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The third day of March.

Baiyun Mountain.

Five Form Zhou Wuming followed behind Master Xie Kun, looked at the large number of martial arts people around, and sighed secretly.

That little martial artist back then has grown into a big man who shook the world.

The grandmaster expert – White Tiger Star Lord!

Now that the foreign masters are facing off against the six great masters, this battle will definitely decide the outcome of the war between Yuanwu and Great Morocco.

It can be said that the world will be stirred up with only one move!

In the past, he may still have emotions such as jealousy, but now he can only look up.

’It’s just that for such a master, his origin is a mystery… According to the different clues, maybe he is a person from the same Shaofeng County…’

Because Fang Xian stepped into the country for the first time, it was in Yaofeng County, of course the court had some guesses.

But how vast is that county Coupled with the oversights in the management of the villages by the ancient kingship, the investigation has found nothing even after all this time.

”This battle is of great benefit to you, you need to watch it carefully…”

Xie Kun, the five form sect master, stood with his hands behind his back and said to his apprentice.

At this time, Zhou Wuming finally condensed his true energy and became an innate master.

Watching the battle of the masters will naturally be of great benefit in the future.

Just then, several women in white suddenly broke into the camp.

”What happened”

Xie Kun frowned and took Zhou Wuming to greet him.

Today in the Five Form Sect, taking advantage of the loss of the last five masters, they swept away the Zhang family’s influence in the sect, and the power of the master and apprentice duo has greatly increased.

After Zhou Wuming was promoted to Innate Master, he continued to eat away Zhang’s and Liu’s legacy in Yaofeng County.

In the industry, the strength is not retreating but advancing, and the confidence when he speaks has become more apparent.

But Xie Kun just glanced at the signs on the women in white, and his expression changed instantly, and he bent down slightly: “It turns out to be a true disciple of the Suxin School, is there anything important happening”

Not so.

It must be known that the ‘Big Zhongzheng’ who controls the lifeline of the warriors of Shaofeng County is precisely a person of the Suxin faction.

”Hmph, we are under the order of the teacher’s sect to arrest criminals.

You two are quite capable.

You help us from the sidelines…”

A woman in white arrogantly commanded.

”As ordered!”

Xie Kun hurriedly responded, and Zhou Wuming followed suit, feeling a little aggrieved in his heart.

If it was that person…how would he choose

It seems that it was already doomed when the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building was born, right

”Thief, don’t think about escaping!”

At this moment, there was a scream from not far away.

A black shadow flew out, fighting with the white shadow, and suddenly slapped a palm.

This palm forced the wind, shook the stars, and directly forced Bai Ying back into the dense forest.

”Senior sister, it’s him!”

The retreating Bai Ying spit out a mouthful of blood and dyed her white dress: “The ‘Crazy King’ remnant! I can’t believe that he has already practiced the ‘Zhou Tian Xing Chen Palm’…”

’It turned out to be Bao Gan…’

Xie Kun and Zhou Wuming looked at each other with complicated feelings in their hearts.

After all, Bao Gan is also from this county as them.

”He was hit by Xuan Bing’s finger, his true qi was blocked, he couldn’t run very far, chase!”

Senior Sister Bai Yi ordered without thinking.

A group of people performed qin gong and quickly chased into the dense forest.

After some chasing, the figure of Tian Luo Xing Bao Gan suddenly came into view.

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”Bao Gan, die obediently!”

Senior Sister Baiyi floated out like a white cloud, her five fingers were like hooks, grabbing at Bao Gan’s vital points, her true qi was extremely cold.

This is the Suxin faction’s unique skill – ‘Big Ice Soul Divine Claw’!

”Bah, even if I die, I won’t be killed by a group of girls…”

Bao Gan’s hair was unkempt and flying all over the place as his palm carried the wind and thunder.

In terms of strength, he may have surpassed this woman in white, but unfortunately, he has been seriously injured in the previous battle and escaped.

After a few tricks, he is now in trouble.

But at this moment, he seemed to hear a tiger roar in his ear, the opposite senior sister in white stopped moving and staggered.

Of course Bao Gan would not let this heaven-sent opportunity pass, and with a long whistle, a stream of true qi fell on the chest of Senior Sister Bai Yi.


In the piercing sound of bone cracks, the senior sister in white vomited blood and flew upside down, causing a commotion.

”The thief is so brave!”

Suddenly, a more icy voice sounded.

A woman in a glamorous palace dress appeared at an unknown time.

Facing this claw, Bao Gan suddenly felt a deep chill invade his whole body.

If the world is destroyed, all things fall into the cycle of frost!

This meaning of ‘freezing’ froze his thoughts of moving, making him seem to have forgotten to resist, so he had to close his eyes and wait to die.

Roar! Roar!

At the same time, a palm suddenly protruded from the side and slapped on the hand of the woman in palace dress.


With a muffled groan, the woman in the palace dress walked gracefully step by step, retreating into the dense forest and disappearing.


”Come on!”

Those Suxin Sect disciples seemed to have seen something incredible, and rushed hurriedly and disorderly like wolves escaping and disappearing in an instant.

”Brother Bao! It’s been a long time…”

Bao Gan looked back and saw a young man in a white-gold robe standing in front of him, his eyes suddenly turned red: “Brother Fang… boo hoo… my master he…”

”Brother Zhou is already a spirit of the sky, if he can see that his disciple can hold his own in disadvantageous fights, surely he must be very happy!”

Fang Xian comforted.

To be able to practice the ‘Zhou Tian Xingchen Palm’ at this age, the talent and hard work of Bao Gan may still be higher than Zhou Xuan.

”It’s him!”

Xie Kun and Zhou Wuming also recognized the person. 

The grandmaster who has risen in the rivers and lakes in recent years, the famous White Tiger Star Lord -Fang Xian!

”Master… Could the woman who took the last shot just now be an elder from the Su Xin faction”

Zhou Wuming whispered: “They seem to have suffered a big loss…”

”Elder” Xie Kun shook his head: “That’s the Ice Soul Fairy herself! I have never thought that this person can defeat the Grandmaster in one move…”


Zhou Wuming’s eyes widened, and a terrible conjecture emerged in his heart: “Could it be that he has…”

”You two, long time no see, are you planning to catch up with me”

Fang Xian glanced at the person in the Five Shapes Gate with a half-smile.

”I don’t dare, don’t dare.

We both will be on our way now…”

Xie Kun’s hair stood on end and immediately took Zhou Wuming and others to retreat.

”Who could have thought… Brother Fang, your martial arts have more than just gained a little It’s a leap forward!”

In the fluttering robes, Jade Dragon Beauty’s voice came, with some sadness.

”Haha… With Brother Fang taking action, this time the battle of the masters, we have a lot of chances.”

Guan Sheng and Linghu arrived one after another, their faces full of joy.

”I see my seniors!”

Bao Gan was startled and hurriedly bowed.

”Hey… You have worked hard.” Jade Dragon Beauty nodded: “Did you come today to watch this battle Then come with us, and then follow me back to the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, Great Morocco Country.

Although the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building is not as strong as before, as if it still cannot protect one innate master”

Between the words, there is a kind of domineering aura.

”Thank you for your kindness, senior, but I’ve made up my mind to fight for war.

One day, I’ll have to avenge my Master by myself!” Bao Gan replied through gritted teeth.


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