.

We’re bullying the less with more numbers, you won’t be able to win.” Master Lie Yan said: “How about we only fight four battles”

”That is not necessary!”

Jade Dragon Beauty saw the conspiracy at a glance, and waved her hand: “One-on-one battles, the winners fight in a row,

The four of us are enough for the six of you…”

If it is one-on-one, each person can only play once, and the strength of her and Fang Xian beyond ordinary masters will be wasted.

”Well, for the first game it is my turn.”

Changbai Sword Master moved slightly and came to the field: “Does the Sword King dare to fight”

”Haha, exactly what I wanted!”

Linghu’s long sword was unsheathed, and the person followed the sword, forming a startling rainbow: “Please!”


Both of them are real swordsmen.

When they made a move at this time, the sword moved with a thunderous sound, and the sword energy was cold, like two dragons, one green and one white, vying for each other.

Chiang! Chiang!

The sword energy in the field went vertical and horizontal, the silhouettes were flashing, and hundreds of swords were attacking in an instant.

”Good swordsmanship…”

The innate masters on the periphery were sweating, feeling that if they moved from where they were standing, they would not be able to take any sword move from either master at all.

”Haha… I have used swords all my life, and I thought I had acquired the essence of swordsmanship.

Only today did I realize that I am a frog in the bottom of a well, haha, it’s ridiculous…”

An old man with a sword burst into tears, suddenly pulled out his beloved long sword, put his fingers together, broke the long sword with force, threw it on the ground, covered his face with his sleeves, and walked away.

”Linghu’s swordsmanship is self-created, he draws on the strengths of others and can break the sword of the world.

The Changbai Sword Master is practicing the ‘Tianhe Sword Art’ of the Changbai Sword School.

The longer the battle drags, the more favorable it is to them……”

Jade Dragon Beauty watched the battle and explained it to Fang Xian.

”In other words, the longer, the worse it will be for Linghu”

Fang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly and saw that Linghu’s sword had changed a bit.

It seems that there is a little more spider silk.

Although it is an extremely small amount, it is enough to put him at a disadvantage in the competition between masters.

Not to mention, more spider silk is constantly entangled on his sword, that is the sword power of ‘Tianhe Sword Art’!

’The point of this innate swordsmanship is not to gain momentum, but to be tender and lingering, and to listen to thunder in silence…’

He nodded slightly, realizing the truth.


At this moment, Linghu abruptly pulled out of the battle circle, and obviously found that something was wrong, so he had to strike with all his strength.

He flicked the sword with his fingers, made the dragon roar, and suddenly stabbed out.

One Sword Flying Immortal!

”The big river surges, sweeps the world, and the love is endless, and never broken!”

In the long whistle of the Changbai Sword Master, the same sword stabbed out.

Chi Chi!

Before the two swords touched, a large amount of sword energy quickly confronted and melted in midair…

In the end, the tips of the two swords hit each other with the slightest difference and all of a sudden they began to crack inch by inch.

Two figures flew upside down, Linghu and Changbai Sword Master, their bodies were dripping with blood, and there was the hilt of the long swords in their hands.

”Is it a draw”

Jade Dragon Beauty muttered to herself.

The grandmasters who are from the side sects, usually are more reckless and varied in experience, often surpass members of the sect in strength.

But the sword king fought, and both he and the Changbai sword master were both with heavy injuries, which made her have a bad premonition.

”This second game, I’ll come.”

Fang Xian stretched out his body and stepped into the arena.

After seeing the match just now, his blood boiled.


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